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Nils-Axel Mörner calms the sea

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anonymous reader pointed me to the Swedish climate and sea level researcher Nils-Axel Mörner out (thanks for that!), And I found him the interview linked below:


One of the most beautiful locations:

"The ice cover of the Arctic may vary - but this does not affect the sea level because the ice is already driving in the ocean."

Yeah, so is this.

Climate: image goes conspiracy theory

Monday, February 06, 2012

Anyone who has a little bit involved with it, though do have long known that the sun so much with our climate wreaks (how is there only draufgekommen?), But this, at least not in our German sheep media landscape, until this morning against the CO2-climate liar lot helped.

But now the tabloids slammed headlines, against the background of a sun, on the second page in bold: "The CO2 Lie" - sub-heading: "Prestigious research team claims: The climate catastrophe is panic-mongering politics"

What was so far wasted only of small, confused, paranoid bloggers like me and a few starrköpfichten, heretical scientists as "crude conspiracy theory", namely, that here no holds sway science, but ice-cold power politics with all the means of manipulation, slander and exclusion, so demonization of critical voices, now finally has the mähsteamigste, uh, mainstreamigste all mainstream tabloids detected. And you announce tomorrow for a continuation of sassy. (more ...)

Climategate (Climategate) III

Saturday 05 December 2009

The less the climate hysteria is to hold on to the more fabulous are the protagonists.

I said yesterday a good friend that I already have no more desire to write about it.

But you can not just do whatever you feel like.

I'm going to still put me on the bike and a few grams of CO2 injected into the atmosphere more out of sheer malice selfish, because when I would sit here at the computer.

If Al Gore does not go holding me with one of his helicopters and verknastet as deniers, I get happy for climate killer volleyball tournament my son and maybe even the way the offenders make up, which maintain him in the locker room to hide his shoes.

Now that's worth a doomsday.

Purchased "Science"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meanwhile, the knowledge is advanced to the level that global warming is now paused for ten years, such as if the sun had or the oceans, or both, or even sonstnochwas conspired against the Weltklimakatastrophler to their scorn and ridicule viciously.

However, you would have the world public can readily tell the tale already fünnef years ago that things go differently than predicted (hoped?); and of course leave from the people who now after all lie next to already for a decade, not on the earth for 2050 or 2100 significantly warmed to know; Finally, you would be smooth stupid if you einsichtigerweise not abgäbe the prognosis, which is ordered and already paid for.

If you for claiming any things that are nevertheless not be ruled out, euro sums auslobt people in the five-figure monthly area, this budget in the millions, it is not surprising when almost everyone can join, especially if the alternative Verpönung as "climate deniers" (sounds like "Holocaust denier" - the comparison was also attracts been used) and ejected destitution by itself. (more ...)

Children criminals soul Climate Killer

Monday, October 12, 2009

The British government is now for first six million pounds in the early evening a letter addressed to children minute horror video broadcast: "The bed-time story on climate change".

I can recommend to anyone under the search term to open the concoction once and watch.

Who something planted in the souls of children because of the CO2-climate propaganda war against the skeptical adult does not run as expected, which is capable of anything (the official reason for the action is, that there are still too many doubters in the UK would be).

To traumatize children even using tax money specifically and deliberately incite against their parents, is simply criminal.

Many British newspapers are also, as far as I could sift through so far, not overly amused; it will be interesting to extensions.