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Jasinna, YouTube, Google harassment and new considerations to

Friday 06 December 2013

Instead of pausing to take back something that US power giants are behaving more brazen.

Google harassed his YouTube video adjuster, which is precisely the one from which the daughter lives, such as whether they would have there to Bittgang.

The young German activist network "Jasinna" has now beautifully described.

One should deliver still further, real name here, telephone number, Google + account, otherwise it is no longer properly funzt, and videos with over 15 minutes in length no longer run.

Well fine.

This distinguished service to the NSA, which also makes good private businesses, the NSA but also saves a lot of money by getting what they want without having to even maintain the capacity for it, so keep us all for Depp Staner, for remote Borgs.

That CONTENT not by programmers of computers, are generated by algorithms, but only processed and made available, so you should be glad to be able to be a zealous service, if you already own creates anything interesting that you must have forgotten, or you it displaces, where "Do not be evil" motto of.

"Suck them all out and enslave them thorougly!": That would be recognized honest.

Yes, searching, I use the services of this company yet. They should still see what interests me. Since they already see that even a so much interested in what ought not to be interested in him. In addition, a good customer, also in terms of inbound traffic.

I am a journalist but also in a different situation because an innocent owner.

However, it may very well be that I Google will eventually no longer use (which does not mean that the company does not yet figure out how I will look for information) me there was a shite still interested in how, where do I stand there in Range ,

And even, if I'm going downgraded everywhere, on page 37, or 115. So get less traffic. This may eventually be even completely no matter to me.

In addition to the monitoring (at the other user behavior, if it is not completely set, about every other service probably will remain similarly effective). This is about bullying

How much of that can you offer?

If no other service (providing, of course, to the NSA, or she taps him off) to offer his services friendly?

If I see that I am somewhere to any "account", ie open an account, to even just to leave comments, I usually have the full channel. Here with me no one needs an account in order to say something may.

I am a banker? I can not be happy if someone spontaneously interested, want to say something without register, first of all have Epost, password, all Schiet must reinziehen?

Pages, where I first "log in" I must, after just such a registry, I was boycotting a long time. Why do they do that?

To gauge their censorship needs better?

So that they can lock me trouble when they want it?

As yet make a lot of private, smaller media operators and ultimately similar than what Google now attaches to YouTube.

Anything else would be a real name forum where you can specify only occurs as before with the classic letter if the name specified and the editorial known address. Then open visor for all who have the ass to in the pants. (And maybe the head on the neck.)

So people report below deck name that many anyway, try to hide their IP, which is also not quite funzt, thereby making even more suspicious, in short, a single stupid Gepfitze.

Google is just the tip of the iceberg.

We generally need to rethink.