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Monday, November 23, 2009

There are a few people who called from what the occasion of idiots movie (why am I this way designating, another time) "The Matrix", are clearly broken.

As a cautious mind I see myself as times only for three quarters of the way so far good: but still.

In order to cover the (supposed) remaining quarter, I appoint me as far as I get around to it, now repeating self-paced instruction in Latin, besides other works; Sharpening of linguistic cognition is the trump of assets.

The agents 'Smith' in the world are not paired by metakarateske acrobatics done with esoteric concentration grotesque.

Against such help simply vile logic: Greek "logos" meaning word, meaning, Number, teaching, customer.

The gefühligeren among my readers who like such seriously and now do not scroll yawning, I like to add that each shot intuition might not hurt.

Those who are looking towards the east, however, I confess frankly that Confucius me, though insufficiently studied, this is more than reincarnation teachings or even the Abrahamic "Matrix".

Otherwise, I recommend except Cervantes still the Brothers Grimm and Friedrich Nietzsche.