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Muslims times the other way

Friday 04 April 2014

Of one who no longer was good for me, I thereat also not good, I heard a story that nevertheless newsworthy.

It was about Muslim immigrants.

I tell the story from memory as best as I can.

He had a Außeinandersetzung reprimanded with an acquaintance who demanded still more tolerance and understanding of our Muslim fellow citizens in this respect him as unduly diskriminös.

Then he (as I said, from memory): "Just imagine that would mass-looking here, all their wives made the local men mercilessly, just vice versa, at any time spread your legs, but castles their men totally gone, disguises the fact that you never herankämest at her best only on the face, where you tried to make it, then you would be ever so tolerant and so much for still more immigration of those? Huh? I do not think so! "


Therefore reproduced here.

The oldest trick in the book: Soll, debt, debt, faith

Sunday 04 November 2012

It is all very simple. Since allegedly run out of money, everything is at fault and debt, you should now think again.