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All Egypt?

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The whole Cranks, the here and now believe somehow can determine, in the so-called West, are pathetic southeastern Ägyptizisten.

The explanation is simple.

The Jews have changed the world Copied in Egypt monotheism, very wisely, to enter, very much then, greatest coup, in Freemasonry.

People like me, so have no connection to Egypt or the Torah or the New Testament or the Koran, the Änhänger so the transmitted teachings of course hardly able to conceive.

"How does THE excluding Egypt and the Jews?"

Yes, on this issue like me have some choke.

Allzumal, because the answer is clear.

There is one which both Egypt and the Jews mean little.

The says: Much shouting, not really done anything. A Schwabe halt.


As Goethe like artisanal clean

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The fall of Goethe as a Masonic stylite for better or against all is visible in work. Two holes, two well placed double guide wedges, then just the right strokes, the suit lashes, the good Eineinhalber the back taken until the iron buzz in it, then again waiting for the moment when one wants to just pass, afterwards measured at rest, at the ear Also the rear vibration in the jab and the bat arms, the explosive bats, thirty seconds maybe two minutes, it is important not to, you know it, turns one makes a beer, and then you can hear only the crunch, finally the crash, and finally he is.

It is sufficient that the iron buzz. They do not have to sing for.

Let you this, dear Freemasons, say of one who still actually learned the craft.

Goethe is finally due

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Wilhelm and Heinrich to actually dauerndzu irrseligen Masonic citizens of the world as symbols of the Germans, have not even only schlafmützigen Michels, no, still full idiots, intentionally, in the primeval "Bildungsroman" and even in our supposed "national epic", both bare shame, so diligently spread worldwide from your cronies, from Japan to Colombia: The now is the necessary consequence.

Jake Stratton-Kent against secret societies

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I just came through a search loop which further led me of Aleister Crowley, once again to Jake Stratton-Kent, one of the hardest of the three bells of Western magic.

And, behold, now turns itself a Jake (!!!) generally against (the formation of) secret societies.

(I do not know how he had then laughed at me or even ridiculed only mild, I would have predicted that he would probably ascend even to so much Gnosis, sometime, in his intelligence perhaps even in this incarnation. Maybe I've even times done, but I remember at least not exactly.)


Who has nothing with the whole Crowleyanischen stuff, Thelema, Golden Dawn, ritual magic, etc. on the hat, nevertheless may be interested in what this tough, old, wily bone today says.

An excerpt:

"The whole Secret Society model is not only unhelpful, but Actively counter-productive. It is the principle reason why so much energy is expended fighting tiny little wars in between factions (between witch groups, in between rival Golden Dawn, in between thelemic groups etc etc). Energy did could be better spent elsewhere - like Incorporating the real advances in recovering our tradition made Possible by * non-secretive * sources like academia ".

"The whole secret society model is not only not helpful, but actively counterproductive. It is the principal reason why so much energy when fighting out of tiny wars between factions is consumed (between witches groups, between rival Golden Dawn, Thelemic between groups etc. etc.). Energy that would be better used elsewhere -. As to the incorporation of real progress in the recovery of our tradition that made by 'non-secretive' academic sources as possible "

You can omit the witches, etc., and the wars between big fall secret societies sometimes slightly larger than between supporters neocrowleyanischer factions and Winzorden.

Yes, dear Jake, for a good, easy access, it is just never too late.


Comments in English are welcome

Lessing's shameful lies dirt

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lessing glorified in his parable of the rings the Masonic lie. Each equal lied and thus equally happy. Dirt. Trash. Lie.

The Nachwuchse (also the Bilderbergers) 2013 (II)

Sunday 09 June 2013

It is true, no doubt, at first, and always in some way to emulate our great ones.

It is quite essential however, the completely different education and socialization as well as to note the change in reception between what is said.

One dares not even the most obvious thing to say what long ago should belong to Altabgestandenen: namely, as an example, that Dr. Faustus was at best unscrupulous gelahrtes asshole in Goethe's work, the whole story is not much else to it, except you wanted to draw conclusions about the author.

We carry a so-called "National seal" before us, which from the very first reason her no good. (more ...)

And from those of these bloggers

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Literary seen a zero, as essayist just mediocre, sloppy craftsmanship as the sow, but hits like Bolle: You will have already noticed that I just do not talk to me.

But by a major blogger. (I do not mean the Augstein Junior.)

He is not stupid; he is quite knowledgeable; he is prudent; he knows what he is guilty of the Abrahamites tribute.

I know another (which I'm not), which makes incomparably better, braver, no day pass in which he does not put his finger in the wounds for years, consistently, with probably not one tenth of the other readers.

The latter remains bloggers (as opposed to me) always at its core topics, as well as the former; he is technically very carefully, as opposed to that; he writes well of course, as that also, if one reads the sloppiness in his lyrics: Why, then, has the one, apart from the fact that he has a better-positioned platform, considering the, the much sharper, clearer, more pointedly, writes better, so much more successful? (more ...)

Message from Swabia

Friday, March 15, 2013

Is it enough until October of this year, so I will have done it (Futur II, Friends of the night!) To have been for 50 years to cope with life and useless. I like that immensely.

Finally a Schwab, who for half a century gschafft nothing! So do it!

However, it is natural that I am not even ashamed of his. Every decent Schwab would dessenthalben long since sunk into the ground with shame. (more ...)

Club of Rome: All existence is pig

Tuesday, 08. May 2012

According to the new statements of the Club of Rome is in forty years already just about everything shit and then even worse.

The shop I praise me. I thought yesterday evening, a competent Mayan astronomer have calculated all of our end for this year's winter solstice, it is now clear that my grandchildren will still hinverrecken ago when I either 88 am or at least already run under the cosmo-biological bus.

This store stinks after such enddekadenter Freemasonry, however, that you may already be wondering how humanity stands slightly so. But we see, even that works. (more ...)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I had certainly noticed already from the fact that for some time it is quite a spat in the German "Truther" scene, but now times taken me a little leisure to familiarize myself with the respective catalogs accusation.

Focus scarce, some say, the big players in the alternative scene carry virtually all a distraction agenda because they were themselves Masons or Scientologists or something; this hinwiederum pulpits as those fundamentalists, Spinner, etc. from extremists.

After all, so far, there is probably still hope for reconciliation, an almost universally unifying bond among the armed cocks is not difficult to identify: Spelling and punctuation as well as the correct use of the German language are they mostly indifferent or even strangers. You try as with any decent backyard brawl, not even barely noticeable as an ordinary elementary school pupils. (more ...)

Still to Goethe, the A ...

Friday 09 March 2012

Observant readers will not have escaped your attention that I do not really appreciate Goethe.

Yes, the man has great verses written, was a genius.

But he was also vain and a traitor. (more ...)

NWO Conspiracy: Vög§§§ illegal!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In the course of preparing my article to that remarkable Weibsniederpopp-PETA animal rights video I had to leave again enlighten me in my not very tender age.

Namely to the effect that, while "fuck" in public - without FSK ab 18 - say should (I remember the word you have seen on campaign posters of the Left: about "Friday I kiff, Saturday popp 'I, Sunday dial' I the Left "), but not vög§§§ hinwiederum.

That made sense to me somehow did not, and I can see if I like it or not, in the checkout line, as the tabloids at Lidl can pick up, also saw recently on the network side of a large - unpornographischen otherwise, any child can buy them or call - a weekly magazine Playboy Video section in which was not gevög§§§, but two dapper young naked twin women showed virtually everything they have to offer for it, eager fumbling.

Now this may be a strange marginal in this our rule of law, but I find it a bit annoying and weird and take it therefore as an opportunity for a least mean conspiracy theory. (more ...)

Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It is these things which dominate our time, so it does not help to ignore them. (more ...)

Breivik not alone?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Now, a Norwegian professor expressed the suspicion that the assassins, Breivik could have gotten help from the Israeli side.

"Conspiracy" to the effect that the mass murderer not only did so to act, abound on the net.

Looking after yourself, if you're interested, you can find it easily. (more ...)

What? You're a Breivikianer!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It actually seems to work: Everything is hereby conservative, "right", and so Breivik is incitement to mass murder or prepares such.

I have not read Breivik's pamphlet, it will probably not do as it does not particularly interest me, but learned from several reliable sources that it is aimed against a total of multiculturalism etc.

This is now for the left (and the state terrorists NATO) each, of what is going on by many, is not thrilled cheaply a Breivikianer: words would be weapons, it is, each patriotism, not for NATO Rumbomben on half the world stands, is a Nazi mass murder mental preparation. (more ...)

Masonic Terror in Norway: Too stupid to count?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Now come in news, there are probably twenty or thirty deaths was less than previously reported.

Can we in Norway in three days actually do not count and determine if the the enumerated are actually dead to one hundred?

Live there only Masonic jerks, especially in the police and in medi cynical professions?

I mean, if you had discovered even more deaths, so that would probably understand if there somewhere as yet undiscovered corpses were located in the forest, or the like.

But less?

Many less?

Who has since officially counted several deaths that did not exist? (Read more ...)

Jesuits and Freemasons may also play

Friday, July 01, 2011

Yesterday I heard again scraps a discussion that came back several times to the supposedly all-encompassing corrupting influence of the Vatican.

My desk neighbor had also started to smile already. (more ...)

Masons are ...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To clarify it: Of the perhaps 200,000 Freemasons in Germany (officially the British give for their country at 280,000) are only a few percentage practicing hardcore Satanists, pedophiles, murderers and other ritual heavy criminals.

But all lie to their shared environment.

The one who explained to me why politicians, prosecutors, judges, doctors, psychiatrists, bankers, etc. should conspire for good, I confer the eleven Goeller prices.

There can be no reason to conceal the good.

It is neither common nor excessively dangerous contagious.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

I give you now the inauguration in the 333sten degree mason:

"We lie louder than the rest, and mostly it creates no, we kill it, even if we kill millions, of whom nothing is. Otherwise, it's all about money and power, the rest is nonsense for the lower grades. "

Should there be a mason of the 666sten degree who knows more, so I publish his comment like.

Magic for the extra Doofen

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Because of this Masonic novel by Dan Brown now goes again the talk of so-called "insiders" going on.

Do you know what: I'm one of them, because I know until the final, publicly be set forth rebuttal and good twenty years of experience that the entire Freemasonry represents a single, even third-rate scams, the only question turns, political control over mental manipulation exercise.

I hereby call on the highest Freemasons of the Scottish Rite in this way clearly out to see me also just 30 seconds into the eyes.

Do not worry about me or him: He will not compete.

Freemasonry is nothing more than an esoteric form extremely excessive hybrid, morbidly seduced male homosexuality, money underpinned by bankers for their lower purposes.

No real magician takes each one seriously Maurer.

Do not trust me

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I organize here right now a guessing game: What do you think, what I would like to write, but do not dare to do this?

Katyn it is not about you now must tell the truth.

9/11 it is not, it's almost all is said, except in the media sheep.

The NPD it is not about the writing of the Constitution as protection enough about themselves.

Nicola Tesla, it is not, because I know too little about his inventions.

Neuschwabenland it is not, because as Altschwabe I know myself well there not.

The Bilderbergers are not, because I have already written about it.

The same applies to Freemasonry. (more ...)

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