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Goethe is finally due

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Wilhelm and Heinrich to actually dauerndzu irrseligen Masonic world citizens as symbols of the Germans, already not even just more schlafmützigen Michels no, even full idiots, intentionally, in the primeval "Bildungsroman" and even in our supposed "National seal", both bare shame, so diligently spread worldwide from your cronies, from Japan to Colombia: The now is the necessary consequence.

Net freedom? Pirates? Idiots?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Net freedom? What is this strange thing?

States that censor the network world, we all know that. Even not all, however, know or become even thought about what all there should not be said. The interested just level the "Pirates" also obviously not. Because if something can not be said in "our freest state in history on German soil" (probably one could say even more than today under Roman occupation, you guess about it), then that itself says the daring pirate, yes probably have a reason.

Because the network freedom he wants to free booties, it affects only the interesting prey. So that he gets everything very cheaply or for Umme what fits in his flat head.

Courtesy of Tanja Krienen I ask, as "Earcatcher" (geilet word, wat?) The following comment, which it to my article " Basic Income with condition brought "here, continue Introducing again a: (more ...)

Al Gore: It is so warm that it is very cold.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Here you can see nice pictures and even on top of that Al Gore to hear that, of course, global warming at a very extensive glaciation of the northern hemisphere is to blame.

Incidentally, in Japan, China, across the Asian land mass, with the exception of Western Europe, including a large part of North America; and on the Mexican border, in Ciudad Juarez, to be minus 15 degrees night temperatures expected.

In North and Central China, to almost down to the subtropical east coast, ice and snow, the west appears virtually ice-free only the Takla Makan, which, however, has a unique special climate.

Consider that we write only the beginning of the month of February, such ice extent in the northern hemisphere - the so from the fortieth degree of latitude relatively much more land mass measured at sea over the higher latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere brings - readily to be breakout due for a while could result in self-reinforcing seasonal slowdown, with more ice and snow and low temperatures.

In particularly unfavorable case could, what would be the most fatal, result in an extremely late, but then huge, accompanied by rain snow melt not only to violent floods, but mainly to the fact that millions of square kilometers of the best arable land are so long under water, that in this year can not be managed.

Then the food is really expensive, because for clarification: On this Eisschiene There are the major grain exporters in the world.

But let's not equal black or even Al Gore see: The Winter 83/84/85 I still icy in memory. (more ...)

My application

Friday, November 19, 2010

I just saw "terrorists wanted", obviously written by a true expert .

Since it is not so much my style (one wants his ass back up a bit), I clandestinely to apply to such a place, I do hereby publicly: (more ...)

Profane chatter

Monday, October 18, 2010

We are Greeks, Romans, Christians, idiots.

Idiot realm

Thursday 07 October 2010

First, the mischief of the mischiefs today learned idiots Empire: namely that women are better people.

Oil spill disappeared miraculously

Friday, July 09, 2010

Like yesterday on the "waning interest in oil spill" zeitgeist page of the message announced to the world no longer interested now so much for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, in YouTube videos, keywords, etc. have already used a significant slowdown .

This means, of course, once again, that the Goeller has somehow not heard the last shot, while continuing to stubbornly like a blockhead herumpfriemelt on a topic that seems to relate to humanity less than the last ejaculated by Dieter Bohlen insulting a mini starlets or the last visit Boris Becker broom cupboard.

Before I here whether this finding vertrane in Wi-stop self-pity, (more ...)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

The stupidest anglicism who has reached the German media beings, especially in network forums lately is "thread".

The red thread, the thread of conversation, the thought train, you already said simply topic, subject, the question of the cause to naturally writes then also some netizens large Kasper in some ways particularly excellent way, namely as a "threat", thus threatening or threat.

But "thread" is just "cool", find the "download border", "user" the "community" "chilled" because "stalk" then really going on, "post" what the "Display" hergibt "scroll "is down one, so that the" feedback "I'm always hoping that the" webmaster "is sometimes quite easy Takete ...

But there are other, one of which is called Goeller.

PS: I bet a bottle of Star Castle-Pilsener, that most of these "posters" the word "thread" and not even able to pronounce correctly, because the English "r" after the initial "th" many Germans is particularly difficult.

Aphorisms 68

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm definitely for the idiots rate.

Idiots Cabinet

Tuesday 02 June 2009

I have just been introduced to this site a new text category called "idiots Cabinet".

This is because a Kurzaufspießung outrageous humbug, farcical events was bound, speeches, writings or performances with possibly a short comment provided does not constitute a genuine satire and this category so this is not really good for.

A first example will follow soon.