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Professor of Humbug

Saturday 09 October 2010

I just found this in a discussion at the "party of reason." A professor Puin can Putziges going :

"You perceive Islam as a threat?

Puin: Non-Muslims, but Islam, yes. "

Probably the Koran soon grow feet and Islam is personally a Kalashnikov around with (more ...)

Already fulfilled prophecy

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

In the mirror it's as far as I croaked in the previous article, our education system, so our system of society should, according to the deficiencies that many immigrants bring here, be rebuilt:

"Our education system needs to adapt better to the intercultural framework. Highly qualified can not just wander namely, they can win by a low level of promotion in their own country. In international comparison, the German school system requests from parents very much. It makes assumptions, often meet the immigrant parents is limited. All-day schools and full-day early childhood education, when they are created of high quality, effective, afford a remedy. As for all-day schools and day nurseries, Sarrazin's absolutely right, but the demand is not new. "

So can "researchers" Klaus Bade today on SPON under the title "There is no integration misery in Germany" one.

Mind you: (more ...)

Damn stupid

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michelle Hunziker has drained the super-blonde joke.

The men had ever fancy blondes, but no pig would marry a.

Maybe the lady emigrated to Norway and presents itself sufficient; there they should still have chances wofern it keeps the flap.