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Climate: image goes conspiracy theory

Monday, February 06, 2012

Anyone who has a little bit involved with it, though do have long known that the sun so much with our climate wreaks (how is there only draufgekommen?), But this, at least not in our German sheep media landscape, until this morning against the CO2-climate liar lot helped.

But now the tabloids slammed headlines, against the background of a sun, on the second page in bold: "The CO2 Lie" - sub-heading: "Prestigious research team claims: The climate catastrophe is panic-mongering politics"

What was so far wasted only of small, confused, paranoid bloggers like me and a few starrköpfichten, heretical scientists as "crude conspiracy theory", namely, that here no holds sway science, but ice-cold power politics with all the means of manipulation, slander and exclusion, so demonization of critical voices, now finally has the mähsteamigste, uh, mainstreamigste all mainstream tabloids detected. And you announce tomorrow for a continuation of sassy. (more ...)

Black can degrade Petraeus

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Four-star General Petraeus remains in the Hindu Kush to items, but was demoted to "private" (see previous reports on-screen affair).

Alice Schwarzer to Petraeus as - according to unconfirmed reports - "completely crazy macho Proll" have referred to, after she got leaked a video where the General is supposed to see how he commands a Fernmelderin him a link to the image produce front.

"Absolutely unacceptable," "disgusting", "bastard" are still the mildest expressions have been, (more ...)

The Black Empire Strikes Back

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Urgent: Black Barack has because of the Schröder affair (we reported) by Michelle such vollpullig tweaked in the poodle bag that David (Petraeus, who with the uranium spin) sends to the tabloids.

Experts of the paranormal predict a Prolonged patteliges rings, because it is about peter space-filling portable Pustelpimmel and pöblizistische Pullerprestige for pomeranzenpeinigenden Springerpuff and for Panzerpuster-Pitt politically for the presidency.

Horny role

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

IMAGE: "How is to kill with Brad (Pitt) Nazis" (In 'Inglourious Basterds')

Til Schweiger: "Na Super! I've always wanted to do. The German Nazi killer Hugo Stiglitz is just such a cool role, one of the best in the whole movie. "

Hopefully the Schweiger has not mitgemeuchelt a Wehrmacht Grandpa in horned About zeal, for he is now running around in even a wrong movie and only believes himself and his horny role that he had in fact been born once.

Has Til the goal is to umgetötet undead?

Around 14,685 years whores (II)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I want to add Präzisierendes to the previous article here.

I made a fool of myself about that to the 134-billion-dollar heavy real or fake U.S. government bonds, which has "secured" at the Swiss border to the Italian government, conspiracy theories are spun.

In fact, the term "Verschschwörungstheorie" in such a context nigh village depp way: Because if one thing this dimension is set in motion, no one has to swear more, as though he would begin his service to move from inferior land in a Kleinstadtloge.

In this league the undoubted solution "plata o plomo" silver or lead, everyone Colombians applies, even if not in the cocaine business, knows; that is, not even the solution must be further explained, and on any Idioteneide you can go without. (more ...)

Crooks choice

Friday 05 June 2009

Tomorrow's European elections.

Unfortunately, we can vote on anything that actually relates to Europe. A German voice is worth less than a Luxembourg or Malta, and the Constitutional Treaty (Lisbon Treaty) and we were not asked citizens anyway.

Many people who are not stinks, advocate deliberately to choose with a giant cross invalid to document the fact that they were not from lack of interest at home.

Others choose factions.

I myself am sure that I will not vote.

For a choice that gives me a nationally discriminated extremely less votes than other EU citizens (a Maltese vote counts as much as thirteen German), so a priori is undemocratic, in which I can actually decide on anything, I have to boycott.

When it eventually manages to press the turnout below 25%, is indeed not won anything yet, but at least less lost, namely, shoe soles and slip.

In addition, it is the hacks in the media sheep increasingly difficult to explain to people that there is just 23% responsible citizens and active democrats and 77% indifferent slackers.

If still relatively twenty percent unsavory parties "on the edge or outside of the Constitutional arc" or any chaotic squads choose from the 23%, so again 4.6% "Decent" omitted, only 18.4% Stupid Democrats are left to, from IMAGE to be FAZ etc. incensed as the last upright scarce Fünftelhäuflein. (more ...)