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Al Gore: It is so warm that it is very cold.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Here you can see nice pictures and also the bargain Al Gore to hear that, of course global warming on a very extensive glaciation of the northern hemisphere is to blame.

Incidentally, in Japan, China, across the Asian land mass, with the exception of Western Europe, including a large part of North America; and on the Mexican border in Ciudad Juarez, will be minus 15 degree night temperatures expected.

In northern China, up almost towards the subtropical east coast, ice and snow, in the West appears virtually ice-free only the Taklamakan, which, however, has a unique special climate.

Consider that we write only the beginning of the month of February such ice extent in the northern hemisphere - the yes from the fortieth degree of latitude relatively more land mass measured at sea against the higher latitudes of the southern hemisphere brings - readily to be breakout caused a while could lead self-reinforcing seasonal slowdown, with more ice and snow and low temperatures.

In particularly severe case could, what would be the most fatal, lead an extremely late, but then enormous, accompanied by rain snow melt not only to violent floods, but also to the fact that millions of square kilometers of the best farmland are so long under water, that in this year can not be managed.

Then the food is really expensive, because for clarification: On this Eisschiene There are the major grain exporters in the world.

But let's not the same as black or even Al Gore can see, the winter 83/84/85 I still icy in memory. (more ...)

Nobel Peace Prize: This time for lies

Monday, September 06, 2010

Who should be interested in the climate hoax yet, just want to save an article that summarizes the essentials so that you should press it to anyone Krakeeler to read into the hands of first times, which is here very well find.

Closing quote of the text: (more ...)

Swine Flu for die-hards

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now comes a guaranteed terribly boring subject.

Is any slaty still recalls the swine flu?

Was not the story, Al Gore sheep media moderately faded against itself in polar bear cub cuddling on the melting ice floe?

At that time, before the Varus Battle? (more ...)

Al Gore in Tierra del Fuego

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Al Gore was sighted again in strange places: This time it was Tierra del Fuego.

There, in the late midsummer, in one day, a little windy, but yet close to the temperatures, we bring a friendly late March about, he rose steeply to the rock before the Gischten of Cape Horn and announced the latest in March: he would most even there in overthrow the raging floods and drag the next-terminating glaciers of the Antarctic personally to New York, the Hudson River ascend, pre UN headquarters, wofern the bad Indians and Chinese not assume desisted to spread their satanic verses of skepticism on global warming, they yonder ago to shame all over the world, where they vermöchten hardly unrecognized him to escape with his corpus delicti naughty.

Bare-hero chest (more ...)

Gorakles the money Rainmaker

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I had almost forgotten that it still exists, the air smoothies Al Gore.

This may be due to the now unequivocally proven Gore effect, which means that wherever the Prophet global sand and hurricanes tries to emerge, instead Blizzards use, so its climate helicopter strike, or an Arctic ice wind falls, the and the High Priest of all dumb gates of public places shivering hinfortpustet to retreat into his 30-room mansion in Tennessee.

To have smoked pot like his former boss Bill Clinton, who firmly expressed in faithfulness to have had no sexual relationship with his intern, he was totally fine, since he probably let him blow only one, just as he conceded but without inhaling, even Al Gore will probably (more ...)

Al Gore in the yurt

Monday, January 25, 2010

After the swine flu a funeral first class import, namely that you simply no longer talks about what was blown away because it is the recent revelations or the previous panikologischen allegations to the effect that the Himalayan glaciers but probably only a few years later should be sealed as previously claimed by the "IPCC", now just as safe: After the end of the world is before the end of the world, and what the chief priests and the media for their adepts interest already said yesterday.

You just talk on!

Why you is there!

What else is there to learn at reasonable!

Just the usual evil, the wise Chinese (more ...)

Al Guru

Sunday, December 20, 2009

His guru one pays attention not only allowed him all cosmic and terrestrial especially love flow to: best lot of money.

Gurus who go in sackcloth and ashes, I have to say it so hard and clearly irreverent soon to be a Christian festival, are megaout.

In the upper Klimakiller India there may be a few of these verkifften preacher, vegetating on otherwise strictly vegetarian living; in the enlightened states of the West, however, a climate savior without private helicopter is little respected.

In Dubai, even where it has long since learned how to build 800-meter towers on pumping on sand, even the Filipino maids and Pakistani boots servants a decent gurus should at least fly business class: otherwise the guru is not even in the country left.

This Baghwan blessed thus formed in the home country of the gurus with his 26 Rolls-Royce limousines in front of his in the mud singing and copulating disciples the true postmodern avant-garde: In his unearthly spirituality he has probably not been a single time even counted.

We see what the human mind is capable of when he needs of the commons to adequately relieve themselves; a true model can only be one who is recognized by the plebs as completely caught up.

Wherefore, I now save even for my private helicopter and put rarely times after another log into the oven, I will eventually also amount to anything!

Gore drives from

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Al Gore was spotted on a water plaice.

He drives, pursued by his former disciples whose derivatische bankruptcy systems in climate killer certificates thrust him from the shore, helpless in the South Seas.

New Zealand and Australia have refused to grant him political asylum and thereby invoke the urangelsächsische tradition of justice, and moderation.

The fact that he has not drowned in his water plaice according to dpa, follows the happy circumstance for him, a good time hockey stick collection to have created and this still taken as practiced Fetishes the last ride.

As a fascinating bunch laced, he keeps on his stomach still above water.

As an old hockey player I know what is already to make a racket in the situation; Al Gore is truly a wise man.

In the Pacific Ocean, just as solitary savior of the world, the Nobel Prize winner will hopefully soon a well-deserved eternal peace.

dpa reported yet that Angela Merkel could be made just in time by the Federal Security Cabinet under guardianship and medical observation: she had personally requested a wetsuit along with fins at the frogmen of the Bundeswehr to hinterherzuschwimmen All their guru.

Air Nazis?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I still got the hint that I should times of the occasion to introduce the term "climate Nazi" with respect to the greenhouse skeptics buzzing since the relevant comparison is adequately positioned with respect to the Holocaust, yes.

I refused at first because I thought it would probably just "Nazi", but not "climate" hanging: the Nazi then to me, though, although, though, and even though I did not invent the comparison itself, but the weather then also simple at all, so somehow generalmitschuldig.

In this respect, only the form of a question remains: Got Allus Gorus Trislogistissimus his Nobel Peace Prize in reality actually that he was regarded as the most capable air-Nazi hunter?

Al Gore

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fugun The Great, The Stuff, lord of the clouds and the time has stated: When an e-mail was sent to me to decide!

Climategate V (Climategate V)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The bad guys are the Indians and Chinese.

The fact did not want to be crucial hindering their economic development in Copenhagen.

They seem to be of the opinion that hundreds of millions of compatriots who are equally essential features without clean water, electricity, medical care, and even have to do without sufficient quality food with These kinds klimakillendem luxury, as in Germany laziest yet for all Hartzis - at least as long as he acts as if he wanted to work - is self-evident and enforceable.

This is the computer air transducers course completely unbearable.

However, you might have them get in India and China also wind, that the Earth is no longer heated for over ten years, probably even before cools clear any air Killer conspirators weather gods did it anyway smooth finish that in London for the first time in 74 years October snowing, just when Klimaretter Brown superpacket be brought through the British Parliament; and justament last night when the disaster Erotiker to Copenhagen ausfabulierten, the thermometer fell completely in my area according to the German Weather Service to minus 26 degrees, and in turn, the Brits were hit by a snow chaos; the channel fast train from Paris and got stuck eisweis and will need a few days until he can go back.

Of course these are just ridiculous coincidences like that last year once again the Main froze over, right down etc.

Some wicked air cooling devil if not already supposed to be god Sol Invictus, has sent a cooler decade, as more and more CO2 killer gas was blown out, taking no account; that troubled the manipulators of the IPCC and their clients, although a bit, especially since they have no Erklarüng for it, or let's say better, should have.

But since you just told undaunted, Earth Heat is whether the "killer gas" resistant, a burning sow the same, because the government wanted it that way, and the sheep media ...

However, it took not only to manipulate and smooth lie; some of the protagonists presented doubters into a corner with Holocaust deniers, they called traitors and Ichweißnichtwas.

This is criminal.

I repeat this because of "conspiracy theory": how should it be theory, which is so open practice?

And accordingly, I repeat once again: If you do not know, you would not believe.

I also see myself forced into a grotesque situation: Should I now hope about a rapid onset of the Little Ice Age, so that these greedy, stop-making at nothing sodomites would die the word in his mouth?

Or rather hope that this me and my children and the rest of humanity, would thus driven into poverty and famine, such spared, but we have to continue with sheep in the world carbon dioxide dictatorship us about it?

In any case I wear here in my study currently along with various outer garments too long underwear, because the wood stove in the kitchen manages currently not even hold me while sitting and only finger rattling slightly cool: and it would be a total irresponsible if I Al Gore the electricity may go up from his thirty rooms Villa, also compared to my small purse.

Therefore, I ask for understanding that I do not attach importance to spend three or four months a year like a Mümmelmann in my home, only to those that "Nobel Peace Prize" in CO2 emissions trading can abschakalen less dough should.

The whole thing is so perverse and absurd that it trumps almost any satire; therefore, the attentive reader will have noticed that this text here has not much Satirical itself.

But do not worry: It will be a satirist probably have to resort to stronger means to get at this kind of world brain infection that does not even stop making their malignancy before kindergarten.

In this unprecedented rudeness does not belong rudeness, it takes more than one of the worst.

I'm already on carving.

Climategate (Climategate) III

Saturday, 05 December, 2009

The less the climate hysteria is to hold on to the more fabulous are the protagonists.

I said yesterday a good friend that I already have absolutely no desire to write about it.

But you can not just do whatever you feel like.

I'm going to still sit on the bike and a few grams of CO2 injected into the atmosphere more out of sheer malice selfish, because if I would be sitting here at the computer.

If Al Gore not go holding me with one of his helicopters and verknastet as deniers, I get happy to climate killer volleyball tournament my son and perhaps even the way the criminals make that maintain him in the locker room to hide his shoes.

Now that's worth a doomsday.

CO2: Our salvation gas?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meanwhile, the BBC has not engaged reverse gear, but put on the brakes and added that since 1998 no more global warming is taking place, oddly enough.

From the US and Canada Minus Records are meanwhile already reported, an extremely cool summer followed by a winter from October 10 (as does it look straight out of here?).

And even one of the key climate gurus of the infamous IPCC, Mojib Latif (boss at the Oceanographic Institute in Kiel) says, we have entered from a known ocean temperature cycles phase in a global cooling, which could take easily two to three decades (!) ,

After that it will be back warmer, because he is quite sure ...

I will sometimes very hope. (more ...)