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From the stratagems of feigned strategist mix of arrogance (the 44th)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

44. The stratagem of feigned strategist mix of arrogance in its execution requires a special finesse.

A booby is a dolt is already mixed strategist will not get far.

This is but a matter that the practitioner of the stratagem constantly vigilant and crafty appears, so be on the list wealth quite Warned opponent anytime believes that really does not see what he maintain and intend.

The self to Tamper-end must perceive his opponent as one who constantly vigilant, very crafty, but then too smug, so that he thinks the stratagems of the other all to see, he therefore a key, or even several, übersähe.

So the enemy is his stratagems, weighed in more and more security, the start negligent, reveal more and more about his plans.

Eventually he will do before his cronies whose boast, as he had done the other duped.

Important in the exercise of this stratagem, which may be very often very long not discovered and brought to the visible benefits, is extreme self-discipline and patience.

The suspicion that they had something noticed by the sinister machinations of the opposite side (this stratagem is a real Verteidigungsstrategem), may usually be only very subtly and quietly, if at all, now and then, scattered. On the other hand, has one, precisely because, as I said, not to act so carelessly that it strikes. That would notice would spoil everything.

So you have the enemy once open a bit to come on the ropes. So he does not notice that the 44th stratagem is used, he says that he ultimately fully sitting in the saddle, especially since the other still stupid enough not to hide his suspicions.

A very difficult, complex stratagem. Because it includes all the regular way Strategemverkettungen.

His most beautiful and fertile applies this stratagem, of course, in the initiation of a lasting love relationship.

But even when it comes to survival and sustainable, major changes for many.