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Glorification of homosexuality ...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Now they rotate through completely.

This is so great with homosexuality, that any one kicker, the "outed" himself, is everywhere hinanstilisiert erstseitig hero.

It is so great that to be soon declared in Baden-Württemberg school children not only in biology, but in all subjects. Of course, besides also transgender and so on.

If you do not find class, which is, well siewissenschon or so.

The mirror speaks of incitement whether a petition against the plans of the rainbow err in Stuttgart; fact there is no trace of agitation in my opinion.

Even the FAZ condemned the petition ... they are again distorted ...


In the new quota Republic, only about nichtabrahamitische (possibly Christian) white straight men jokes may not be made ​​without a disability, an interesting solution offers: The Muslims are allowed to practice with the girls and the rainbow alone socialization.

At the high school course.

The rest comes to special schools, has math, science and geography, so learn punishment for his other altgestrige privileged awareness there even old Spachen is so deservedly intellectual Prekariat.

This is then later clean the toilets on the equality bodies, the faculties of Gender Studies, etc., the scruffy Tofu carry away, in front of the mosque sweep the alley.


I have fear of gays? Before even lesbians?

Why is that?

The more gays there are, the more hetero-women are free, and the more there are lesbians to the less hetero-women are newly released. That should balance out yet.

I do not envy the teachers who should prevail in 2015 were well looked after, what is sun.

Although I am not state schoolmaster, but in the trade, and therefore I know teaching situations as well as the youth of today who will be completely umgegendert hardly up to one year.

Enjoy the re-education.

The Romans are crazy.


One can only wonder whether the Jews who can not afford private school, will send their children prefer to special schools or on the Rainbow secondary schools, where they learn with Goymädchen and Muslims and other Allerlei homo and transphobia, etc. instead of German, Maths and English should.

And many Muslims is not out yet and whether they will prefer to send their children on Regenbogengymmi or not but rather on a good special school: even if there are more Jews.

So the Muslim elite with the poor Jews and the normal German guys will land on the special schools.

Unless you denied Muslim and Jewish boys access to the special school.

Otherwise it will probably not go.