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Kiffen is conservative (II)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

About a hundred criminal professors publicly declare that the prohibitive, consumers criminalizing drug policy was in her estimation failed.

Portugal has long continued, Uruguay legalized hemp partially, Holland no longer pursues pothead for a long time in the United States is running in California an average farce because of "medical" application (which can easily any claim for themselves), Colorado has just released Wahsington State wants to follow.

In Berlin but silence in the forest. Likewise, in the media sheep. Although one report, but suggests no debate. No one dares. Or has a what I said, I just did not heard?

You duck again cowardly away. You will obviously have to avoid the debate itself.

That CSU and CDU not cut the line, is hardly surprising. Because they are no long more conservative parties. Since the rest certainly decadent, you can hear nothing else.

What are they all afraid of? (more ...)