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From the Stratagems of ostensibly lost interest (No.46)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The stratagem of the supposedly lost interest due to irritation and the egotism of the other.

One is interested in something ostensibly or actually very noticeably (the stratagem is particularly suitable for the conquest of women: I say this even though I'm not particularly good in this discipline, achwas, wretched, because I have understood theoretically), then turns , apparently disappointed or just not interested, do something bored, from.

The victim of the stratagem is wondering whether the first flattered Begehrs (business or amorous), and that it had because suddenly so much less attractive.

There is doubt yourself. Ask yourself, what have I done wrong. Why the great interest but only the other was lost so suddenly. On the Strategemanwender perhaps, having first made himself scarce, all at once, or gradually move him sentient as important as before. Find it at least important, exciting.

The will not ignite again for (the) Target, but this (these) with some, but not to meet cool distance. He already knows yet, shows that also mean that he wanted what times, but the importance of the interest has seemingly evaporated.

The Strategemanwender remain binding; friendly; but he does not have a visible step more towards the other party.

So he lures her to him; their vanity, their self-importance, to do their work.

Finally he plucks it just like a ripe fruit.