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Hitler Hollywood II (Cannes can crack 'n cack)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Golden Palm Cannes Film Festival to be awarded.

Hardly surprising that as best film a strip was excellent, the sheer perverse fascist and German (the children should be already so!) Had the subject, as original times before the Nazi era, as proto-Nazis were.

As the best male lead a Ösi was excellent, the - you guessed it easily - was a crazy SS officer and -Schlächter.

Best Actress - you might not guess now's as easy - a woman was excellent, the self-mutilated in a work of art with the exciting name "Antichrist" naked.

Nazis in the case of exceptionally well not here.

But at least she stammers in FAZ Interview anything from Nietzsche therefore.

Therefore fulfilled Anti German statutory minimum.

If almost only kinky Nazis Kinderschänderfilme be awarded priest and bloody self Castigation sex Obscure Horror Ante in Cannes, our politicians should at least not more surprised if frustrated young person shooter games up to the real killing spree.

Whether uranium "Dick" Cheney soon for a change Iraqi children dead bodies will ... see George Bush it zuguckend even besorgend and excited by Obama to clap your hands, while Henry Kissinger fondles his neck? (more ...)