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Burned for 10 years German soldiers pointless: Kunduz

Sunday 06 October 2013

The headline is this already the whole article.

Afghanistan: The look of victory

Sunday, 08 July 2012

"The West", traded in the sheep press as "the international community" is going to take a historic step at least rare.

Because normally pay reparations winner.

In Afghanistan there is now more than ten years won so amazing, that you think you can pull off as far as possible.

And wants of the local government in which you do not know what is corruption, because there has never been anything else and nowhere in the country are, push in the next four years four billion dollars in the throat.

Under conditions of course. Subject to conditions, of which we know that they have never met, are not met and will never be respected.

Since it would be wiser to drafts with Bernanke's helicopters over poppy fields well measured Eindollarscheine from, so people trample a significant part of the crop when collecting.

But they are now times, our learning-resistant NWOler. (more ...)

Dumber It's always

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here I have just found a veritable extra nonsense:

"Taliban attack in Kabul
False sense of security

U.S. diplomats play the major Taliban attack in Kabul down. The disengagement plan is at stake.

Almost 20 hours have six heavily armed attackers in Kabul puts fear. Despite massive controls, it was the militants managed to shoot even the NATO headquarters and the U.S. embassy with rocket-propelled grenades. Only on Wednesday morning at 8:30 clock security forces were able to end the longest so far, probably terrorist attack in Afghanistan's capital. The major attack in which 24 people were killed, has fueled further doubts on the trigger concept of NATO - and that's what should have been the target of the militants ".

I might need to reintun times: SIX man start a devastating GREAT ATTACK in Kabul and are to stop after 20 hours!

What would have happened, how could the well-known, would be the one with twice as large, herewith a gigantic force angerückt? (more ...)

Policy of scorched earth in Afghanistan?

Monday, November 22, 2010

I can not say of course that I was there and can attest to the veracity of the following article in person:


It is alleged that the U.S. troops in Afghanistan blew up thousands of homes in villages, where they encounter resistance, as a preventive measure.

Also whole clumps of trees were flattened, (more ...)

Hitlerism and no end

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here you can see and read, which is why in the NYT at once - has inflated raw material deposits in Afghanistan - long known: (more ...)

Arms Afghans: Curse of the raw materials

Monday, June 14, 2010

Long rumored, Afghanistan possessed rich natural resources.

Report geologists now the Pentagon (who employ so everything ...) that there actually lithium, copper, iron and gold worth a trillion dollars was to pick up. (more ...)

Köhler head shorter III

Monday, May 31, 2010

The resignation of Horst Köhler is a warning sign.

Not this man was actually found to be too easy, but the German war policy.

It is the understanding in Berlin very well.

For Hunting ride of Guttenberg and other, now the unpopular agenda on the backs of the poor people of conscience, as we all the good man so distraught, a fortiori advance is likely to be caused little room, or am I mistaken? (more ...)

Köhler head shorter II

Monday, May 31, 2010

It will be interesting to see if the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor will now take the pity rail in terms of Kohler's resignation, because of how badly you've played this paragon of bourgeois sensibilities.

Since Mr. Köhler is no longer in office since 14 clock, I may even now probably a bit making fun of him, perhaps in the form which would have been punishable good two hours ago. (more ...)

Köhler head shorter

Monday, May 31, 2010

For simplicity, I present here the text of today's resignation speech of President Köhler once a:

"My statements on foreign deployments of the Bundeswehr on 22 May this year have met with fierce criticism. I regret that my comments could lead to an important and difficult question for our nation to misunderstandings. But the criticism goes so far as to ask me, I advocated missions of the Bundeswehr, which would not be covered by the Basic Law. This criticism lacks any justification. You can command the necessary respect for my office vermissen.Ich hereby declare my resignation from the office of president - with immediate effect. I thank the many people in Germany who have given me confidence and support my work. I ask for your understanding for my Entscheidung.Verfassungsgemäß the powers of the President by the President of the Federal Council are now perceived. I have the Lord Mayor Böhrnsen informed by phone about my decision, as did the Lord President of the German Parliament, the Chancellor, the Lord President of the Federal Constitutional Court and the Honourable Vice-Chancellor. It was an honor for me to serve Germany as president. "

Horst Köhler advocated "Bundeswehr missions that would not be covered by the Basic Law."

That's why he came, and had it by denying the fact, now back.

Afghanistan can also on the home front heads roll, now to the German head of state.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not for pleasure I want to meet the chronicler duty:

On the eighteenth of May, just over a week ago, I heard quite a severe attack in Kabul with NATO dead right now but first of which, maybe I was too neupfingstlerisch that at that apparently targeted attack on a convoy not less than four higher U.S. officers were killed at once, two in the rank of colonel, two lieutenant colonels.

To my knowledge there had not been given such high-ranking military casualties in Afghanistan since the war began on NATO-pages, what yes the easier explains why the importance of such development on the fighting troops, not in the sheep media the already kriegszersetzerisch susceptible Germans further brought home was so little, as the incident itself.

About the Supreme, there are only a few generals there "in the field".

Then I read it:

"The coming months will be decisive ..."

I really do not know exactly how long I've hear this Schafsmedienschakalmei, quite recherche free I would say five to seven years, conservatively estimated. (more ...)

Gender lies and war

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The whole lie to women as really active soldiers in the Bundeswehr unmasked fundamental: I bet eleven bottles Sternenburg Pilsener to one that is not a German woman in Afghanistan actually fighting at the front.

Where is Marjah (= Marja, Marjah, Marjeh)?

Friday, February 19, 2010

The above question has Anahita Girishki, raised to arise in the Afghan province of Helmand, on the occasion of the largest NATO offensive since the war began, in the core of this city, in ef-magazin:

http://ef-magazin.de/2010/02/18/1875-afghanistan-war-in-the-phantom-city mardscha#comments

If you find the city with supposedly 80,000 people, you are better than Google Earth (found under "Marjeh" a few huts in the dirt) and others who have already tried it.

I ask who can make it, the order an explanatory comment on this page.

War is autoerotic

Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally I got it out: We now German not go because of the love black with white mother still prefer more troops to Afghanistan, but because we finally want to really jerk off to war again, after it was banned as long us.

Ukraine tripled Afghanistan troops !!! - Armenians defend German freedom in the Hindu Kush !!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Before I took Mirror online that Ukraine, spearhead Brzezinski and thus the United States wants to triple against Russia, her troop contingent in Afghanistan, not only times to increase by a limp-fifth, so how we German wimps.

It is a whopping by TEN THIRTY be raised to man!

That's what I call a loyal vassalage, as it is due to a Nobel Peace Prize in war!

And the heroic Armenia, so says selbige above source, wanted to do (compare times the size of Armenia with that of Ukraine on the world map!) Leave the four and a half TIMES the previous Ukrainian Manpower fight under GERMAN command, vile billigversöldnert paid out of debt casket of our Treasury!

Such impoverished countries that you can no longer even make more debt, leaving a Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg for OUR freedom shed the blood of the flower of their youth and probably ashamed private nor public!

Previously, any decent German nobles would have immediately reported himself as a simple soldier to the front before he would have done such honor of his country and his family.

850 man - uh - "soldiers" more

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something of a "mostly civilian character" to emphasize the "new Afghanistan strategy," the federal government will now be doubled development assistance in addition to German troop increase in Afghanistan.

Thank you, says to himself as the taxpayers that comes so cheap, and so we win the war won eight years ago every day a little bit more.

Oh, I forgot, there was still no war, and for us German it is unlike any NATO-front comrades yes still no, but only as something somehow similar.

So even 850 soldiers in the war-like non-war in the Hindu Kush, and no end in sight. Quod erat expectandum, quod erat faselandum.

Let's see how the media sheep, also the SPD and the Greens will respond now: about four-fifths of the population it runs so slowly but clearly for the war propaganda headquarters to.

We are a few notable semantic contortions hear in the next few days, that's for sure.

PS: I just remember spontaneously stuck in those cars of the Cologne carnival procession before the Iraq war, to which Angela Merkel deep in George Bush's Anusse; whether the now again rausholt to Koelle, just with a new brown angepinselten President heads?

Even German may have to kill

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The mirror-title this week is once again a special treat for the Swabians with the glares:


The German Armed Forces, Afghanistan and the war in the 21st century

I have the history to not yet read, which I simply believe please, to first simply to comment on this remarkable headline by itself unaffected.

Between the header and the subtitles, which are highlighted in black within the usual red frame, one notices a green-held image on which a roughly recognizable turban support is through a typical Afghan stone desert road, behind a nondescript bundle, again three steps behind an adolescent of perhaps twelve years; the turbaned located here in the sight of a crosshair, which is addressed to his back.

So much for optical accessories.

Particularly perfidious however the headline acts do so because it implies that German since the death we all know is considered a masterpiece of Germany, especially not somehow likely to kill, normally in any case, as the civilized, always democracy and peace herbeitötende Englishman, Americans, French or Israelis must, of course, since they are not evil perpetrators peoples.

I suspect, therefore time that German may only kill if they do this on the side of the mentioned countries, as their vassals, and brave underlings, but most likely not on the side of Russia, against which we even lost the Second World War have, in the case against but now redefined to evil or at least half evil liberator of our country.

I go further assume that German may shoot not only turbans in the back, but even polar bears hunt, when the UN to release the fire under U.S. command.

So we should also kill "may" (very generous, almost a painful undeserved gift to our shameful nation that we can such now have), if we can tell us who, but of course we should always have a worse conscience than the entire balance, which is not necessary for his moral sense has, because he has always led only just and humane wars and something else does not know.

I love the mirror if its so incorruptible as unprejudiced postmodern Besatzerverfassungspatriotismus.

The enemies tributary

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I just read an article of the Guardian to take again the was (the thing as such has long been known) that the Afghan Taliban and other warlords levy hefty tolls for virtually all US-logistics-transportation, which are Alleweil paid good and if not constitute the main source of income for this one.

100,000 NATO soldiers did not even create, to earn 300 miles of the Afghan main road from Kabul to Kandahar itself, let alone the supply route through the Khyber Pass and other important traffic routes of the country.

I would like to know in this context, how much of my money, the Bundeswehr, it was far below the Trantüte young or now under the jagged zu Guttenberg, has paid monthly to the enemy tribute or paid to the shithouse paper to pork rifle (more ... )

Guttenberg: America's Sergeant

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Now the Kissinger-Atlantic Bridge-pupil Freiherr zu Guttenberg is so German Minister of War.

At the beginning of next year already expected the Germans announce a further surge of Strahlemann due to the upcoming conference on Afghanistan in accordance with American wishes; I am already excited to see what a fine figure he makes as to which verbiage he will present to what grin.

After all, we may indeed join now for a Nobel Peace Prize in geostrategic U.S. war against Iran, Russia and China and of course for the new gay foreign minister, who wants to defend democracy brand Karzai, women's and gay rights in Afghanistan, so the donkey driver not to us come and ban the Taz and the Christopher Street Day. (more ...)

War lies

Tuesday 06 October 2009

I am firmly convinced that you just told us from the real problems of NATO forces in Afghanistan by at most half.

Replenishment, broken vehicles, shortage of doctors, the marshy choice, drugs, weapons verscherbelte by so-called Afghan security forces, defectors those ...

Even this top-notch McChrystal is now with Obama himself together rattled because he too unasked and significantly far more men demanded, since you do not would gain otherwise.

With hundreds of thousands of soldiers have been there just only a 6.5 square kilometers; is little, if people are traditionally unruly.

Forty thousand more, who wants the General, it will not align.

High losses

Monday, October 05, 2009

In Afghanistan, an outpost of the Americans was nearly overrun after a nearby police station had been taken by the rebels.

McChrystal's new strategy, not only herumzubomben, but to distribute his men on the surface, showing their Achilles heel.

Small garrisons can be just easier attacked as large fortified camp.

The former commander of secret assassination squads in Iraq will still have to come up with something.

Perhaps Merkel and Westerwelle of the General commanding yes from the front: you demonstrated on Khyber Pass against burqas, and it operates on the flat land in Kunduz yet further sexual education.

Nevertheless it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Friday", the left-wing weekly newspaper from Berlin, has the 8.9. published a call to some well-known intellectuals and media people to retreat from Afghanistan within two years. Then should "civilian development organizations" to take the place of the military: "The enemy is not an army, but a culture. That is why the conflict can not be solved with a gain of miltärischen commitment. "

Let's leave the question of how to survive construction organizations without military protection there, once mean such as those, which is why, once recognized the futility of the insert should not pull off as quickly as possible.

So the enemy was a culture soso. In some ways that's true of course, because the Muslims there, the Western moral concepts do not stocking term ate assume and therefore defend themselves quite formidable.

On the other hand, it was the lead United States never to culture and values, but only about gaining a geostrategic control of the area (more ...)

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