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We speak again, Mr. President!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here the key for me excerpt from the election acceptance speech of our new President Gauck:

"I knew this my home town and this gray, humiliated country - we would now be Europe."

Was the GDR, for example, just as socialist, depending not a part of Europe?

Which - apart from a geographic point - Asian, Muslim Turkey as NATO, but a long time?

Were you about not follow this logic, Poland or Czechoslovakia or Hungary part of Europe, as they were under a rejected by Gauck rule?

What tells us the pastor there? (more ...)

Broders love for Europe

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What does this strange Henryk M. Broder now anyway?

On the one hand he defends Thilo Sarrazin in his remarks about Muslim immigrants, praises even those Geert Wilders in Holland, to ban the Koran equal Mein Kampf (!) Will, on the other hand, the following statement ran me now from an interview with the Berner Zeitung (from the 8th 2. 2007) on the way:

"I actually think that Europe is a continent ripe takeover is ... I think it's always good that the so-called 'white, heterosexual, blond, Aryan' Europe is coming to its end ..."

If so but the Muslims take over Europe, or who because else please?

About Jews or Chinese?

And the predominantly Semitic and Turkish, mostly black-haired, off-white Muslims, then systematically favor the homosexuals, or bringing it in equal masses themselves with, they breed at all, so that a Henryk M. Broder Europe liked better?

Suffice it to say that homosexuality in Islam is a serious sin.

Either the man is a little confused in the head, or he speaks with a forked tongue.

PS: A great idea it would be natural to prescribe the blond white Aryans all homosexuality, they wofern not want to be Muslims: so they would die even faster. Resourceful Koran scholars knew likely to think of a godly exception for this special religious emergency.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

I read today once again a newspaper article that especially in view of the increased importance of Sino-US relations (the lazy over-eaten man the industrious thin man owes a lot of money and can it not just for kill) the declining weight of Europe lamented meant was the EU ,

The author, whom I here want to punish him with failure to mention, as he well known as a de facto US agent on German soil was, of course, once seen primarily Military, a non-convulsive direct use of power, so more warlike vassalage on behalf Washington. (more ...)