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"Truther": Together, next to it is also past

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I am just struck by readers Dude zu https://unzensiert.zeitgeist-online.de/2011/07/06/truther-mit-dem-begriff-lauft-es-nicht/comment-page-1/#comment-239586 einen Link stopped, a "Trutherlink" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVZRgKZefCk - a vocally pleasant Jasinna, but also rather diabolical invests its likeness that I now long gone, none of these stupid Guy Fawkes masks have been seen in the street. (How can you say to his children: "Look, although the look like the worst mafiosi, but in reality, there are the good guys!" -?)

Either have learned what a few people, or are just simply again by just like other modes. (The latter probably has more weight.)

From "Anonymous" I have not noticed much, which can of course be because I work so much and sleep.

Pirates? Was there by Captain Morgan Pirate yet?

Idiots but there are certainly still. To know that, I have not even on the Gass'.

After all, I can see that myself without eye patch and red Kalottentuch without lip piercing and bandit mask at least a little like this, as though I would have survived a few less glorious days. On Kindererschrecken me is still nothing. Not even if it is just "in" again.

It is now well again in the hottest club and doing there as long as, or talking about it at least one that you just do not get bored until the next sow driven through the village.

What, on the other hand, on Carnival, if you will, on All Saints Day, in children a venial fun, I still can not understand in the sense of serious socio-political work in adults.

My the about that Kissinger and Brzezinski a shirk some such infantile basically Kapriolanten whether their exterior candy into your shirt?

The dissipated energy with the funs of provocation.

The suspicion is that at times we do not encourage this kind shapes and lifts. Thus, the protest party, a party to the just also celebrated with more or less hangover.

I want so neither dismiss the efforts of those Jasinna, yet probably some anonymous people, even some pirates the first hour in total; nevertheless the three examples connects a irrseliges concept.

I tend, as everyone knows, who knows me, not only to intellectualist Miesepeterei, am looking for a rough and tumble fun and Dionysian evenings Alleweil readily have.

I also do not bother to Gothics and similar figures. But everything in its place.

I also already looked like a chimney sweep. Not even so rare. Some oven and some stovepipe was clean already.

Therefore, it would not fall but to me earnestly to open a party of Rußverschmierten or Satan Zombies. Something to do on stage, in satire, sometimes for liberating laughter.  

Something to tie in at most one concept, concepts in small bites, if you want to achieve something, why not: It does not make it to the bearing concept.