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Affair Edathy: Does it get any more absurd?

Monday, February 17, 2014

This really had an article, the comment string to read worthwhile.


How absurd is the affair Edathy get?

Is there anything else?

Coming soon the real UFOs? (more ...)

Disk as evidence for the ... A.

Friday, February 14, 2014

If a guy like this Friedrich, who as interior minister a Lügenlakai the Amis, pierces to the SPD leadership that there are investigations into the possible possession of child pornography against one of its deputies, so that this can be warned and most likely will, so that was a crime.

Mommy has noticed all of the course again nothing ...

Course for Mr. Edathy presumption of innocence.

Had But police and prosecutors with him - but still, because of the stupid like a walking stick, or without warning - found such material as would apply to me the presumption of innocence still.

Do I know whether or not certain services have played the stuff on the hard disk to the man, without his noticing? Or if you did this only in retrospect? (more ...)