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No sovereign state, Mr. Gauck, not treason?

Wednesday 03 July 2013

I could almost laugh piebald, it would not be so sad how many people now because the machine Bolivian President was forced by Snowden was suspected in Vienna stopover, because even the proud France initially denied overflight rights, rubbing their eyes in surprise .

Some yesterday probably still good eingelullte citizens versteigen meanwhile not only to the conclusion that all of Europe west of Belarus dancing to the American whistle, no matter who's elected, but also to the conspiracy theory that the NSA virtually all Western European politicians directly or could blackmail indirectly, so these are just puppets.

Snowden has Europeans actually done us a great service. All the Wirr- and chat heads and corrupt and self Erpressbaren or already blackmailed touting us the USA as a friend will have a tough time more. Anti-Americanism? The accusation no longer pulls. America the rule of law? Because I laugh but! America poised to become - what? - Freedom? Can it be? We have a democracy in Germany? A WHAT do we have?

Who now still do not understand how the reality looks like, which must itself probably only on suspicion get a bag placed over his head during the evening walk in the Palatinate Forest, around, flown over Ramstein, to complement its world knowledge in Guantánamo. It can of course also a torture prison in Poland or Romania or anywhere else to be, which is not as famous as the one in Cuba. (more ...)

Democracy? Where? In D? In the USA?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sometimes I wonder - the consequence is also expressed in the previous article " Absolute American Freedom: Hail Obama "from - how in Germany, so a Satrapenstaat the USA, woselbst state murders on suspicion the law (NDAA), or even just there, still possible to talk about "democracy", if you want to be taken seriously, not from the outset look like a moron (in classical Greek, as in the modern sense).

Of course you can choose pretty much likely not niedergeelektroschockt in a torture prison to land without charge or to take preventive shot or erdrohniert, quite legally, by holding the flap. Choosing as such is thus not abolished, and there are even parties that you can choose, if one just statesmanlike boring.

You can also choose whether you want to be listened to, or not. Who says nothing, will not be intercepted. Who does not send Epost, they will not read undesirable. Is quite simple.

Who does not want to stink, just not the farts and does not sweat and does not eat garlic. Is quite simple.

We have total freedom of choice. How well almost never, since democracy invented. (more ...)

Koch-Mehrin: In such a short time?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Silvana Koch-Mehrin, according to the Karlsruhe Administrative Court on 80 pages 125 times were wrong, which is why (an appeal goes) it was rightly disallowed the Doktortiel.

I'm sorry, but I trust the lady of such power as little as their Atlantik-Brücke colleagues Guttenberg whose Diss. (more ...)

Who pays for the bigamy of the President?

Monday, February 25, 2013

The President has a Ehfrau and a mistress. Or, more accurately, a mistress and a Ehfrau.

Who pays travel, wardrobe, expenses of Buhle? On what basis?

The real wife sitting somewhere. But as a legal wife. Also gets the what? What? From who?

Of divorce is no question. The marriage was made in heaven, here on earth, the President lives continue with his paramour. One for the Christian promise and the tax office, one for bed and against the fatherland.

Is there a kind of secret lovers maintenance contract which the Bundesrechungshof approves silently?

Whether Gauck speaks with his old aged, the European patriotism 'sake, English, with his mistress but would prefer him the more common German? (more ...)

Gauck blackmail?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I want to here, although a VW bus and West travel authorization (1987 probably even for two of his children) - not just suggest that you jumped round too hard with the resisters Gauck, not about it - absolutely extraordinary privileges for brävste, line-abiding citizens of the GDR speculate whether and to what extent the relationship of our new President for the Stasi was another, as Joachim Gauck claims.

We will never bring the might reliable in experience.

We find ourselves, our country is but dessenthalben definitely now - and probably until further notice - in a serious predicament. Namely the one hand we should let bygones be things in order not to damage our head of state and "the Office" to afflict with constant research, even rumors. On the other hand, we have as citizens not only the right but the duty, even and especially now to view the highest representatives of our country on the finger. (more ...)

We speak again, Mr. President!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here the key for me excerpt from the election acceptance speech of our new President Gauck:

"I knew this my home town and this gray, humiliated country - we would now be Europe."

Was the GDR, for example, just as socialist, depending not a part of Europe?

Which - apart from a geographical point - Asian, Muslim Turkey as NATO, but for a long time?

Were you about not following this logic, Poland or Czechoslovakia or Hungary part of Europe, because they were under a declined of Gauck rule?

What tells us the pastor there? (more ...)

Gauck-election: 7 not there, do not want a 108

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Approximately 8% abstentions at the election of the Federal President.

At least one-twelfth of the delegates held by any of the players selected candidates sufficiently something (we set times in the event that all were well rested). (more ...)

Emil Knöpfle renewed fears mean small government crisis

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Should women Gauck soon knock at the gate of Schloss Bellevue, closing might again be with fun in the Republic. Even for a green supported "reactionary Stinkstiefel" of the Atlantic Bridge.

Gauck right-wing extremist?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Now should, therefore, be some kind of Evil Right Left Gauck suddenly. A "reactionary Stinkstiefel".

I am glad that I have already distanced themselves from him. Otherwise I would have, in association with the medium right-wing Trittin, can be brought to the suspicion, a sympathizer to be that evil. The Trittin fact, the purpose taz, where stood the Stinkstiefel, have accused the "swine journalism". Tell the time in any case here .

And the "Junge Freiheit", graciously referred by the time only as "very conservative," pours with which calculus Anyway, oil on the fire by the headline: "We are the president"

Geil. (more ...)

ACTA Emilenses: Preventive questions to Mr Gauck

Monday, February 20, 2012

Emil Knöpfle has a few questions for the upcoming highest priest of the Republic:

Now what about the freedom, Mr. Gauck?

Monday, February 20, 2012

The FDP has won their Pyrrhic victory. She fell on the Chancellor unprecedented way in the back by suddenly the candidate supported against whom they preferred the unfortunate Wulff two years ago. To what extent this will also cast shadows on the new federal president remains to be seen.

Mrs Merkel does not forget. This is probably the worst defeat for her, since she is Chancellor. Will the FDP no traffic light, for it, anyway, when they should not create in the next parliament, it is not necessarily sufficient for the majority, probably comes the "big" coalition.

One can say of Mrs Merkel much, but certainly not a lack of will to power. It will sharpen the knife until they are sharp enough.

But the Greens and the SPD will probably still be surprised. Your Atlantik-Brücke President should namely not only stand for the US-specifications, such as the EU accession of Turkey to the weakening of the former, especially in Germany, which come in handy to them, but also for the U.S. war policy, anti-Russian and anti-Chinese attitude, the demand of human rights everywhere except at "friends" such as Saudi Arabia, neoliberalism, social cuts. For all the freedom, such as the USA they mean. Using body scanners, secret detention, systematic torture, indefinite arbitrary detention of so-called "terror suspects" and "potential supporters of terror suspects," the whole civil rights freedom program just (more ...)

Wulff: successor Petra Roth?

Friday, February 17, 2012

The FAZ calls Joachim Gauck, Wolfgang Schäuble, Ursula von der Leyen and Thomas de Maizière as possible successors Christian Wulff.

Having faced each other at the last election, the Atlantik-Brücke members Gauck and Wulff, so it could again result in a similar farce, the bridge would occur pastor against the bridge of Defense.

But I think that Merkel none of the persons mentioned will want to have. Gauck because they can not have already had and it would be embarrassing, but to take him now, after her failed Christian. The Schäuble not because she does not trust him and would rather involved him as finance minister in the cabinet discipline holds. The Ursula not because Merkel probably no woman wants that has seven kids, looks good and is still like this neither on the head on the mouth. Thomas not because they know that they the Greens and the Left of the SPD will hardly be able to move up these eye candidates. (more ...)

Wulff as Saviour

Friday, January 06, 2012

I have in the last post "Wulff or chaos" my support for the Federal President Wulff hedged a little satirical. It is so me but seriously.

The longer that man remains to this republic of self-surrender is the more ridiculous.

This may, at least in the medium to be good for us long term. (more ...)

The President and the guys from the bridge

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now it is always funny around the President.

His friend Maschmeyer want right in the Lower Saxony state elections 42 700 euros from his Privatsschtulle for an ad campaign for Wulff's biography "Better the truth" (hehe!) Have issued, without telling him anything about it, these learned something from it. (The dubious Urlauberei here and there and dunnewo we propose here sometimes.)

And so, after the money was indeed negotiated for Wulff's cottage by the entrepreneur Geerkens, also check for sufficient, but of course came from his wife, why Wulff will have had no business relationship with Geerkens and have thus the Lower Saxony state parliament in this respect also not lied.

Have "Well, it is great, some they must have paid: - Imagine times before, to write a book, and suddenly dive lots of advertisements for it on, and they say simply - unless you realize nothing about it because that was not me, I know. Who was it and why, is what I'm'd better not worry: the main thing it has laminated any type. Bingo. "

Now it is once again faced with the choice whether you want to keep the Federal President for a swindler or a completely negligent simpleton.

But probably comes both. (more ...)

The time for Atlantic Bridge-presidential rather than AB-Presidential

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The time, the central organ of the notorious Bilderberger Joffe and that Bohemian Grove specialists Schmidt, excels again today itself.

She says German President Wulff should resign because of his disreputable house loan.

Then, to make room for ..., so grandiose includes one article "The nice Mr. Wulff" (Wiff?), I intentionally do not link now: (more ...)

The mouth of President

Monday, October 11, 2010

This President is a walking caricature.

Whatever he says, means involuntary political cabaret. He is the clown of the Republic. Just that it has hardly find a funny except me. And even someone like me who seeks even wrest a piece of wood with all means something funny, do not laugh easily whether this figure. More on this later.

He is also the portent of the political instinct loss of Angela Merkel.

This was a puppet-like President: at any price. Now she has Wulff. (more ...)

Gauck and Wulff: Atlantic Bridge has himself defeated

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's official: The Atlantic Bridge candidate is the Atlantik-Brücke candidates failed just after a heroic struggle.

An Eighty million people held until the end of the breath.

It is said to have been responsible citizens, who suffered with tension nervous breakdowns and blackouts.

So much democracy never was.

Gauck and Wulff: Atlantic Bridge Seftel

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I have stayed here twice pointed out that the choice between Wulff and Gauck is a farce, because both of you are in league with the same US-lobby-club "Atlantic Bridge".

Therefore, this choice of a rice straw broom I feel so schietegal, as if in Blankenese not even fall over.

Gauck AND Wulf into office as Atlantic Bridge double tip!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We have German now finally show size and rejoicing thereat are on the streets and in the streets omitted celebrate our liberation, as the Atlantik-Brücke Friends Gauck Wulff and move together to the Bellevue Castle, as our Atlantic Bridge double peak.

I mean now that we can serve the world only by means of such a credible and especially to act. (more ...)

The enemies tributary

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I just read an article of the Guardian to take again the was (the thing as such has long been known) that the Afghan Taliban and other warlords levy hefty tolls for virtually all US-logistics-transportation, which are Alleweil paid good and if not constitute the main source of income for this one.

100,000 NATO soldiers did not even create, to earn 300 miles of the Afghan main road from Kabul to Kandahar itself, let alone the supply route through the Khyber Pass and other important traffic routes of the country.

I would like to know in this context, how much of my money, the Bundeswehr, it was far below the Trantüte young or now under the jagged zu Guttenberg, has paid monthly to the enemy tribute or paid to the shithouse paper to pork rifle (more ... )

Guttenberg: America's Sergeant

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Now the Kissinger-Atlantic Bridge-pupil Freiherr zu Guttenberg is so German Minister of War.

At the beginning of next year already expected the Germans announce a further surge of Strahlemann due to the upcoming conference on Afghanistan in accordance with American wishes; I am already excited to see what a fine figure he makes as to which verbiage he will present to what grin.

After all, we may indeed join now for a Nobel Peace Prize in geostrategic U.S. war against Iran, Russia and China and of course for the new gay foreign minister, who wants to defend democracy brand Karzai, women's and gay rights in Afghanistan, so the donkey driver not to us come and ban the Taz and the Christopher Street Day. (more ...)