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"The comment was hidden"

Wednesday 05 September 2012

I have variously been omitted me how stupid at the time comments are censored, the checked again now, and it has not improved, the sayings to believe it or not.

The bird but, for me, shoots from the Friday that Berlin weekly newspaper of Jakob Augstein, here, because we read now considered a standard saying, seriously:

"The comment was hidden."


Around the litter box?

The bottom flat head?

In limbo for exclusion from the "FC" (this is the so-called Friday community)? (more ...)

Peculiarly left free

Sunday, December 27, 2009

When I want to a disadvantage any of my current favorites, and also given the opportunity for other happy is (a part of the Christmas mystery of 23 12 can be as easy as solved verify or jetzo completely solve), I will now also the "Friday" and Mr. Augstein, could not reasonably be its editor, be neglected.

In a way, the declared Left Augstein its also very peculiar sort of picture of free, by "his" (mostly incompetent) bloggers, his project before Hamburger students therefore alba changed over the network world and the whole thing without correction, let alone editing, let because also equipped with a rudimentary layout, then high preys on his side as a blogger in his own paper for discussion.

But that's not the strangest Funny: A blogger from his "community" has become a part of the statements Augstein hastily adopted and the dear boss Eingeheizt worth reading liberal.

Something for lovers, a small collector's item: freitag.de / blogs / author: orange / Title: "To: Jakob Augstein, The Future of the Newspaper 1.2"

(Left function on strike, unfortunately, so please from left to right with links by click)

Supplement 29 12 1.14 Clock: Meanwhile, publishers Augstein answered his critics and announced that he did not understand the most explosive set (extra nachzitiert) somehow. With "Eh" and asking them to get it explained again easier. Hard to say whether this is a weak feint actual excessive demands in terms of Lesfähigkeit or a mixture of both.


Tuesday 06 October 2009

The son of the SPIEGEL founder Rudolf Augstein, James, has a small so-called "left-liberal" newspaper bought called "Friday" to Berlin, so far, as he admits, not worth it.

Furthermore, he encouraged the network to a discussion on how especially can be profitable over the network offers.

He got out of the "community" as it says embarrassingly, prompt hundreds (!) Comments, a few of mine (one is certainly not dogmatic stupid left, so I also usually have some discussions ceased).

You can look at what make the well; except always annoying Anglicisms can because even many of the "community" quite neatly write.

Who'd like to look to the "left", at this point is not bad advice.

Nevertheless it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Friday", the left-wing weekly newspaper from Berlin, has the 8.9. published a call to some well-known intellectuals and media people to retreat from Afghanistan within two years. Then should "civilian development organizations" to take the place of the military: "The enemy is not an army, but a culture. That is why the conflict can not be solved with a gain of miltärischen commitment. "

Let's leave the question of how to survive construction organizations without military protection there, once mean such as those, which is why, once recognized the futility of the insert should not pull off as quickly as possible.

So the enemy was a culture soso. In some ways that's true of course, because the Muslims there, the Western moral concepts do not stocking term ate assume and therefore defend themselves quite formidable.

On the other hand, it was the lead United States never to culture and values, but only about gaining a geostrategic control of the area (more ...)