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Syria: Allah and the NWO streams of blood

Saturday 09 March 2013

Syrian regime holds by a surprisingly long time.

At the end, but it will be very likely overthrown by the support of NATO and the Gulf States jihadists.

Massive executions by the "rebels" have long been on the agenda. With a big frenzy is to be expected.

You know exactly. It has obviously already "priced in" in the bill.

Well, rather poor: What do they want? (more ...)

Uncertainty conference in Munich - Third World War?

Saturday 02 February 2013

After his Islamist terrorists do not seem to create the coup in Syria alone, has the American Vizepäsident Joe Biden, self-proclaimed non-Jewish Zionist, called at the Munich Security Conference intervention there.

He does so, to Libya, even bomb an Arab secular state into chaos.

Let's see if any German political force except the Left Party dares open, clear contradiction. A great newspaper? (Rather probably puts a chicken pork ham.)

Again, I wonder how, if you look at the spring-like conditions in Egypt, may be in Israel's interest, and soon north of its boundaries to have an unpredictable state Islam.

If you look at this policy, so no wonder that the Jew Henry Kissinger said, there in ten years, no more Israel.

It looks as if the most senior friends of Israel's most dangerous enemies. Yes, this sounds crazy, but funny, but all the evidence. (more ...)

I saw an Israeli ...

Sunday 02 December 2012

The naivety of people (we let the journalists of the mainstream media sometimes left out) regarding the "Arab Spring" mentioned undertaken and subsisting still in the making revolutions in some Arab countries is staggering.

Not a few commentators rant of now it would have Western governments in their ignorance just realize that they made serious mistakes by they had underestimated the local Islamists. Hello?

Eben Those were and are still used as a spearhead and massively supported, with money, logistics, weapons, training, retreat spaces, yes even direct military! They knew exactly who would be the way you going, ultimately bring to power.

In Egypt was crystal clear that the Muslim Brotherhood are by far the strongest and best organized movement that will gather en masse to simple poor Egyptians easiest behind.

Now it's so far, and one whines around like as if that were all very sad and that the development is worrisome and it appeals to prudence and moderate forces and what the like speeches more.

What do you do now?

Reduce or suspend payment of military and development aid or even pay more, so the store is not flying in the air?

From the perspective of the European peoples, this policy is a gamble anyway, as you can easily able to work out where appropriate refugee flows, of "liberals" and Christians will go in the future.

That one fact in Washington no consideration, all right, but what about Israel? (more ...)