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What does this teach us a false Goethe Quote

Thursday 03 April 2014

The history of this post I put here are known.


Two things in the matter of interest.

First, that even - or especially? - Shortened, torn out of context but to mention Goethe - my opinion - quite relevant considerations led.

Secondly, we have learned along it, how careful one should deal with quotes.

Jermain it took just a collection (you have dessenthalben enough ash to your main scattered, rather Jermain!), And I took it, the quote judgmental, although it appeared to me so strange an angle, then hinwiederum simply by his side.

It is Jermaine credit that he then precisely nachsuchte that the fraud was uncovered.

So we both did at first, if not wollentlich, Goethe wrong, put things in the world that ascribe to him as when viewing the original passage could not withstand.


This will be a lesson to me.

Opposition, rather Jermain!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

When estimated Jermain foutre le Camp can find a nice list of quotes on writing and the writer.


Alone, the Goethe quote that he chose the title, is not my consent: "The state of the writer the true reader shares immediately with completely."

And it's not because I know how loyal readers, despite its undoubted skills and achievements, no sovereign admirer of Goethe am much do detest what he has done.

The set is from my own experience how other along my knowledge of literary creation just is not right. (more ...)

Wistful from the Tintenmeisterei

Thursday 02 January 2014

It may well be that the schwächlichste all suggestion to write an article that consists in wanting to actually refer only to another, not even their own, but even on those of another, who wrote in about what you yourself like would have said so well, which is why I now only just quite do it:


The contribution of Jermain encounters in me the memory of those brave strange bird of perhaps sixty years, I really alone in the local fiction sometimes together with Konstantin Eulenspiegel, as the guest of me in Stuttgart, in a more or less notorious local encountered.

I even remember what his name is, probably better, ie what already mention in my underground name memory itself: The first syllable of two-syllable name also speaks exactly like those of Jermain. Nice coincidence.

In any case, it was this fellow who once recited an impressive longer poem, a private, I asked afterwards whether he was also something else, write and whether it probably would be something to read.

He only compose poetry. Never else. And to read there was nothing. Only a few selected people, which I had not previously. Why? He had always lived in the shadow.

At least times be marketing worked perfectly: I was reading love to his poems. And finally Constantine himself was very impressed by the sovereign nature of the men in black.

I also feel just quite personally approached by what Jermain there are the best by it crystallizes the contrast between self-referentiality and Verhangensein outdoors, at the hacks.

He's so right, that you do not want to know usually.

On the other hand, I'll probably still at least for the foreseeable future not so hold as the black-clad, just yet outwardly as bear appearance to inside and from there again even External Affairs over the outside.

Hopefully Jermain keeps it as well.

My dream

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Then, see how they

The flower

Just break out of the crumb