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Sunday, December 15, 2013

In France is once again a - however given by the socialist government and is directed to the Prime Minister report of "experts" - come "report" to the conclusion once again, because the now common practice is in Western Europe, one should stop tolerant be against Islam, as so far it'll go no further with it.

To German: The French should be possible to offer even more than they already do so reluctantly, Islam will be further opened the door as privileged religion.

The worst part however is - it would not be bad if the Sharia in France took hold - that this kind Abhuberei Ms. Le Pen voters and drifts.

This may even now not be.

France is beautiful so silently please abolish that nobody notices and logically also not apply against it.

But also genuinely secular Left does not seem right down the line thrilled that which fought against Catholicism is to be given up easily again in the face of Islam.

Yes, dear Left: Islam may be anything, but left in your mind, he is certainly not.

No, the little Kognäckchen before you look at the short skirts, maybe not only looks, also all your gay colleagues, for all that, as well as your other cherished habits, no love left, but Islam has not much left. More precisely nothing.

As stupid gesoffene backers, yes, to You may serve him. He will then have to show you his way of gratitude, as soon as he can.

You want zutode you tolerate?

The offer will be happy to accept. The kiss is redolent of your own death.

Whether in France the first left Europe comes to its senses with regard to Islam?

I treated it to the French to stand forward herein.

The Muselmanisierung Europe is not Überunsgekommenes, not simply colonial heritage (when we have the Turkey colonized?), No karmic Necessary, no ordeal at all, but klariter part of a plan whose threads Drawing in not only the governments, but also especially EU police stations and affiliated departments as well as in the World Bank, the IMF, the whole bunch of rabble So, make the best possible wide.

This is undoubtedly a very large and strategically applied, huge Destabilisierungsprogramm.

And that is expressed even more elegant.

I imagine every day, that every day ten, and the day after toes of each of the tens to wake up to the left, to understand what is being done here, where most of them will land themselves, they do not quite fast very small well-behaved with as soon as they are still supported program truly effective.

But since I've now left the rangenommen a bit harder, have the right or a little something to get poured out for the sake of justice.

The Kriecheritis that yonder, towards Judaism, the State of Israel, Zionism, endemic in many circles, is so stupid, yes, my friends, that I would rather have expected this kind stupidity to the left.

No, not that not Kroechen.

But with you it's just even more stupid when you do that.

This statement should be self-explanatory.

Uranium ammunition - now used in Mali?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

In the Medical Journal today appears an urgent call to resist the use, even for global ban on uranium ammunition.


It is also spoken by reports that this weapon had been used against Gaddhafi troops in Libya.

Even on the occasion of the Libyan War I threw the - so far as I know, nowhere clearly answered - question on it.

To confirm or to deny clear, however, is not so easy as to see if mosquitoes flying around the desk lamp. Still strange, because it would be too difficult hinwiederum where you wanted because, certainly not. (more ...)