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500 Milliärdchen

Monday, May 10, 2010

500000000000 has one now awarded to support cash-strapped euro states.

Same amount, only times ten to the minus eleven have just wasted before my children as their form of pocket money; if ten million German children do without ten thousand weeks long on their Jux, so roughly rounded grade times for two hundred years, then is fun, easy and without interest if paid off with a stable euro.

If we remember that the ordinary Scientologist has normally to commit to one billion years of good cause, you can see immediately how small this little Notopfer exempts itself; and really cruel it would have been, if we had dried up the systemic speculators, without which the welfare of mankind is as unthinkable as without the Germans pay for everything.

And their indispensable power, I mean those of speculators, should, after all worthwhile, because otherwise you would have them also pay the Hartz: who now not konsquent FDP chooses, must be stupider than it should still allow the police.

White Wall Streets Westie that?

Friday, February 26, 2010

For current Westerwelle:

Even in Jane Austen (late 18th century) was "liberal" in its primary meaning synonymous with "generous", "generous"; "A liberal man" was insonderheit a Wealthy, who had a thing for the lower orders, and personally took care in his home environment and nature for their welfare.

Nietzsche then said, liberal, which is a synonym for mediocre (as I recall, he referred to the British).

In the late twentieth century, then was called liberal, that you can not spank gays and imprison.

Now in the twenty it means that you voluntarily freezes for banks and starved, so that the entire liberal system does not in itself would collapse.

In the twenty-second, the adjective should be for those who prefer not equal more like incarnate on earth here below not possibly even having to endure the company of other liberal until exitus.

FDP idea

Tuesday 06 October 2009

The FDP wants a standardized citizen's income for the unemployed instead of Hartz IV, actually at first glance a reasonable idea.

However, it is so then in the Lausitz compared to Munich because of the rent and other living expenses out fine.

The thing would be a real economic program for depressed areas, each of which can then delay (especially since there the "ARGE" also annoys even less, since it is anyway no work).

Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc. would depopulate itself, because it is not enough there for life.

Somehow something crass.

9.12 for yes and naysayers

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Given the huge salaries and bonuses of bankers, while their ailing institutions are nursed back with tax money, we often hear of it, the only way to keep "the best", so there was no other way: a long unmasked by many other bad, stale joke, because this "best" yes the world only led to the abyss.

But it goes now another, no less perfidious line of argument, pay themselves nor the financial sharks, whose ruined by them institutions had to be completely nationalized: On Contract law is not just get to shake.

Prima: Then the federal government wants to show me once, which I have concluded contracts with Hypo Real Estate, Commerzbank, the country's ailing banks, etc. (more ...)