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Germanobellion against Unkuffar

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I just saw a Unkuffar so, as he affirmed that Christians and Jews, all non-Muslims were going to hell. So it stands now times in the Quran. Whether he should now change about the Koran?

Well, dear Islamophilic, as is probably the problem. You can get a statement from such weight not simply be dismissed as a minor matter where you pass believes liberal.

This is true concerning for many other passages, infidels, women, adulterers, etc.. Who the Koran takes its totalitarian, merciless, cruel, conceivable and anti-art demands that can be in the blue bin equal to the book. In addition to such legislation he consists of just poetizistisches redundant babble and babble, which probably may sound harmoniously in Arabic and are good for recitative for weak minds.

And it must also be weak minds that can still tell reverently, of so-called "moderate Muslims," ​​Islam is a religion of peace. This is about as absurd as to assert that the G 36 is just a modern German walking stick. (more ...)

Hypocrisy and terror

Friday, March 23, 2012

While filibustert of current events on Islamist terrorism in Europe again, what it's worth, you have just been overthrown in Libya in cooperation with Al-Qaeda and similar groups, a largely secular regime and is working on the same goal with the same people now in Syria, where Christians and other minorities, yet sure already left the country in large numbers, or already sitting on packed suitcases.

The worst joke in this whole farce is of course the talking doll-like repetition of the claim that the violent Islamism have absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Of course, the proof is still the land of the guardians of the Holy Places: Saudi Arabia.

The country in which not only apostasy punishable by death, our best Arab friend, financed known worldwide for decades the spread of fundamentalist Sunni forms of Islam. Everyone knows that. But it does not matter.
Once done by the fact that the German Foreign Minister expressed his husband leaves home when he goes there.

At the same time whining here about Islamophobia and racial discrimination that the camel rind crashes. It has all method. (more ...)