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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The "alternative for Germany" has become so clearly defined against "law" and against "dull Islam haters" that even the fan base that salvation-Israel blogs called "Politically Incorrect" begins to choke on their sympathies for the pile. We laugh about the PI Seppel, these would-sandbox pseudo patriots, in this context, gloating a branch.

Hooray Islam and please, please just not right: If the AfD the same placarded, the PI-Kita inmates and many others would not now surprised rub your eyes.

But: If you open a conservative-liberal party which is to be an alternative for Germany, as one should not expect because that "rights" could be attracted, whoever that was, too?

So you have to know from the outset that you will either have to take and it can kill medial or sharp action against them and marginalize them.

In this respect the AfD from the beginning is on, a name already, been a sham, only the next sow after those pirates, in which freedom of expression long sunk behind Usedom in the Baltic Sea, driven through the political village. (more ...)

"Anti-Semitism": Dumber it's always going. (Or: The FAZ has it.)

Friday, February 01, 2013

Schwurbel. Schwall. Lall. Laber. Sabbel. Babbling. Rümpf, dümpf, atten, Krämpf.

Zeal, Drool, Schlunz, oink. Blah, defamatory, lies, deceit, mischief.

Gefitze, Gebritze, Gebratze, Gehatze, Dummbatze. (more ...)

Augstein a global Oberantisemit?

Wednesday 02 January 2013

The Simon Wiesenthal Center expects - on the recommendation of Henryk M. Broder - the journalists Jakob Augstein among the world's ten worst anti-Semites (the only German on the list!).

Interestingly, the Facebook-Augstein response to this kind of "award":

"The SWC is an important, internationally recognized institution. For the confrontation with and the fight against anti-Semitism, the SWC all my respect. The more distressing it is when this fight is weakened. This is inevitably drive the case when critical journalism is defamed as a racist or anti-Semitic. "

The store therefore, of which he so - Broder compares it to Julius Streicher - is nazified, has its "all respect".

He thinks not about ironic? What drivel because of? (more ...)

He term: Muslim "anti-Semitism" (III)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I just wrote on the subject external to comment, and as I had sent them, actually stood there, '"anti-Semitism" -Bergriff. '

Although I never lightly forgive me if my path through carelessness a letter off, or slides in, I believe in the so-called Freudian slip, also not (or almost not), I had to laugh if my Simpel error this time.

The wrong term in this context as "he term".

This has what. (more ...)

Muslim "anti-Semitism" (II)

Friday, September 30, 2011

I just had time for fun, "Muslim Anitsemitismus" in the world's largest search engine.

The first few pages were just inventions under "Muslim anti-Semitism".



Muslim "anti-Semitism"

Friday, September 30, 2011

Just yesterday I read again, not of a bungler, a silly Nachplapperer that Islam is "anti-Semitic".

That's now at least one and a half wrong.

Firstly, of course, because Islam is a fully original Semitic (ie Arabic) is religion. (One could say that he was curious whether his being created arab hostile: herewith "anti-Semitic".)

If we understand hinwiederum "anti-Semitic" under in reality anti-Jewish, it suffers from the fact that yes - it is duchaus fought not publicly violently on the numerical relations - at least a significant part of the Jews (unlike the Arabs) are not really Semites.

And even if, against all logic, "anti-Semitic" is with anti-Jewish in one, at most half a shoe respect of Islam from them. (more ...)

Aphorisms 139

Monday, June 28, 2010

Anti-Semitism was invented in the Arabian Peninsula by a Semite named Mohammed and is growing in popularity.

Israel Reloaded

Tuesday, 07 July 2009

Joe Biden, the US vice-president, said on Sunday that the US Israel did not want to deter an attack on Iran, Israel is finally a sovereign state and could decide what it think is right for themselves.

The love Messiah President Obama did not object, thus covering Biden's statement.

Now it is obvious at first glance and formally correct that Israel is a sovereign state; at second glance, this is of course a blatant lie of self-declared non-Jewish Zionists Biden (no insinuation of me, he described himself as such).

Because Israel will not only officially three billion dollar annual subsidies from the US, but also a lot of support surreptitiously (military reconnaissance, etc.). Germany "sold" Israel the most advanced submarines in the world, who are not even locate the latest NATO systems, one-third of the regular price, equipping them also kindly yet with launchers for nuclear-tipped cruise missiles from so loves so right can rumknallen (if the special equipment has cost a whopping six cents extra charge, I do not know). (more ...)