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Lidl: Farewell Mark in fine gold

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now the Lidl cares not only qua supply of noodles and safflower oil active for the survival of the German people, but even by selling real gold coins for labbrichte, known to soon be worthless Euros, with the flagship "farewell Mark" from the year 2,001th


The selfless social commitment of this company is exemplary indeed.

Because with the occupied Euronen you will buy overnight on the world market food, which you can then, if the profit from the gold, the people can offer even cheaper.

The from Aldi are there in direct comparison already pretty bum.

Sell ​​socks and sauce powder, but not a weary farewell Mark.

I am now looking forward to the Norma silver chunk has in varying proportions in the Wühltischen. (more ...)

Explodes Göllers text

Thursday 07 April 2011

I just read again - well, guess where? - On a side gold that the gold will almost.

I think that's funny: When was gold because not scarce, because I have to ask?

Well, when the Spaniards robbed the whole Inca gold, because they suddenly had a relatively large amount of it.

Most Spaniards but even still have had at that time the feeling that gold is scarce.

I'm more of the opinion that mind is quite scarce. (more ...)

Cash cow

Saturday, July 10, 2010

One thing you have that notorious Walter K. Eichelburg, let the most prominent gold Barker of the German-speaking world without envy: He tickles almost every downfall lust and selfish-utopian Sottise out of people, apart from the many beautiful euro, the longest no more be worth already, except that one can buy gold for it, which you will soon no longer would get, already practically no longer get, unless of course you click on its side, where it is touted as available from various retailers at any time.

Idiots cabinet.

Gold scams

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I just read an article so again, because of how much the gold against the dollar will still worth etc., from German Gold Guru, the man called Eichelburg.

Who cares because (except a speculator), whether the price of gold now stands at over a thousand dollars, soon perhaps three thousand, if the dollar is no longer relevant parameter? (more ...)

FED just before the bucket?

Monday, October 05, 2009

I told them once before: For the Federal Reserve (FED) it is getting tight.

Are The store has hundreds of billions heaven knows (or Goldman Sachs) where shoveled, without realizing.

Now Bernanke & Co. have terribly scared to death before an audit by the Congress.

Ron Paul, who runs the essential thing, by the way now partly taken from a gold standard to replace the money printing arbitrary distance.

Reasonable and enjoyable, I mean.


Saturday 03 October 2009

Many so-called financial experts is constantly spoken of gold.

Gold will probably never largely worthless, at least not as long as it can not be manufactured at low cost lead after Alchimistenart; but otherwise it is currently much more expensive than its industrial and technical utility.

Why is it so should be even more expensive in the long run, opens up to me, although the women who like to wear it, hopefully not die so soon, by no means.

Gold? Work!

Friday, April 24, 2009

In this time of financial uncertainty, many swear by gold as a safe investment. And physical gold is determined safer than any paper, so a bare promise of a value.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that get in times of real need not only any normal rags very fast wind of it, if one pays with gold and easily remove him off by wooden club.

No, it was still in the last century before, that all States, even the beautiful USA, their subjects instructed the delivery of their gold and their long prison sentences or even execution were threatening on offense (more ...)