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ESM financial War: Win the absolutist plutocracy?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What Professor Stefan Homburg here in the FAZ puts forward the ESM treaty, I think is currently the most important required reading at all.

It has, although I already knew a lot, again left me in fact breath.

The Board of Governors is absolute secrecy forever obliged to fully and equally forever immune to any outside control withdrawn money can create and add them to almost any extent, move hundreds of billions to banks, arbitrarily, without notice, without making this only publicly: He is the junta, or, if you the Politburo of the Euro-financial dictatorship.

This agreement is now the coup that will bring the governors, the counselors, to power.

The Heads of State and enemies of the constitution, which actively support this paper are, in fact in court. Because state and treason, without question.

Homburg writes:

"Does the Federal Constitutional Court pass the ESM treaty, it has red lines, it has drawn in earlier judgments, postpone again. That would be unfortunate, because as evidenced by the thousands of constitutional complaints, it's not just younger people who fear in countless Internet forums, the impending transformation of European democracies in a company controlled by the financial industry plutocracy. Rather, the danger of a system change is a very real. "

Again the core: "Transformation of European democracies in a company controlled by the financial industry plutocracy" (!!!)

Thank you, Professor Homburg. This misses the point precisely.

How should conspiracy theory be because when it is open enough practice. (more ...)