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Burned for 10 years German soldiers pointless: Kunduz

Sunday 06 October 2013

The headline is this already the whole article.

"Ace of Swords": Remarkable to 11.9 and Konspiratiologie

Friday, September 13, 2013

Now I have still found an article about being old 12th 9/11 anniversary, which is not only noteworthy, but brilliant in its stringent analysis associated with the 9/11 mass psychological manipulation.


The author, who, even Islam opposed to standing, the official version holds refuted 9.11 for clearly shows relentlessly, as well as so-called "critics of Islam" itself regular way even lie in the pocket, meet as desired their part of the matrix.

A remarkable piece.

The blog "Ace of Swords" says of himself that he was right and judaismuskritisch, and that is a good thing.

One can in reading this article nevertheless even then only win if you neither right nor locates judaismuskritisch or only one of them. Itself

And even diehard "debunkers" (ie people, explaining each to the Nazi or spinner, or both, of "denies" the official version or doubts), regardless of other political persuasions, I lay it to heart. Since even the toughest still be able to learn something about who they have to do it now, to tighten the chin strap fixed find enough reasons.

And who is about to be Troll or Troll Hunter (or even one of the two or both are), to understand more deeply how mesh medial and psychological self-manipulation, as people are emotionally and spiritually as logically against itself, the case will also little bored.

Probably not even a veteran spin doctor.

As the Western Allies lose the Third World War (II)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How do I in Erstbeitrage " How the Western Allies lost World War III setting out ", it does not look like as if the three active major powers, the USA, England and France it is on the road to victory, why, because it's not obvious drain to ask (not that I would be the first posing this question) what the global puppet masters Bilderbergers et al. actually intend.

(The Third World War was officially started with 9.11, paradoxically, by the second not finished: Germany has no peace treaty, remains UN-enemy state, but must, gracious, as you are as to participate in the Third on the side of good).

Many "conspiracy theorist" now believe that when confronted with the proposition that lately might not "go according to plan" could run in two ways, with both lines of argument mix sometimes, it run just yet, "according to plan" (or, "that" had so many plans in store that could go wrong, what may).

A fraction is that China and Russia just also part of the great global cabal, ultimately only a long fatigue war is being waged between apparent enemies, to wear down the goals that mankind until they willingly, peace's sake, a fascist world government to accept zurechtverelendet and -geschossen.

The other faction believes that it the Globalistenbanditen was plentiful no matter whether the United States fall into chaos, the EU and the world financial system identical with, no, that was even taken into account, because maximum chaos is the Target, the downward spiral should all pull with it, so that at the end of the ruins just that fascist world government could be established.

We see that both notions, as already indicated above, overlap to a considerable extent. (It remains here mentioned that some suggest or assert that the world government then should serve as Satrapenregierung only. I leave this speculation here now first of my considerations outside before a secret behind all pact with Außeridischen.)

You can not now technically powerful aliens as the main actors "play", so both theories are still on shaky foundations. (more ...)

By Oliver Janichs resignation as Chairman of the PdV and what to learn from it

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just now I heard that Oliver Janich "was resigned" so to speak as national chairman of the PdV. Details see here:


Janich, the too much "conspiracy theoretical" work to have been accused, so that the image of the party allegedly harming asserts that he had, considering what he did, enormously retained.


"How anyone can easily verify on the basis of my publications, I consider myself very anyway back to what I write and exterior. I put every word on the gold scale (in contrast to some Member what I anmahne again and again). About 90% of the things I know I do not write anyway, so that one can not discredit the party of reason. "

Well, what can we learn, if that's true (I personally do not think Janich fibs or indulges in fraud or self-pity larmoyantem), sadly, it?

Who talked once (Janich doubted the official version to 9.11), then holds the mouth, the still get or even just a fortiori in the face. (more ...)

11.09: I'm Journamist

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

9.11 is a gaping wound. The nightmare of sheep media.

The official story of the collapse of the three towers is so outrageous that everyone remembers who thinks just a bit. So it's not easy. Or, all explanations are not suitable.

The difficult task that now falls to the sheep media, is that which constantly to portray adventurous allegations against all known physics and all common sense as incontrovertible facts that one forgets Newton wants under the apple tree out and Wieland call in from the forge as witnesses whose supertemporal laughter to hear.

The absurd explanations for almost three in fall velocity perpendicular coinciding in itself reinforced concrete buildings are now legion; alone, it remains stubbornly, are simply not on.

I've often wondered how long we have to watch even be this wrong-headed spectacle that the impossible is trying to position itself as the only possible one, everything is actually in contrast, portrayed as Possible crazy fantasy.

Yes, and of course drives me to the question of how stupid the MSM journalists who play there really are. Faith itself, a reinforced concrete building would be something like on thin plastic threads like a tower floor by floor suspended pancakes, which then coincided to a pancake lumps? Pylons, several inches high steel wall, first penetrated by thin aluminum, then, whether a fire, suddenly with a monkey Pip rundrum exactly the same time and to the bottom right one after the other portions crumbles? Who believes this crap? Journamisten?

Maybe you should worry about such people also do not have to worry.

But it's also again not entirely irrelevant, because anyone who thinks what he dished out, and who is not, so lying directly.

I wish I distributed the following questionnaire. (more ...)

9/11: Community Intern for the world

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today WELT ONLINE related to an article on 9/11 (title: "Why the United States may not have planned 9/11") from the conspirators window, which is remarkably poorly made ​​and sloppy.

I want the individual Specimen blocks, the shoots, the author here does not list all of them, wonder rather (first was in the article still made to the 9.9., What the editors then coyly changed, as the laughter in the comment strand followed), how to on this controversial issue such a simpleton - or bad liar - can order on Springer's battleship.

So in the comment strand also not lacking in addition to the usual Antiverschwörungstheoretikerkram of mocking up insulting way because of entlarvendem contradiction, so that the fall in the sense of the author's faithful not only argumentative-content behind (they wofern ever argue), but also numerically in the minority position .

So read mostly incorrigible spinner just the contrary they tory world, or is it just the industrious commentators, so that this impression is deceptive?

Why tear the world here so botched their edge on? Which happens just like that? Praktikantentag? (more ...)

TV to deliberate self dementia

Monday, September 26, 2011

Yesterday I told one that I've known for a long time and so makes to 9.11 and other things his own thoughts, everywhere in the world informed daily power, that He in turn longtime friend (whom I also know) who believes everything, what is officially did (although otherwise truly not Stupid), advised it out to buy a TV: because on television, as there is proper, in-depth information.

Laughing, I replied that I did, strangely enough, never noticed in all the years since I had one.


How can an otherwise reasonable man, efficient, technically gifted, so tell a crackpot nonsense? (more ...)

The 9/11 Grim Reaper

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Imagine, you have a hollow chamber Sense of thin aluminum.

Before you are closely spaced hollow steel beam, the wall thickness is much thicker than that of your hollow Sense.

Now you have several of them by hitting with a bat.

If you succeed in doing this often, you do it after some practice probably together with airplane wings in a tower of the World Trade Center.

Practice makes perfect.

(That it is, is more than ten years proved beyond doubt So. Practice, practice, practice.)

(I just had to - 9 14 about 10h - three times -! - My upper and lower case readjust Apparently I believed but not sufficiently to the sense of power..)

9.11 in short form

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9.11 is an example both for the perfect suggestion as well as for their failure.

The 9/11 Sunday Puzzles

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What says Henryk Broder in the world at 11.9?

Logically, that a large part of the German giant assholes are so Friedmann-like.

(A thoroughly poisoned compliment.)

What says Gerhard Spoerl in the mirror to 9.11?

"America is for me still an incredibly beautiful country, where the smartest people live and teach, which can be found in God's world."

(God cares for the wise.)

What says Volker Perthes in the Tagesspiegel to 9.11?

'The policy of "regime change" was dropped again'

(This has only yet nobody noticed except him.) (more ...)

9.11: intelligence officer unpacks

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Full of the Twelve!

Wednesday, October 10, 2001 at 23:43 clock

By RAINER Grzybowski

With surgical precision, the Big Apple is seeded on 11 September. The world verschlägt it breath, pale with horror, she winds up since then in a sort of asthmatic spasm. Although not concern me personally the whole, I am also struck by how the Boing: Déjà vu! In blood-red letters appeared before my mind's eye a name to: Mehlmagg. At a stroke, she is there again, the memory of my time on the Pink Red Planet. As an intelligence officer at the time I had there an eventful life. But better, I tell the story from the beginning.

Essentially, Mehlmagg different (has nothing to do with these cats eaters!) Of Terra only by the color of his heaven - whether he was a few tail lengths closer or further away from the central star, I do not remember.

With us, there were a myriad of ethnic groups such as religious, but was - how the same images! - The game mainly contested by three groups: (more ...)

11.09: USA reduced to (fat) war machine

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11 has led to Geilwüchsigkeit.

To Geilwüchsigkeit the warmongers.

Even if the three towers would have collapsed on the grounds that they would have us believe, that does not change this result.

After hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of refugees who had all guarantees nothing to do with the superpower USA is sitting on a much too thin stalk.

Peter Scholl-Latour coined this term from the "colossus with feet of clay". (more ...)

9.11: Sheep media from hunter to hunted

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In short leafing through sheep media just struck me that tomorrow the tenth anniversary of 9/11 - has not only failed to get the first place in the "coverage", but not even the second, like it - at least for the so Audited would normally have been expected at least.

Just fifth place or so, not even one on the podium.

Also nothing particularly prominent on "conspiracy theories" and the idiots Arschgeigen, paranoiac, Spinner, err, Crashed, deviants, lunatics, illiterate and Weißderteufelwasse who spread such or even, secretly or openly, do not believe the official version.

Especially now, when it scored three times, just warmed brawn. Like as if you wanted to bring the anniversary day of any war justification behind them as quickly and quietly (more ...)

11.09: Anti conspiracy theory teaching subject at German universities

Wednesday 07 September 2011

As announced in the Federal Ministry of Education, are at least eight German universities quickly chairs are set up for anti-conspiracy theory. (more ...)

9.11: A scene from Swabia

Monday 05 September 2011

Jedsd hanne zufällich oin droffa, the hod gmoind he was au en Verschweerongsglaibiger.

Hoggd he do so emma Schduegerder coffee, on wia mer noh ens Gschbräch kommed ons noh om 9.11 goht, secht the off oimol Sacha, the hard zom-rated ens Hochdaidsche to Ibersedsa senn; zwoi or three Werder hanne even tadsächlich scho long nemme gheerd ghettoes.

Selbscht Hahnabambel dr, dr Lällabebbel, dr Lohle ond dr guade alde Schdoffel sen the decimal, onder bal ls denne Ohbachene, vo ferent from the leather Yoga hod; I Hannen en saim Lodajäggle hardly kenna Bremsa. (more ...)

9/11: Conspiracy believers to seize power

Monday 05 September 2011

Almost 90% of conspiracy believers.

According to Tagesspiegel and Emnid survey.


I still do not believe it. (more ...)

9/11 and the Germans: almost 90% conspiracy theorists

Monday 05 September 2011

This cynical Anenzephalenkalauer of comment to 9.11 and the glor- and victorious war consequences may express Himself, who loves to laugh about even the saddest horribly mischief.

Here but it is exciting, because the stupid conspiracy theorists are once again in the series.

Where there is objective even after mocking the beginning and a few skeptics as Benesch, Janich Bröckers and have their say.

Perhaps the most remarkable quote from the author of the text itself:

"It is not only the global community of conspiracy believers who doubt, the acceptance of the values ​​given by Governments explanation for 9/11 go far back. Nearly 90 percent of Germans think aloud an Emnid survey in January 2011 that the U.S. government is not telling the whole truth about the attacks. "

This means that almost nine out of ten Germans belong to the "global community of conspiracy believers." (more ...)

9.11: Hirngfiggede (The Brain-Fucked)

Saturday 03 September 2011

I Ap pen only no a baar daeg to zom elfda Sebdember, on derwäga beginning I jedsd amol oh, odder better translated to ford the dadom.

(We have only a few days left till September 11, and THEREFORE, I shall begin now, or better, continue corncerning did date.)

How i to other Schdell scho gsagd han, isch fir mi, at ällene suschdige ohklärde Sacha rond om 9.11, dr Aischdurz vo particular three Riasahochheiser s'Entscheidende.

(As I've Said elsewhere, even with all the other things around 9.11 unclear, to me, the collapse of synthesis giant skyscrapers is the decisive issue.) (more ...)

9.11: Riesenreichsvergewese

Friday, September 02, 2011

Slowly but surely what is really going on in the Hos'.

I want the boys to pieces 9/11, I have seen performed in the last two or three days - and it was certainly only a tiny part of all - do not cite exhaustively here.

At least I know now that Larry Silverstein is the real hero of the whole story, according to Hamburger Upper Sheep medium.

I still feel better misinformed daily, so fiddle. (more ...)

9/11: The Devil is called physics

Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Auftrab the tenth 9/11 Anniversaries is in full swing.

Whole armies of spin doctors and sheep media journalists are at the start.

As you probably know that the final dragon slayer bat against the heretics who will not lead to 9/11-unbelievers, they seem to rely on a confusion. (more ...)

9.11 in all tongues

Thursday, September 01, 2011

On the occasion of the article "9/11 on Schwyzerdütsch" there was the idea of ​​the matter to September 11 - that the tenth anniversary of this remarkable event - not only in German and English, but also in a vernacular dance to illuminate here again.

It therefore may participate all readers, bring the original dialect posts, or writing German or English, or want to translate from one another dialect in theirs. (more ...)

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