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666: Bauernfängerei

Friday 04 June 2010

The Revelation of John, after all I have of the Bible, which for me as a whole, against it, the New Testament would have to be clearly separated in advance, read all most disgusting of all books other than the Koran.

A nasty piece boys.

Cheapest numerology.

These pure confidence trick.

Karma ???

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want today, against my habit and inclination, once a bare drain tirade.

The whole Geseiere of "Karma" I'm soon to be more on the bag than the cheeky lies of Abrahamites.

I call it here and now THE replacement lie of figs, loafers and corrupt. (more ...)

666: The Beast

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aleister Crowley, the infamous poet, mountaineer, magician, spy, heroin addicts - some also call him a "Satanist" - once wrote: "Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you do."

The man was not only pretty blatant - he thought he was the beast (666) of the Book of Revelations (Apocalypse) or made himself of it still a fun, who knows - he just said a whole lot of very intelligent.

His new religion of the Age of Aquarius, which should replace that Christianity remains to this day stuck in its infancy, its disclosures under the "Thelema" seal, he wants to get dictated in Cairo, interested in only a few.

It should be noted, however, that his "Class A" texts, which he said revealed for directly, have a poetic flow that needs fear no comparison. (more ...)