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Libyans storm ungaddafischen seat of government

Monday, January 23, 2012

Oddly, I've noticed in any German medium, the Guardian here reported.

After all, are said to have stormed and cleared the seat of the new transitional government in Benghazi using hand grenades hundreds of angry Libyans.

A message that is probably not quite fit in our information landscape. And compared to the separation of Heidi Klum from her beau too marginal.

Voter fraud against Ron Paul?

Monday, January 23, 2012

If you are reading this article, you get an idea of ​​what today is called a democracy in the beautiful USA.


Google vs EU

Monday, November 28, 2011

Google is always more democratic than the EU.

Mark my words.

October 15: experience report on the occupation demonstration in Frankfurt

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guest Post by Gundi Schramm:

Hello dear readers and indignant,

I report here more or less directly from Frankfurt / Main. More, since we will be right back on site at Willi-Brandt-Platz in front of the ECB, and less because I mainly of yesterday, the'll 15/10/2011, report to this article and just well protected in the Frankfurt suburbs sit .

It was the sheer lunacy (but in a good way), if I may put it this way. According to police, we were about 5000-8000 people on the Willi-Brandt-Platz came together yesterday from about 12 clock directly in the bank Furter City. This is hardly a had expected.

Well, I like to start from scratch and give my own personal impression. I live in the middle of Germany, but got the chance or the money to take the train to Frankfurt, there to be there. So I sat down Saturday morning to 7 in the very first train that left and jetted to Hanau to let me get there from my home in direction wide world. During the three-hour train ride I locked eyes, and ears, whether because others are also on the way to trial or whether the Occupybewegung is generally in conversation. Nope, but not bad, because yesterday was just the beginning. (more ...)

Gregor Samsa Democrat

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gregor Samsa was a Democrat.

Bilderberg Recorders: Dear slandered as stupid

Tuesday 05 April 2011

In the last days I was often asked again at the state election in Baden-Württemberg, what I would have chosen for.

In my reply, I was not even there until gone, I harvested at best, surprised looks, but usually severe censure.

In my reply there, I just chose not war party, only the left and the NPD are halfway set credible, however, but for various reasons therefore alone is still not my choice (especially since at least the left, once in government involvement, will soon take "good" Reasons for a related "rethinking" would find ...), there was still no escape.

Then I had to at least be the chose in my opinion lesser evil, so would the democracy broken, Select is a civic duty, so many millions have died in the history of being allowed to choose the Greens are still better than the FDP, or vice versa in short, I was held up as Seppel, if not hostility (latent).

Write a review (more ...)

Democracy needs terrorists

Monday, November 01, 2010

Now it has managed a Marxist guerilla to Brazilian presidential chair .

Lula da Silva highly self she raised to the throne.

Who still wonders that in Germany, a left-wing extremist Polizistenverprügler Green gooder foreign minister, with the war and everything that goes with it (more ...)

Who steals little children?

Monday, September 20, 2010

This Riposte Sarrazin against the SPD leadership in the FAZ contained exactly with highlighted what I feared:

"I criticize a disproportionate increase of educationally disadvantaged strata (also by parts of the migration) in our country, and because these layers get significantly more children than the educated families, caused performance problems in the country. To change this, I call in my book (page 328/329) among other things: from the age of three kindergarten duty to promote the formation of layers close to all ... "


As a solution of Unterschichten- and especially Muslim migration problem: All must deliver their often not even during the day when children clean state!

What kind of social-democratic Sparta is that supposed to be, Mr. Sarrazin?

And it is to be feared that Mr. Gabriel will enter exactly this demand as drawn by an invisible hand, Ms. von der Leyen with in a moment. I smell the poisoned apple for some time: Now I'm going to even more clearly than before .

And I will here no conspiracy theory speak the word, and finally makes even casual thieves, but it would actually be a classic: (more ...)


Friday, July 16, 2010

By the time you just realize that you die now, you also know pretty sure that you will soon be dead.

This very comforting saying we should, given the information policy of the U.S. government always have with respect to the real problems in the Gulf of Mexico in the ear.

We do not receive any reliable customer with respect to the oil Spill: Still apply vague estimates, as though you could not measure with any accuracy. Nonsense!

Also in terms of escaping methane and the entire Methaneisproblematik there: None.

For air quality, benzene, methylene chloride, hydrogen sulfide amounts .: Gar etc nothing.

For exact geology of the earth's crust, in which one has drilled, which is why it is feared column and cracks: my knowledge niente.

How deep you've ever drilled: (more ...)

Intentional fun?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I just read an article in which the author (otherwise quite eloquently) in the face of corrupt parties a "people's democracy" demanded.

That is the funniest pleonasm, I have maintained in some time: people popular rule.

Völkisch after all, the contribution was not; that would have been so bad; but he drew himself much to the influence of high finance.

Maybe he called the people therefore equal doublestiched.

UN electoral farce

Friday, August 21, 2009

Star. de is in today's report "Massive Election Fraud in Afghanistan" of three to five million fraudulent election cards.

If we now continue from the official figure of 15 million eligible voters and a voter turnout of 40% (the latter figure, of course, especially with caution), it follows mathematically that to 6 million votes cast between 50% and 80% of these votes the fake election card accounts.

For such a choice of the UN Security Council to congratulate all reason, after all, arises by implication, that has been issued correctly between one-fifth and one-half of the votes and is perhaps even counted.

Probably, you say to yourself well, expresses the ability to electoral fraud only the true balance of power in the country, which are thereby effectively reflected in the election.

To ensure that everything is in order.

Hurrah, that we must pay!

Hurrah, that our soldiers bleed and die for it!

Hurrah, that we are not asked!

Aphorisms XXIV

Monday, August 03, 2009

The best thing about democracy is that even the Clever Stupid may choose.

The Green Brain

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I do not understand it.

I understand that someone chooses the Left Party, because he criminals of high finance wants to the place where they belong and rejects the war in Afghanistan.

I understand that someone who CDU or CSU chooses, because he thinks that protected us from the left Umverteilern.

I understand that someone dials the FDP, because he thinks somehow that stood for freedom and civil rights.

I understand that someone chooses the Pirate Party, because he is an internet freak.

I understand that someone dials the SPD, because he thinks that try our country social.

I even understand that someone dials the party spreader Bible Christians or the pogo party because he fanatically believes in the Abrahamitengott or his right to Hartz IV subsidized rampage.

But I do not understand how anyone can vote for the Greens. (more ...)

Radical democracy

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The so-called Federal Constitutional Court, which really should be called the Federal Constitution Court has saved a radical democracy in Europe.

Perhaps wisely politicians literally their asses who wanted to dissolve Germany easy.

This raises once again the question of whether that will be good in the end for us.

For the EU-political caste that the wars of the USA and the capitalist Ausraub vassal submits unconditionally would probably mostly be better accommodated weeding than in a parliament that has virtually nothing to say and is not even voting authority chosen equal.

I also speak therefore deliberately by a radical democracy, because you can be sentenced in Germany for expressing opinions to many years of imprisonment: previous poor record nearly 12 years, held by Horst Mahler.

It is in our country now in reality potentially criminal worthy, something undesirable to say, as a human being intentionally kill, to rape children or commit treason.

Who thinks this is democratic, probably for even the most competent tutoring comes too late. (more ...)

UFO landing on Bilderberg Hotel!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

According to various reliable sources today landed overnight on the Bilderberg Hotel in Athens a UFO.

Since it probably arrived unannounced and to make matters worse still a huge floureszierendes banner reading "DEMOCRACY NOW!" Duke behind, which, strangely enough, could be read by any observer in his mother tongue, opened CIA special forces immediately fire with heavy weapons, whereby uranium ammunition should have been used.

Through the Transparent flew the projectiles without any damage through to returning to drop the attackers in a wide arc as tungsten balls on the feet, so that the cries and whimpers of the elite troops was down to listen to the beach. (more ...)