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The peer it stinks very: The After Chancellor needed!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Berthold Kohler of the FAZ presented under the heading "The language glosses" Exquisite again, this time it is called "The Style Gloss," the finger of the SPD chancellor candidate adequately appreciating.

http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/fraktur/fraktur-the-style-glosse stinkefinger-12572466.html

After all, the mentally somewhat modest knitted Peer to think about the calculus one already want to mislead you, but it still managed to be perceived before the election the people to ascend to the Untermain whether sympathetic gesture. What he had done in the United States once and for all, this will in Beutschland After Chancellor. So probably the plan.

But I think that the peer is sometimes stopped again halfway; he would be possible to push the thick Gabriel a turnip in the anus, or a finger, live in the Berlin U-Bahn, so would not indeed have been new to the modern performance art, but a much clearer sign that he which is of Popp culture understands and you do not have in the basement laugh.

I wonder the same time, what will make jetzo state school teachers and police officers when they a laid an egg. He can say yes, he makes just campaign for the peer and the SPD.

A Chancellor for all. Especially for the youth. A youthful, stinkfingriger Fuck-You-Anuskanzler, erzmodern, just 66, made by Bilderberg.

Jesus remained, hanging the pirate remains

Thursday 05 September 2013

The Pirates have just as' nen saying (just about). A young girl says: "What I'm hanging here? You go anyway not choose. "

On a lamppost. Comparisons with Jesus forbid themselves for reasons of piety, of course, actually.

But: Had the Jews Jesus elected its leaders, would certainly be us both Christianity and Islam probably have been spared.

Unfortunately, they left him hanging.

This pageant has cost the planet quadrillion.

If, as some do, also sees socialism as a result of this pageant, there are again quadrillion. (more ...)

Göllers greetings to the Recorders

Friday 02 August 2013

Oh what was laughed all the years and made the rights or declared as paranoid when you pointed out that Germany is not a sovereign country. As often helped the most patient explaining or not first an inch.

By the NSA story now suddenly it dawns on many people, what's really massive. The calls for the election of the smallest parties increasing, as are those for a boycott of the collars tags choice. Finally, they see that there is not a selectable party in the Bundestag: why should they?

For latest (just the latest that became known) Monster Total monitoring program that now allows read along while typing these lines, so that the drone could have done before sending this article to me in killing off say constitutional protection and BND, they had just used once for testing. Very funny.

The paint is from. Who now selects one of these bandits parties behind can no longer claim not to have known that he would choose in each case one of the traitors, one of the recorders.

"Liar gang!", It echoes of red and green in the government camp, there are still avoids "yourself mendacious band!" Zurückzukeifen it with automatic bite reflex leaves more people against the leftists who this really brazen lie, see Brandt, Schilys, Steinmeier and Schroeder's exploits to contact about this slogan.

I will indeed do not vote, but readily times a few election stands to haunt to have to explain to me what the respective upper sand engined Association for doing this, Germany a peace treaty, the lifting of UN enemy state clause and also to gain the sovereignty, the only necessary would be to intervene against the total surveillance by Americans and the British can, the massive industrial and economic espionage, blackmail countless citizens up to the top.

If my interlocutor then nothing on the pan, which go out, I tell him, if it is a green that he no better than irgendsoein CDUler from Upper Swabia, and the CDUler I say conversely that he is no better than the former .

Why do you not fused all? Now that it is heraußen that with the various parties is just a trick, you could a try to regain the lost confidence with some honesty. Tell people simply that you make all policy towards Germany. If your skin even really on the drum: This will last you each believe.

How to get the right actually, if done for a party of traitors election advertising? Bring the some peculiar thrill? It's not about forced? Whether it is because blackmailed? Time to get on the net a bit strange to walk and a discrete hint aufzukreuzen rather be here, waswas?

The stands would have in early autumn in a difficult position. They should talk down row by row, until they have no more buck to seek give the names they deserve.

Back to the starting point. Dopey are now over there, people like me laughed at or were hostile, possibly unconstitutional called (which she of course meant grundgesetz hostile), still quite Rudi Perplexed, many outraged, even against themselves, that they could be fooled for so long in such a large scale.

How quickly "Free Germany" will it grow?

I do not know how it is hot, there are a lot of initiatives emerge, but it will probably soon be a larger, more serious group that demands what is to be demanded.

Previously, the others have a fear of hell.

Merkel / Steinbrück: From critical visions

Friday, November 09, 2012

I've just seen a picture of Steinbrück again.

I now know who is chancellor.

Who moves on the mouth under the belly button, wins.

Bilderbergers: Steinbrück as B-Movie Actor

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Bilderbergers are pretty overrated.

Instead of that they could do any mischief their Sozenkanzler-in-law, Steinbrück, the Bundestag as a deputy who he was and she told him to fully talk for a few Peanauts any subalterns.

Well, the lecture tours of the "can-Chancellor" may have shown some sense in terms of the probation ritual and familiarization; but at the end it would have been wiser simply to give him the good million so. (more ...)

Grand coalition of the warring parties

Friday, September 04, 2009

It is still unclear whether and how many civilians in Afghanistan are killed in the nighttime raid ordered by the Bundeswehr on two hijacked fuel tankers from insurgents. After all, according to Bundeswehr should have had his warlike order, critical voices were heard, even from the British Foreign Secretary Miliband.

Certainly, however, seems that U.S. embassy guards in Kabul, again privately hired by the Pentagon, have organized a large scale and binge drinking more often with gay jokes, which subordinates were forced by superiors: It can be assumed that not every adventurer for much money in Afghanistan risked his ass, still finds it fun, keep it in the camera or in addition to stoop to even more.

Probably the only positive thing about these things is that the Afghanistan war before the election again brings into the public interest and one or the other might yet again about whether he really wants to give his voice a war party.

I am now a outcome of the federal election as follows: Left 21%, 16% Union, SPD 16%, 13% pirates, Green 10%, 10% FDP, NPD 10%, other 4%.

So the warring parties CDU, CSU, SPD, Greens and FDP could continue to rule only in a very big war coalition and thus were sitting all together in one lick her boot.

You laugh?


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finally it said Müntefering.

He says Chancellor Merkel were merely concerned with their careers, people are her sausage.

The old man with the forty years younger girlfriend is the living legend, the Iron Knights of the SPD.

I treated him when he was still at least one year should be Notkanzler, the fortitude of this man is admirable.

Even if he was to be the last living social democrat in ten years, I do not think he gives up therefore. (more ...)


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The pension will be reduced to no case, Union and SPD have decided, no matter what happens to the wages.

This appeared to those as a prima Gag before the election, to capture the 20 million pensioners.

Now they seem the thing but to fly around the ears, because on the one hand is obvious that this would keep on the remaining expected other problems in the public coffers and lower contributions by the insured only if all would owe funded again or completely at the expense of working people, of course, especially the families, geschähe.

Therefore, these artists of empty promises believes that now no longer sow; especially pigs can count on a charity only in the rarest of cases, such as perhaps a faithful old donkey or a deserved nag. (more ...)

Peace Chancellor

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I just saw an election infomercial and was pretty sure that they could only be of the SPD, but not quite.

And lo and behold, she was of the CDU, which only lit up but, as you were the Chancellor angesichtig.

The whole spot is quite formidable made on social and justice and to the left, with a touch of europaseligem patriotism which expresses itself through an ever-looming federal flag with a "WE" on it.

A concrete message, except that Europe was great (I also think like me except my home, the North Sea islands just as well as the Italian Riviera, when I get there there times) was not otherwise be heard.

But I would also not expect otherwise in a war party against the other factions like the SPD, the Greens and the FDP is afraid and wants to incapacitate us by the Lisbon Treaty nor on. (more ...)