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Gerhard Mersmann year plan view 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

The special Year in Review, probably better year plan look, I found earlier on Dudes page where it "The Power and the bill" the excellent article linked below - the title could hardly be better chosen - by Gerhard Mersmann zweitpubliziert.

I commented at Mersmann so:

"I have way here through Dudes page and will now first here to express my appreciation. The article, refreshing and just kept on point, however linguistically very articulated, appears, certainly deliberately, waiving examples and Détails.
I especially like the summary conclusion, in which the reality of life is placed against the run mystification.
Plane for the first time on this site, I'll look around here now more accurate. The above post, I will certainly recommend to my blog and link, but probably with its own, worthy of forming Anmoderation and two or three own observations to it. This can therefore still take a bit (at least until later in the evening).
LG "

And the Dude:

"I have just spoken Gerhard Mersmann on his blog my appreciation.
A crisp text, indeed, you realize the masterpiece. Relentlessly to the point. And with a clear, elegant style with which pervades the whole post next to its contents as another thread.
Hats off. "


A longer quote from the text itself, the penultimate section:

"We saw (we saw us last year from our own eyes -. Note from me) the differences of the monetary and spiritual wealth. And we saw the development of the expansion of the monetary prosperity and the tendency of the spiritual well-being. The increased nearly comprehensive digitized timing of our work processes would namely exposed from the entire ideological nonsense of autonomy and identified as what it actually is: the expansion and perfected control, the liquidation of any self-determination and the inquisitorial persecution of free will. It would show how uniform the digitized era has become, where each remote and each sensor lurks a program that standardized and unified. And it would fall from the eyes like the scales that at all Individualisierungsbrimborium only standard stereotypes be tolerated. "

What I see here speaks so much so remarkably concise for yourself that I now first do not want it to comment further, but wants to see counted as a Lockschnipsel which may bring as many readers on the page of the author, the total reading there to . enjoying

So short and clean with so much illusion that is sold to us as normality settled!

A real treat.

An essay, which I will present many Pappenheimer, of both the sake contents and to linguistic teaching purposes.