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From Duck Talk (II)

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Duck voice is characterized in that the Duck speaker thinks of much less what he wants to say how, but what he should say how.

But this exercise by the speaker yes but must somehow represent his person still overwhelmed him typically so far, that hardly can come out something intelligent.

He is - even at this mundane level - so busy, not just voters to say, but to make sure that he says voters (and such more Genderasmen meticulously comply), the other just so many words avoids or only under previous dislocations affixes that he can no longer find to a proactive, research discourse ability.

(Nietzsche once said that the brain is a stomach but he did -... Well, Zarathustra had -wohl stomach of a bird The only in passing)

The Duck talk is of course practiced in school. "Foreigners" has become a "dirty word". Now it is called "migrant". Better, often, not even that. And you have to learn exactly (instead of German), when. (But please do not why when!)

Even when I speak of "Duck speakers" I "normally" would, speaking of Duck Duck speakers and speakers, either write down "Duck speakers" to meet the Duck voice.

Fortunately, achwas, chatter, but I deliberately keep away from that kind of required in this regard "normality". That of the linguistically-mentally enslaved.

Public talk about 90% of Germans practically only Duck voice. Few of them are, at ever more often, because if it aggressively addressed, even partially aware. Clear: That's displacing. Only a few have the mental strength to their subservience to the dictates of the Duck Sprechs admit.

Duck voice to all, except to white, not particularly disabled hetero men. Everywhere else Duck voice. (more ...)