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From Scherbenzertreter

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yesterday I had to take harsh criticism.

For over a year I would go too much with the cleaver around very often striking three religions on the poor, allzumal my aphorisms to be partly underground.

Hardly even though I wrote beautiful, edifying, Hinanführendes. And if it vorkomme once, let the sarcasm and cynicism in all those around it as, so you can hardly even perceive. I would occur only shards, which there is already enough even smaller, alswelches a vain, useless, especially inexpensive art.

My objection to the effect that I mean to make a necessary work to do, since I did not see that it would otherwise done so sufficiently, helped little. Even small shards Treads give it genung.

Now I feel honored after all, to the effect (you have to make the best out of everything), that the hauptbehuflichen Scherbenzertreter but apparently trusted to be able to something else. Otherwise I would have probably not prompted to do so.

In fact, however, the criticism contains truth; on religious and esoteric fuss I have been so often so hard, redundant (I confess myself in pedagogy quite shamelessly to the principle of repetition, although here too must exercise a measure), hergemacht that I will take care reduces this area. (I had from the sharp criticism even have the feeling that there are now so once a long time. In this respect, wore my critics, as he likes to call it, legs of lamb to Hammelburg.)

It is also clear that, at least if one proceeds as I these things constantly Picking up personal feelings hurt; for each like to do in a text that or any other rate this effect; and if not in that text, so in another. So that almost only this particular sentence or a partial execution is perceived, the rest around it hardly. Man turns away. (more ...)