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Abrahamitismus and Satanism

Saturday 09 March 2013

All Abrahamitismus is at the bottom of Satanism.

Christians and Muslims are Subjuden

Monday, January 28, 2013

Earlier, I got on the article " Jesus a Jew? "once again in a comment to the effect that Jesus was not a Jew.

So this time I answered:

"If Mary was Jewish and gave birth to Jesus, then he was also Jew. In any case, any common definition.

It makes me feel like I said, do not care if Jesus was a Jew or not.

For Christians who want to distance themselves from Judaism, which may play a role. But: What is this?

There is overwhelming evidence that Jesus was a Jew. Why would he want to renew because the "Old Covenant" should, he would not have been?

One does not dare to make a clear turn from the Old Testament (which is obviously not so easy), herewith the Mosaic faith, but the love of Jesus, the one would have liked to as non-Jews. I feel that as childish.

The way it is, all Christians and Muslims are the Jews. Or because of me, or more precisely, Subjuden.

But that many of them can not stand, so they then cultivate anti-Jewish resentment. I can not do otherwise than as pretty silly, ridiculous, view.

So Judaism sits always has the upper hand.

Happens to Christians and Muslims right. Ultimately, they want it no other way. "

One may call myself for the final statement as malicious. There you go. (more ...)

How to order?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Every Abrahamic faith is made a mental disorder.

(Any one is one Abrahamitic was induced mental disorder.)

Hypocrisy and terror

Friday, March 23, 2012

While filibustert of current events on Islamist terror in Europe again, there's no tomorrow, it has just been overthrown in Libya in cooperation with Al-Qaeda and similar groups, a largely secular regime and working on the same goal with the same people now in Syria, where Christians and other minorities, yet safe, already left the country in large numbers or already sitting on packed suitcases.

The worst joke in this whole farce is of course the talking doll-like repetition of the claim that violent Islamism have absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Of course, the proof is still the land of the guardians of the Holy Places: Saudi Arabia.

The country in which not only apostasy carries the death penalty, our best Arab friend, financed known worldwide for decades the spread of fundamentalist Sunni forms of Islam. Everyone knows that. But it does not matter.
That settles the fact that the German Foreign Minister's husband leaves home when he goes there.

At the same time whining here about Islamophobia and racial discrimination that the camel rind crashes. It has everything method. (more ...)