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Absolute double-talk

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly said that the killing of a British soldier on the street in London a few days ago was also an attack on the Muslim communities in the UK who had the country been so much.

If we let anyone's guess how much what quality was.

Now what a politician said after a clearly racist justified murder, was, after which the offender publicly proclaimed triumphantly that he had the Ni ... r executed on behalf of the Aryan race, which had made a stop on all patriotic white-skinned Germans?

The never would get a foot on the ground, could probably be lucky if he'd sentenced, in addition to its media execution, not sedition would come to court and.

Of course, what else, and the chopping off of hands and heads in Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with Islam. Nothing objectionable, may have to do with Islam. So the logic of those who say Islam as religion of peace and tolerance and as kulturbereichernd welcome, my, he belonged to Germany.

Or, just imagine, the police had shot a right-wing radicals in self-defense, and afterwards there was, as recently in Stockholm, triggered by its supporters or sympathizers, day-long violent riots with countless arson, the police are reluctant, if any, engages.

What would happen is a politician meadow after a clearly politically motivated murder of a Turk points out that the vast majority of NPD members and voters were living peacefully in our midst? (more ...)