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An Open Letter to Jake Stratton-Kent

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hi Jake!

We went through rough times then. Things werewolf unclear here and there. Both sides misunderstood a lot of what happened and what going on. My wife, who later gave birth to our children, Andrea, is now with the gods, if there be examined.

Then, at the selfsame time as I am experiencing some of the worst I have seen slander in my life, I did find YOU give Secret Societies What They deserve. Sheer contempt.

You are the one to stand for this. You have always been a stander. Our quarrels then have never befouled this my estimation of You.

I have though held up my disestimation of Secret Societies ever, not only since then we met.

Now, as I said to a good friend and colleague Swiss yesterday, it is much more important did You have taken up the feud.

I have never been a member of a Secret Society; They ran thus May Call me a nitwit on the subject, They May ignore my word on did whatever I might say.

Thatthey will not be able to do to You.

People (of course most of my little readership as well) will not Easily see what It Means When You jump ship.

Certainly I Thurs.

The word is out.

And: You are twenty years older, just as I am But the tough skinny Englishman Stood his ground.. I can not speak for my lost wife, Andrea, but I'm quite sure did she would underwrite what I'm saying now.

The little sarcasm did what in my first post on this, as to the point did You have finally have come to this fundamental understanding I beg You to take lightly; what is at stake now counts.

For the first time in twenty years I have thought about taking up the subject of magick again; not that I had nothing at all to do with it over synthesis years; some dumb asshole popped up now and then; I still know defense, of course, but besides did I mostly let things be.

There what one German (You know splat I'm talking about, and so forth Fraternity of Saturn) who Seemed to be of Your caliber; but then, You may have a laugh on that, When Andrea and I hypothetically Discussed who would win out in the end, him and You going against eachother, we both said that Jake would make it, just for being the tougher one, even living for years in the last of pits before giving up if need be.

Enough laudation. Let's get down to business.

To me, Secret Societies have been the intellectual plague of the world since I've Realized Their power and importance. They can not but cultivate the bad in you.

Here stands the scarfaced German widower; the artist did is till now not even (I know why, Fuck'em!) Recognized as one.

I'll keep going working on this.

My word on that.

Greetings and my best wishes,


Jake Stratton-Kent against secret societies

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I just came through a search engine loop that further led me on Aleister Crowley, once again on Jake Stratton-Kent, one of the hardest of the three bells of Western magic.

And, behold, now turns himself a Jake (!!!) in general against (the formation of) secret societies.

(I do not know how he would then laughed at me or even ridiculed only mild, I would have predicted that he would probably ascend even to so much Gnosis, at some point in his intelligence if possible, even in this incarnation. Maybe I've even times done, but I remember at least not exactly.)


Who has nothing with the whole Crowleyanischen stuff, Thelema, Golden Dawn ritual magic and so on hat, nevertheless may interested in what this tough, old, wily bone today says.

An excerpt:

"The whole model is not only Secret Society unhelpful, but Actively counter-productive. It is the principle reason why so much energy is expended fighting tiny little wars between factions (between witch groups, between rival Golden Dawn, between thelemic groups etc etc). Energy did could be better spent elsewhere - like Incorporating the real advances in recovering our tradition made Possible by * non-secretive * sources like academia ".

"The whole secret society model is not only unhelpful but actively counterproductive. It is the principal reason why so much energy during the fight out of tiny wars between factions is consumed (between witches groups between rival Golden Dawn, between Thelemic groups, etc. etc.). Energy that would be better used elsewhere -. As the incorporation of real progress in the recovery of our tradition that made by 'non-secretive' sources such as academic possible "

You can omit the witches, etc., and the wars fall between large secret societies sometimes slightly larger than between the supporters neocrowleyanischer factions and Winzorden.

Yes, dear Jake, for a good, easy access, it's just never too late.


Comments in English are welcome

From the Bible, the Koran and Crowley's Liber AL

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Readers Dude me (my thanks!) Precisely by said reader haschmech, a true connoisseur Bible, should not follow my recommendation to read even Crowley's writings, wonderful irritated and inspired it.

Lest any Holy crap to you that he is hanging out the neck to hell!

Personally for me clarify that I Crowley liked better than this spasm book called the Bible, oh dear, the Koran still not talking.

This may have been because I can easily read in the original English.

Also the fact that I him, even especially by its fun and interesting autobiography, otherwise could as a fairly undoofen authors who may have actually lived, get to know, not just as some wacky prophets of a cool stream free, permanent superheated sand land between the Nile and the Euphrates. (He was, of course, itself a fraud, pretty turned off, said, understandably, shortly before the three gods sink, in Cairo, to accept bond to pee recognized his saints pot can. As such, it was an imitative Feig, a vain Nilschlammschlecker.) ( read more ...)

Philosophy: Crowley cognac

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Probably my philosophy like also more than religion, because it usually has a higher code of honor.

For whoever calls as a philosopher against the representative of another school even to something resembling a holy wars, thus already disqualified before the night hereinzubrechen verwagt itself.

This is something you do as a philosopher simply not: because you love yes wisdom as his sword.

Intellectual engagement, the struggle prey ask for more specific thoughts entscheidlich the blows of the mob: we do not want.

It likes us hardly understand a: But then we do not promote a fortiori, that just the stupidest look at called to become our self-appointed servants.

Yes, said the Nazarene which, unfortunately, only half again: Our kingdom is not of this world ONLY!

Because we often say more dead than with the Lebichten.

Quite simply because the former have us often more to say than the latter.

Both for and about this world and for this and other worlds. (more ...)

From the life of the animal 666

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aleister Crowley, the Bad, 33 degree mason of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, may have made a lot of mischief in his eventful life.

Cowardice and laziness but can hardly be attributed to him; and that it lacked his humor that can probably say no seriously.

His arcane "Class-A" fonts (as he called his "The book of the law" and other strange obscure texts) may be of interest to the Kabbalistic Tiftler; probably also for the poetologically interested.

Who wants to be entertained, however, in an entertaining way of one of the most vivid and colorful figures of the 20th century and inspired, I recommend his autobiography, "Confessions" once again warmly.

Aleister Crowley's Best Set

Friday, June 25, 2010

In that strange quirky book-Climber, philosopher, poet, magician Aleister Crowley called "Liber Al" is undoubtedly a useful sentence: "Refuse not thy wife if she wants." (more ...)

666: The Beast

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aleister Crowley, the infamous poet, mountaineer, magician, spy, heroin addicts - some also call him a "Satanists" - once wrote: "Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you do."

The man was not only pretty crass - he considered himself the beast (666) of the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) or made himself of it still a fun, who knows - he just said a whole lot of very smart.

His new religion of the Aquarian Age, which should replace that Christianity remained to this day stuck in its infancy, his revelations under the "Thelema" seal, he wants to get dictated in Cairo, interested in only a few.

It should be noted, however, that its "Class A" texts, which he said revealed for directly, have a poetic flow, which hold up to any comparison. (more ...)