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Federal Republic of Germany: Bring on the GmbH!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yesterday I was on a beautiful celebration, it was a lively conversation with two nice ladies, yes, politics.

As we came out that Germany has no constitution, which we agreed three said the one, after they had objected that the Basic Law was in any case only worth as much as the victors attach great him laconically: "What also need we have a Constitution, we still have the NSA. "


In fact: Why the Basic Law, including even a real constitution, but where even the NSA monitors that we German behave decently?

Now there are people who think that the FRG had already in fact a limited company, ie a company with limited liability.

Would apply to it, and put it the usual 25,000 euro capital, so we would have to make sovereign debt as well as the ESM people expropriation madness not too worried: We share over a beat, 2.4 million euro cents by 80 million or so to 0.03 cents amount of liability per citizen.

That would be really manageable for everyone. Not even royalty liberating special rules for the socially disadvantaged, so that empires would have up to 0.15 cents liable appeared imperative mitmenschlich there.

Should we still be no GmbH, this is changing quickly.

Freedom of expression guaranteed grenades default (II)

Saturday 06 April 2013

It is said the children at the schools still the Constitution guarantees freedom of expression. Of course, even that is a lie with the Constitution, because the Constitution is klariter no makeup.

One must keep most teachers benefit - or even zuschlechte how you look at it - that they believe what they say. Do not think it, so they know that they may not discover this double swindle their students.

In this sense, one could say that all state school teachers either dreamers, idiots, brain-washed, etc., or corrupt, cowards who lie to their students.

Is my sentence too harsh? If so, why?

Should I call upon the politicians of the Recorder parties, our business leaders, bankers do? (more ...)

Lügenpantheon of (III)

Monday, September 10, 2012

The lie, with which we shall deal now is, although known not only all the loyal readers of this page, but also many other people as such, but is taken not only because of their current roll cover, but also here because they have a special mechanism paradigmatic shows.

It is the Constitution lie.

We have a constitutional court, a constitutional protection, so-called parties of the Constitution sheet, anti-constitutional groups and parties, individual enemies of the constitution, only one thing: a constitution.

In the pleading namely, the Basic Law, which like as if it could not be otherwise, all over the country as our Constitution is referred to, clearly stands in it, that a Constitution is still pending: (more ...)

Defend the constitution!

Saturday 08 September 2012

Normally we become, if anything, inspired by the appearance and not by the Obsoletmachung of a pleading.

But not so, for me at least, with the Basic Law.

For 48 years has instilled in me that I have to keep me from everyone else.

Now you have picked it up, so clearly and unequivocally as never before, but none of those who took my prescribed Scripture, also commits itself to.

Well, what reasonable hijacker is already shown itself and yet told what exactly he captured what from whom.

If he should ever be caught, it was certainly the social circumstances that drove him to it. (more ...)

The Basic Law trench

Saturday 08 September 2012

Actually, I've added a little time for it used, so therefore correct to understand it, it's liberating, that the Basic Law is no longer valid.

Of course, I know I sure would not doubt me may rely, as it certainly still applies to me.

My name is not even Merkel or Draghi and have earned my spurs at Goldman Sachs.

As de facto stateless person I have now but no longer express my loyalty to a constitution that was never actually one, but always a transitional law, which was incorrectly stated as such, but now also entkraft.

In other words: where there is no "constitutional arch" more, I no longer have my way turn for this also.

The Verfassungsbögler, -bogenschützen whose predecessors taught me in school, every decent citizen had to stand on the floor of the Constitution, now have nothing on which they could invite me to a halt. (more ...)

ESM financial war: Win the absolutist plutocracy?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Professor Stefan Homburg here puts forward in the FAZ to the ESM Treaty, I think is the most important currently required reading at all.

It has, though I already knew a lot, once again shifty to me in fact breath.

The Board of Governors is absolute secrecy for ever obliged to fully and equally eternally immune to any outside control revoked, money can create and add them to almost any extent, move hundreds of billions to banks, arbitrarily, without notice, without making this only publicly: He is the junta, or for my sake, the Politburo of the Euro-financial dictatorship.

This contract is now the coup that will bring the governors, the counselors, to power.

The Heads of State and enemies of the constitution, which actively support this paper are, in fact before the court. Because state and treason, without question.

Homburg writes:

"Does the Federal Constitutional Court to pass the ESM Treaty, it has red lines that it has taken in previous judgments, postpone again. That would be unfortunate, because as evidenced by the many thousands of constitutional complaints are not just younger people, the fear in countless Internet forums, the impending transformation of European democracies in a company controlled by the financial industry plutocracy. Rather, the danger of changing the system consists entirely. "

Again the core: "Transformation of European democracies in a company controlled by the financial industry plutocracy" (!!!)

Thank you, Professor Homburg. That hits the spot precisely.

As should be for conspiracy theory if it is open enough practice. (more ...)

From the struggle against the Cutpurse

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Since yesterday evening Germany is provisionally abolished.

After how upper Minister Schäuble remarked applicable, Germany after 1945 was never truly sovereign, is due to the ESM Treaty now first, the BVG wofern not against it decides what very unlikely, our entire national wealth, we are therefore all at the EU-Monster , every debtor who somewhere in the euro area, pledged.

The Basic Law is repealed. Some it may still have on the shelf, may - still - read around unpunished is even quote from it, but it's pointless, abrogat, only printed paper. (more ...)

Muslim honor dignity for NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger

Monday, May 07, 2012

The editors learned just from well-informed sources that the North Rhine-Westphalian Indoor Mini Ster Ralf Jäger will get awarded next Friday at Frankfurt am Main the honor Muslim dignity. Pierre Vogel had happily agreed to give a eulogy.

"Mr. Hunter has an example used to abolish the fundamental law within the meaning of the Koran. He initiated cartoons prohibitions are groundbreaking, "said one board member.

The ceremony is in the Frankfurt Grand Mosque (formerly St. Paul's Church) will be held to give a clear signal against religious intolerance. (more ...)

The Basic Law is also right, Mr. Augstein! (II)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Even I, dear sir Augstein, the basic law really appreciate how you.

But it's not really a constitution. And no, that gave the German people themselves.

Moreover, and that there must be, in my opinion, at some point confirmed by the German people as such or in accordance with Article 146 a new, real, I recently conducted a discussion with one who held out to me, "For God's sake, just no referendum".

His reasons were quite convincing. (more ...)

The Basic Law is also right, Mr. Augstein!

Friday, January 27, 2012

"What is the purpose of the constitutional protection today? He in no way protects the Constitution. It protects the (pre) existing conditions. "

At this remarkable and quite true statement comes Jakob Augstein on SPON under the no less remarkable title "The Basic Law is left".

He refers to the fact that property according to the Basic Law requires, means of production are socialized, and that the Federal Republic was a "social" state and mocks On this basis, the observation of the Left Party parliamentarians by the constitution protection.

Dear Mr. Augstein, I call you now even a few "right" statements of the Basic Law: (more ...)

New constitution for Germany?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I just read a shouting surrounded definitely challenging and with some effort Item to constitution or rather non-constitution of our country.

Ultimately, I think all the discussions about whether the state of play but pointless. (more ...)

Funniest Link

Friday, January 07, 2011

Readers Sil thank for this link:

Finally, we explained a knowledgeable one, which is why there are no citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Without the Constitution and vile than a mess of pottage

Sunday, 09 May, 2010

The funniest event of the Republic is now the Federal Constitutional Court.

Not to mention that we have no constitution, but merely a basic law and more recently the Lisbon Treaty, the nor applies to the court as the former, see breach of contract aid to Greece, it is funny to watch how this one institution nor as venerable, sublime, is acclaimed clean. (more ...)

Germany is not free

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At this Nov. 9, 2009 Germany is still not free.

The enemy states clause applies.

Germany has no peace treaty.

Germany has ratified the Lisbon Treaty and thus abandoned the Basic Law, that is, only less power emanates from the people.

Germany has still not confirmed by a two-thirds majority in free and secret ballot new constitution.

Four facts that speak twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall still for themselves, even if currently talking about a little.

Teaching of Islam?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The discussion continues.

In fact, many good arguments for a German-led teaching of Islam in this country, which I will not repeat here.

I just wonder how state-paid teachers will explain the Muslim children and young people, why women according to the Quran only half the inheritance entitled as men, as the thing with Aishe, the child wife of Muhammad, polygamy or the death penalty for Muslims who depart from the faith, lane (more ...)