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Vervolkte parties

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My political sense tells me that the new government will argue soon, as were sitting in the brush-makers with the fountain cleaners to table.

The CSU and parts of the CDU have just realized that the thing with the social cuts they can very quickly hinabkaskadieren in SPD realm in favor of the voters; that holds dynamite with the FDP en masse.

Add to that the damned war.

This victory could prove Pyrrussieg it soon, especially for the two last six to nine political parties.

Jesus Vote?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The CSU brunch was held. The Bundestag deputies called it visibly excited as outrageous as I called the CSU a war party and was somewhat perplexed when I asked her if I as a war opponent roll the NPD or the Left Party from the Losbecher or he prefers should not choose the same.

Maybe next time so I threaten to select only Jesus Christ, when the CSU can not remembers.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Normally I thought yes my mouth, how it is that my.

But since the hitherto largely hinterkulissige cozying up between parts of the left and right (conservatives) has manifested itself publicly now in a joint election rally of Peter Gauweiler (CSU) and Oskar Lafontaine (The Left) highly self on the holy Munich Nockherberg together with its lighthouses, I commit neither to the left nor decent to decent rights betrayal, if I something to say.

First of all, I see this development as very welcome. Several hundred have left drunk in Munich with a few hundred people CSU together a few hundred liters of beer without it to have come only verbally major gaffes. (more ...)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The pension will be reduced to no case, Union and SPD have decided, no matter what happens to the wages.

This appeared to those as a prima Gag before the election, to capture the 20 million pensioners.

Now they seem the thing but to fly around the ears, because on the one hand is obvious that this would keep on the remaining expected other problems in the public coffers and lower contributions by the insured only if all would owe funded again or completely at the expense of working people, of course, especially the families, geschähe.

Therefore, these artists of empty promises believes that now no longer sow; especially pigs can count on a charity only in the rarest of cases, such as perhaps a faithful old donkey or a deserved nag. (more ...)