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Naidoo a "right-wing"?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At first the core passage of the displayed by the youth organization of the Left "feel" the rapper Naidoo and Savas, whether those now the Mannheim prosecutor initiates the process according SPON on suspicion of sedition and the call to manslaughter and aggravated assault.

(I only dare to quote here because it is already to be found anywhere in the system only.)

"I cut you now by the arms and legs off, and then I fuck you in the ass, so how do you do it with the little ones. I'm just sad and not angry. Nevertheless, I would kill you. You are killing children and fetuses and I zerquetsch you the balls. You just have no size and your little tails not under control. Why do you love no cunt, because every man is but a? Where are our helpers, our strong men, where are our leaders, where are they now? "

What can we tell? (more ...)

ADHD: Christoph Türcke is struggling in the FAZ

Monday, May 28, 2012

Here I want to be a very interesting interview on faz.net strongly recommend about ADHD and society to read.

Of course, not without a little critical to accompany it.

The respondent - Christoph Türcke (he has a book entitled to written "Hyperactive criticism of attention deficit culture!") - First performs very clever how and why our society is largely affected by a attention, a veritable cognitive disorder and sometimes even eaten ,

Finally, however, he comes to a solvent or improvement approach that initially sounds good, but then (either the estimated FAZ journalist Christiane Hoffmann has not noticed or ignored) resulted in an extremely dubious waters.

For Türcke proposes to schools a subject called "Ritual customer" introduce, so that children again learned to collect seriously, rather than to rot mentally only between frantically changing screen snippets; no reason a bad idea, but the trick lies in the reality of this world. (more ...)