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Wahldag en Schduegerd (Rond d'om Leonhardskirchplatz)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Emil on the Karle hän on Sehmschdich Obed em Schiller but noh mächdig oin naiglassa on dreffed be derwäga the Wedd on andera Middag Vorra sellichdem polling station.

"Jo, Karle, you hosch geschdern em Schiller dia dreadful Gosha khet, as de noh unit ajedara, where the number emma mid Schubkarra no fordbrengd to Heiradsohdrag machsch when se merely ed en dui Wahlbaiz naigohd."

"Doh i was aberrant bsoffa."

"Des isch do not care of wara mer boide."

"Ond due hosch gmoind, you weddeschd dohanda middema Blagadohzuag derherladscha where druffschdohd: 'En dr Leonhardsdroß geit's gnuag Hura, wa nai de ganged her noh do the bleda Puff?'"

"Maybe hammers's geschdern em Schiller z'ernschd gmoind, mid dera Daggel. Gugg se the amol oh, wia dia do nairenned. Dia sen meh wia just bsoffa. "

"Rechd hosch. Wemmer is the Drauerspiel ohguggd, the kohsch faschd ed mai wegspieala. Abber trogga sellene verschrombelde women ond quarter selbschdwichdiche guys ohgugga, dees miassa mer drodsdem beschdemmd ed at half Dag long verdraga. "

Karl and Emil were in it ever fast one.

"Em Amadeus, doh bediened quite ohsehnliche Mädle, brenged on as long as s ons a beer, kenned se au noh ed wähla ganga" Emil said finally.

Karl was immediately satisfied due to this striking arguments.

(Addendum 09/10/14)

Only just noticed that I wrote Leonhardt church etc; it's Leonhardskirche. Please forgive the embarrassing mistake.

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XIII)

Monday, September 16, 2013

This may be your last chance.

For it may well be that this is about this choice the remainder of me in front of her to her eloquent rest.

There does not exist a party with opportunities to come too, only about two percent, which clearly represents the interests of the majority of the Germans. (more ...)

"100 percent socially": Here comes the Jackal

Thursday 05 September 2013

In the heading "100 percent socially" I have no more desire to read the program of the left. It could be to find a point in it, which I agree.

What is a person who 100 percent socially?

Heard of 100% the other, or the others are 100% him, or is that the same thing?

A society which is made of 100% social Ichlosen, there is still someone who can think for themselves? Can? Also, only 10%?

It is the title of the whole program. So presumably, at least not intentional, at least not intentionally identifiable joke.

Do you want 100% socialism? (more ...)

Göllers greetings to the Recorders

Friday 02 August 2013

Oh what one was laughed all the years and made the rights or declared to be paranoid when you pointed out that Germany was not a sovereign country. As often helped the most patient explaining or no first single millimeter.

By the NSA story suddenly it dawns on many people, what's actually masse. The calls for the election of the smallest parties increasing, as are those for a boycott of the collars Tags choice. At last they see that there is not a selectable party in the Bundestag: why should they?

For latest (just the latest become known) Monster total surveillance program that now allows read along while typing these lines, so that the drone could have made before submitting this article I put an end to, say State Protection and BND, it would have just used once for testing purposes. Very funny.

The lacquer is off. Who now selects one of these bandits parties behind can no longer claim not to have known that he would choose in each case one of the traitors, one of the recorders.

"Liar gang!", It echoes of red and green into Government that there are still avoids "Same mendacious gang!" Zurückzukeifen it with automatic bite reflex leaves more people against the leftists who here really brazen lie, see Brandt, Schilys, Steinmeier and Schroeder's exploits to contact about this slogan.

I will indeed do not vote, but readily times a few election stands haunt to have to explain to me what the respective upper sand engined association because doing for Germany a peace treaty, the lifting of UN enemy nation clause and also to give the sovereignty, only necessary would be to intervene against the total surveillance by the Americans and British, can the massive economic and industrial espionage, blackmail countless citizens up to the top.

If my interlocutor then nothing on the pan, which assumed I tell him, if it is a green that it no better than irgendsoein CDUler of Upper Swabia, and the CDUler I say conversely, that he is no better than the former ,

Why do you not merged all? Now that it is heraußen that with the various parties is just a trick you could a try to regain the lost confidence with some honesty. Tell people simply that you make all policy towards Germany. If your skin even really the town red: That will last you everyone believe.

How you felt really, if you do a party of traitors election advertising? Bring the some peculiar thrill? It's not about forced? Whether it is because blackmailed? Time to get on the net a bit strange to walk and a discreet hint aufzukreuzen rather be here, Waswas?

The Estates want in early autumn in a difficult position. They should talk down row by row until they have no more buck to seek to give the names they deserve.

Back to the starting point. Stupid are now there, people like me laughed at or hostile to, possibly unconstitutional called (which of course meant grundgesetz enemy), nor quite Rudi Perplexed, many outraged, even against themselves that they let themselves be fooled for so long in such a large scale.

How fast "Free Germany" will it grow?

I do not know what they will say that there are a lot of initiatives arise, but it will probably soon be a larger, more serious group that demands what is to be demanded.

Prior to that, the others have a fear of hell.

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (V)

Friday, 05 July 2013

So now was in the previous parts a little bit what processed and sorted.

The time now is therefore on the creative part. Professionals please think for themselves exactly.

Who takes pictures, logos, campaigns?

Who, besides me, Sayings?

Who is doing the same project from a book, a large reportage?

Who comes up with the best T-shirts and apps?

Where are the comedians?

The boycott rock bands?

Who makes the best fliers?

Where are the network video?

Who makes the documentary?

Guys, I do not want to be insubordinate, but when I above all that which is already far from everything fashionable look, me, I have to say to you that you should now time to swing the hooves then even if your you understand me, myself do something and not leave me what I am not able to afford alone.

So you are invited allerhöflichst, more experienced and intelligent and resourceful and courageous especially for the better, to cause you times in an optimum trot.


This text is in the public domain in accordance with the conditions I-IV.

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (IV)

Thursday, 04 July 2013

I have, of course, no idea how far how many have already understood the contents of the first three parts and be understood to be heeded is how much less, how far my reputation and positive.

I also realize that many will shake their heads, consider it ridiculous to make it ridiculous endeavor and certainly still is less favorable.

If not hear me - well, a consent I have just been received - so at least I have tried to be heard: and what is said is all said.

I've read through the three Vorartikel a few more times and confess frankly one that they are provocative, but that they should be. At its core, the common thread here, the, what it is, it fits like this.

Or more simply: I've read worse texts.

Allzumal, when it came to real political change in consciousness and about how this is carried in. (more ...)