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Eso is everywhere

Thursday 02 January 2014

In my reincarnation as long reincarnate only the ones until there is no more evil.

Unfortunately, no one believes in my teaching. I now no more. It is probably too bloodless.

She sounds so also, as though the Lidl sold already. After all, my favorite deli.

Einsneunundsechzig for the perfect reincarnation. I grab pure, that I let my taste.

Since I do not even have yet to buy a joke. Fair offer. Correct price.

I also read the Brigitte today.

This resulted from accident, for a reason that is not to explain here, as he was irrelevant for the following.

There is really so much drinne esoteric talk, not even poorly prepared that you should not be surprised, therefore, the Uresoverlage so badly off inger.

You just stole them the business. Eso is everywhere.

Even with the partnership as separate accounts.

I have not even read all of the others. Fortunately, not enough time. But I'm sure that one - woman - by now for a euro that gets at every Loddl what you long had Browse eifrigsam twenty years ago at the Frankfurt Mess'.

Eso is strunz cheap now.

And my wonderful gooder idea that thrives not know. Not even in a women's magazine.

Still, obviously, people would have preferred that other idiot estates were true.

All right. This fate may have taken some philosophers who thought it too good to humanity.

Seen are all reincarnated matter.

Again, a church, a Crawl

Sunday, November 24, 2013

All the esoteric and magical theories, of which I have heard and read, with whom I came in contact, have a catch.

I'm not talking about the notorious vanity in the respective "spiritual" leaders who Geheimhalterei and Lügerei outwards, the whole useless bells and whistles, the clamped crude Initatiationspraktiken and such more questionable.

No, it is important that every person at any time totally different, "work" may, as prescribed by any doctrine. And so well that the respective "Master" rather no longer compete.

And no matter whether these masters only a shaman in the Central African bush, or whether he was the Chief of Skull & Bones, with Cochise skull in his hand.

Learning is now times more valuable than praying and speechify.

Self to itself is stronger than any retreat.

Yes, I also had champions, as a stonemason and as a linguist.

But these were no magic Fritzen. They could their stuff.

There are other - for me - certainly spiritual energy fields that our exact observation and description elude so far.

However, this also controlled by any wannabes, and may they have practiced for so long because up all halbbeinige phalanxes of their disciples for it.

Just look at the literary mind awareness of the works submitted from this kind of people.

What we see there, typically?

First, an overload of text with any relevant terms that never quite defined, thereby exalted above all untouchable.

Then bad style. Insonderheit in the sense that not only the redundancy too much, but that also stands out next to the obvious Sultry Right, the omission of essential, at least in contexts substantial blatantly.

I had, for example, an Indian guru before the shotgun. A very atypical existentialist pessimism (UGKrishnamurti).

Large recorded. Some good observation. He was not even a cult around.


Nowhere art.

So again a loser. Ultimately, even a talker.

I mean now that the question of the definition of art a kind of litmus test of any religion, philosophy, esoteric Assembly and so on.

Since all the fun with the whole Döns and listen to drivel that is very fast.

As it is, their true colors.

Since it is important to show what kind of person you are.

As soon debunked the only swollen breasts, Western postmodernism's eastern divan-esque Metaästhetiken not long ohngeistig hand.

There were no priests, who built the magnificent Gothic domes, but these were stonemasons. The obvious understood more of the golden ratio and other essential principles, as the Bible garbled Laber Sacks, awarded the contracts.

Bach's music is not Christian. No Japanese is because Christian Bach.

Otherwise: A True God, but to a lot of Archangel, Mother of God, jinn, devils, lots somehow irrelevant and hinwiederum but very important accompanying rabble. Highly important. Ugh Deibel.

Yes, I did not see all this nonsense for a long time, so I might have to Speiben.

No wonder when you look at this, that many gifted reason refuge in a rationalism that is not significantly better.

Now there is suddenly nothing, except the already explicable.

Again, a church, a Crawl.

Perhaps the defining reptilian aliens really are.

That fit.


Friday, August 24, 2012

I think quite a few mathematical assumptions, although in certain Rähmen useful, nevertheless still quite restrictive aids.

In magic it comes to even wilder.

You simply lie out that it crashes.

Almost all professionals are charlatans.

A mathematician who can not calculate at least a normal integral quickly is out, fast.

In the Esos has almost nothing.

I remember the custom motion and the case Bärbel Mohr.

Everything you could be correct only wishing that desire. (more ...)

Mantic: On the death of Ernst begins

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From the review of the world ("Maischberger engages in the crisis esoteric nonsense") to mash Berger's chat show on the saying "horoscopes, palmistry, tarot: nonsense helps" me pull out only a remarkable quote, after the German physicist and astronaut Professor Dr. Ulrich Walter on that but, above all, a question raised that, although was so obvious, does not seem to put there:

"Maischberger by Walter ago as" someone who was close to the stars "and asked," Are you come back believing "-" No, but I was thinking more about the things after, "says the physicist. Back on Earth, he can read the manual. In the talk-show announcement said: "He was prophesied as he was dying." The "how" but failed Maischberger dig deeper ".

Well, the critic Carola Stern So chalk woman Maischberger the failure to having "how" of the prophesied death not asked because the poor man apparently believes that rather - at least apparently - reflects a certain tact.

Because Ms. star has soherum right when that Maischberger that if they bring a modicum of professionalism, in such an announcement likely to co-decision, the first thriller wanted, but then did not concern him.

It was probably not addressed whether for a man who believes such a thing, nor could be quite all here. What potential self-fulfilling prophecy of the most negative way, had been playing with death, informed of this palm reader in the world. Whether because not everyone in a corresponding profession that makes something as irresponsible, either absolutely or completely incompetent unscrupulous charlatan must be drawn even recognized?

Imagine times before, you believe in what you say your diviners.

Now he has told you that you will one day be drowned. The bathing you will from then on no longer have it so much, probably, all your emotional relationship with the element of water will change. If you have kids, you have a fear of water which are possibly also transferred, so that then maybe even more so eventually drown in panic rather than calm to swim ashore. (more ...)

Summary Report of the Book Fair

Saturday, 09 October, 2010.

On Friday, I visited the book fair with a colleague. The weather was, as so often, gorgeous, and have not visited the fair over the measure.

Two years ago, I noticed that the whole esoteric area is difficult shrunk measured at ten or fifteen years ago. Of course there were the usual suspects immortal.

But appearances are deceiving. (more ...)


Monday, November 23, 2009

There are a few people who called from what the occasion of idiots movie (why am I this way designating, another time) "The Matrix", are clearly broken.

As a cautious mind I see myself as times only for three quarters of the way so far good: but still.

In order to cover the (supposed) remaining quarter, I appoint me as far as I get around to it, now repeating self-paced instruction in Latin, besides other works; Sharpening of linguistic cognition is the trump of assets.

The agents 'Smith' in the world are not paired by metakarateske acrobatics done with esoteric concentration grotesque.

Against such help simply vile logic: Greek "logos" meaning word, meaning, Number, teaching, customer.

The gefühligeren among my readers who like such seriously and now do not scroll yawning, I like to add that each shot intuition might not hurt.

Those who are looking towards the east, however, I confess frankly that Confucius me, though insufficiently studied, this is more than reincarnation teachings or even the Abrahamic "Matrix".

Otherwise, I recommend except Cervantes still the Brothers Grimm and Friedrich Nietzsche.

666: The Beast

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aleister Crowley, the infamous poet, mountaineer, magician, spy, heroin addicts - some also call him a "Satanists" - once wrote: "Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you do."

The man was not only pretty crass - he considered himself the beast (666) of the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) or made himself of it still a fun, who knows - he just said a whole lot of very smart.

His new religion of the Aquarian Age, which should replace that Christianity remained to this day stuck in its infancy, his revelations under the "Thelema" seal, he wants to get dictated in Cairo, interested in only a few.

It should be noted, however, that its "Class A" texts, which he said revealed for directly, have a poetic flow, which hold up to any comparison. (more ...)