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Do you want to be ... all Nazis?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

By now even the FAZ publisher Berthold Kohler Putin turns (!) Hernimmt with Hitler and Stalin comparisons, its editorial staff to ensure Geert Wilders, who asked his supporters at an election rally, whether in this city they (the Hague) and in the Netherlands more or less Moroccans wanted, still a specialty:

'The question also refers to the famous Sports Palace speech of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, in which he had called in 1943 with a similar formula for "total war".'


"Will you ...?"

So that's enough again for the Nazi comparison.

Spicy mind, however, that Wilders an ardent admirer of Israel, a prominent member of the pro-Zionist Euro-pseudo rights. (As in Germany PI, the lost party "Freedom".)

There is no problem that a Lebanese-Dutch rapper a simulated execution video, clearly aimed at Wilders, posted online in the new NATO-coup government in Kiev people a formation sit ("Freedom" - "Freedom" - among other things, the Attorney General, which would elucidate the processes at the Maidan ...), whose chief bluntly to the murder of Russians, Germans and "Judensäuen" calls. In one breath! (more ...)

The peer it stinks very: The After Chancellor needed!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Berthold Kohler of the FAZ presented under the heading "The language glosses" Exquisite again, this time it is called "The Style Gloss," the finger of the SPD chancellor candidate adequately appreciating.

http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/fraktur/fraktur-the-style-glosse stinkefinger-12572466.html

After all, the mentally somewhat modest knitted Peer to think about the calculus one already want to mislead you, but it still managed to be perceived before the election the people to ascend to the Untermain whether sympathetic gesture. What he had done in the United States once and for all, this will in Beutschland After Chancellor. So probably the plan.

But I think that the peer is sometimes stopped again halfway; he would be possible to push the thick Gabriel a turnip in the anus, or a finger, live in the Berlin U-Bahn, so would not indeed have been new to the modern performance art, but a much clearer sign that he which is of Popp culture understands and you do not have in the basement laugh.

I wonder the same time, what will make jetzo state school teachers and police officers when they a laid an egg. He can say yes, he makes just campaign for the peer and the SPD.

A Chancellor for all. Especially for the youth. A youthful, stinkfingriger Fuck-You-Anuskanzler, erzmodern, just 66, made by Bilderberg.

Presidential Anthem: Heil dir im Lügerkranz

Thursday 09 February 2012

Now it is so far: FAZ publisher Berthold Kohler wrote a satirical poem on the poor President.

Already silly if you ungrade earned only ten thousand euros a month and go anywhere for free and can be hosted.

Because that means you can not stay still on vacation befitting: Since draw 500 euro a night for the suite already still pretty clean.

But I was still his country's budget, good connections, friends: so can iron out this calamity. Like so many rigors of a semiproletarischen existence. Whether you want cheap first class flying, fancy clothes woman needs, you need a homeowners credit, the cronies are always there. Of course, completely selfless, as it ultimately belongs to good friends. You can even bawl out Editors, highest state official, such as a Göllersdorf this can not go beyond chuzpöhser.

Therefore, by me an ode to our Wulff in Anschafspelz: (more ...)

Everything is quite

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Berthold Kohler captures the thing.

This article was recommended to anyone who wants to know what the phrase "everything is right" responsive.