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Vervolkte parties

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My political sense tells me that the new government will argue shortly, as were sitting in the brush-makers with the fountain cleaners to table.

The CSU and parts of the CDU have just realized that the thing with the social cuts they can very quickly hinabkaskadieren in SPD realms in favor of the voters; which gives rise to conflict with the FDP en masse.

Add to that the damned war.

This victory could prove Pyrrussieg it soon, especially for the two last six to nine major parties.

We have ... uh ... the Merkel

Thursday, September 03, 2009

"We have the youth. We have the ideas. We have the experience. We have the people. We have the power "Maybe I have after a single sighting of the CDU spots forgotten something CDU Germany does not have, but unfortunately I do not feel the real pleasure of the force of the CDU.

Also the spot with Merkel is a kind of political tearjerker, which is located just millimeters from the involuntary satire.

In both movies not made ​​a single concrete statement how policy is designed to; (more ...)

Will optimally

Friday, August 21, 2009

We should consider honestly earned catastrophic offspring ratios of the Union and the SPD again positive.

Now that no one comes because he wants to do neither with friends before the neighbors to the monkey, the bell tolls determined young men and women.

In NoTime so to speak, the newcomer can the mother angejahrten dream Notnachwuchs grow, the last Looser and especially the last Looserin it now creates within a short time on the national list.

A Bätschler business administration master's degree and an internship at the Atlantic Bridge, and may one already mitbasteln as a Saxon who do not know the winter, like a hole would pee in the snow, in the fate of Germany.

If I was again in his thirties, narrow-minded, inflated, half-educated and well-trained slime jellyfish, then I thought about this as a respectable and secure career.

Moreover, for each anstudierte woman who wants to have children and afterwards whining about what they've selflessly omitted because of the policy for everyone else, so to speak, the most perfect of the most optimal job.

Tattertante CDU

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The CDU is pursuing a brilliant campaign strategy: to September 27, just say as little as possible and not be noticed. They promised tax cuts for sometime, and have to do.

It has a Chancellor, and my sister has a Baron, which have to do.

It has a President, who has also worked times in New York, which have to do.

It has an SPD without Schröder, the have to do.

It has a Westerwelle as popular and compliant Kasper, which have to do. (more ...)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The pensions will fall under any circumstances, CSU and SPD have decided no matter what happens to wages.

That seemed that as a prima gag before the election, to capture the 20 million retirees.

Now they seem the thing but to fly around the ears, because for one is obvious that this would be maintained at the still expected other problems in the public coffers and lower contributions by the insured only if everything financed by debt again or completely at the expense of working people, of course, especially the families geschähe.

Therefore, these artists of empty promises believes that now no longer sow; especially pigs might expect from a charity only in the rarest of cases, such as perhaps a faithful old donkey or a well-deserved nag. (more ...)

Wheel from?

Friday, June 26, 2009

(The measures announced in the previous article FAZ stories I have tentatively postponed because with respect to a relevant matter initially unfamiliar text use legal issues need to be resolved.)

Since I do not feel like me upset about the fact that the ECB has just lent EUR 442 billion at an interest rate of 1% to European banks, ie below the value of the inflation rate in order that they might at least some of the money back to the so-called real economy may lend to 6-8%, so with each invoice by 300-400% profit, while Citigroup, favors recipients from the coffers of the American taxpayer in the amount of officially $ 45 billion, the fixed remuneration of their people with that same money up to will increase 50% and Goldman Sachs, who miraculously Hans in Luck of the financial crisis, plans to distribute record bonuses while there is not even 25 million euro loan for the source, etc. etc ... I get upset over something rather different.

Namely at the audacity of the already mentioned the Commissioner Robbe (SPD), who stirs in in the Bild newspaper showed above that of the economy, the trade unions and churches (!) Will applied so little public support for the campaign in Afghanistan. (more ...)