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The stratagems No. 37 to 54:. General overview

Tuesday 03 September 2013

In order to facilitate the interested here the principle developed 18 stratagems reader things, here is the total access: 49/ confusion-no-52/

Especially I realize it is so crazy how embarrassing such laughter that I had already reported at the 42 stratagems a "Redundanzstrategem", with the 54th again today. I will solve the problem in time ...

From stratagems of repetition (Redundanzstrategem, no. 54)

Tuesday 03 September 2013

Repetition and redundancy are such everyday phenomena that one may first ask where should because there, in their rule-like obviousness, the strategist Mische, the ruse start.

Teachers repeat the material and mnemonics, parents say a hundred times, and that the order had been keeping, advertising messages are repeated continuously, political phrases and slogans, beliefs of all kinds, unprovable assertions, ultimately lies.

But above all, where no obvious pedagogical intention, executed well or poorly managed, slander, repeated constantly, grasping, even if their contents long since been disproved. A logically unjustifiable assertion, one at least doubtful, can be lifted by targeted REPEAT in the halo of the inviolable truth, the put down rear questioner as inept or malicious.

Sham grounds can receive the accolade of self-evident, completely illogical conjectures, inappropriate generalizations of special cases, distracting associations and circular arguments are implemented.

If it is told often enough, the average person believes almost everything. Because he is too lazy to think and wants above all to have his peace. (more ...)

Reflections on the new stratagems

Monday 02 September 2013

By now I have tried the 36 stratagems of Chinese 17 more, angerissenermaßen add, it is time to pause once.

That previously came in little interested reader response to no surprise particularly, therefore does not irritate me.

Finally, already recognized stratagems of Chinese older than the religion of Christ, this country hardly noticed, little discussed, they are, despite the pioneering work of the great Harro von Senger, even the most educated Westerners not even in the sense of their presence and their weight within known of the Chinese cultural area.

Von Senger on the back of my total output (36 Stratagems - life and survival lists from three millennia): "Europeans do well with the help of this list sensitive wisdom their own conceptions of wisdom (...), and thus to correct their list blindness."

In fact, it seems to us to be some kind of a solid aversion to understand something of List, to care for it; List shall be treated quickly with malice, list wealth attributed to the devil.

Here, our fairy tale heroes often finer lists operate, and at the end of the big bad wolf is dead And - I had almost said the mother -.: The grandmother lives. (more ...)

From Initiationsstrategeme (Geheimbundstrategem, no. 53)

Monday 02 September 2013

Although the stratagem no. 53 at the stratagem no. 17 ("a brick throw to gain a piece of jade") recalls a piece overlap irrefutable, it differs from it but the fact that the Strategemanwender gain permanent power over the psyche of the other will gain umfässliche control as possible over its thinking, steer him in the long term, probably an accomplice and thus make blackmail. Linked, it is of course not infrequently with the stratagem no. 50, that of the Eidolon or the God-stratagems. It is Kernstrategem all conspiratorial secret societies that promise the adept gradually Initiation.

By following certain rules, exercises, rituals, incantations, etc., secrecy and obedience, the Adept will continuously improved and developed, it will find more and more to his true selves, self-control and power over themselves, and also about other darausher ( what is sometimes more to the fore, sometimes less). Piece by piece binds the Adept himself. Longer in the ideology of the secret society, and the more he has invested into it, to the less he will be able to develop a critical attitude by contrast, because it is a defining aspect of his intellectual socialization The promise is liberating self-discovery leads into the subtle controlled, increasingly strict self-enslavement in the sense of the Cabal; while the ego of the Adept is fed powerful, he is, as appropriate, raised in items that he would not have achieved alone, also receives material crumbs of the pie. (more ...)

From stratagems of confusion (no. 52)

Sunday, September 01, 2013

The stratagem of confusion, which is also the Outlaw and replace einbegreift meaningful terms, as well as the unilateral Besatzen is one, if not the Hauptstrategem so-called "think tanks" and "Spin Doctors" as well as by politicians, social workers, physicians, psychiatrists, priests, lawyers , mystics, obscurantist, Freemasons, Geheimbündlern, "Illuminati".

All targeted implementation of whitewash are important, as even the non-explicit Avoid real terms. The gradual undermining, move, movement of niche terms. (more ...)

From stratagems of real or played drunkenness (No. 51)

Sunday, September 01, 2013

It is first necessary to this stratagem, that the term "drunk" not only those it is meant that may cause the wine; there may be other drugs than alcohol, that act; it can also be any material drugs in games, any real or played ecstatic emotion included here.

"In vino veritas": Quite by accident, with all his babble, says the drunken truth or something that looks like accidentally slipped out, so all the more gained more load capacity.

And the (seemingly) drunk understands issues not properly articulated, seemingly chaotic, the conversation from here to there.

In Chinese Kung Fu, there is a technique that is called "The Drunken Monkey". The Drunken Monkey moves so unpredictable erratic that even an enemy, just an opponent who knows about the other sobriety of his opponent, struggle to find a point of attack, no clear stylistic features, which he knew to align his actions. (more ...)

German stratagems?

Tuesday 06 August 2013

When scribing of stratagems, which the traditional 36 Chinese Stratagems (possibly) go (appreciated wonderfully by Harro von Senger), not in the sense that it would be sub-aspects already described stratagems, but evenly matched own stratagems is, I noticed that the former as be viewed as a closed canon, it seems hardly unheard of for them, so probably present from her basic ideas into three or four Chinese characters, would be extended.

Now I have to be honest I have not yet bothered to match exactly to what extent my stratagems no. No. 37 to. Than 50 at least half of plagiarism, as can not be viewed by non-comparable fundamental nature or are criticized.

The topic has me simply so interested that the question of other stratagems revealed. And I wanted to. Proposals by posing 36 stratagems as such, as well as thinking about how the question of other stratagems of comparable magnitude, for as many

I do not see why we should not even learn from the Chinese and build on it.

I will not hesitate therefore to provide further stratagems in their tradition, they may now be over here or over there as arrived or found interesting in themselves, or not.

All right, when it then, except by reason of their facility-wise, namely, that three or four basic terms must fulfill, no Chinese stratagems, but rather German. And they are, of respect for the existing 36 Chinese sake, they all also inspired, initially from no. Indicated 37.

One only has to keep in mind that the 36 Chinese stratagems total of slightly less (there are a couple of three characters, now I do not count after) than 4 times 36, so there are less than 144 characters, around which all epochs entwines Chinese intellectual history.

Unfortunately, I can not speak Chinese, so that I could dub my stratagems as a rule by means of four characters; but makes a Chinese German literature student who not only come here for bean-counting, with me in mind, so this may indeed be achieved easily. If you load me with free flight to Beijing, I'm sure.

Brought so much wisdom in less than 144 characters to 36 characters mind! Oh man!

Because people write books, others learn by heart mass religious garbage, and here, here, a few sentences, real life!

From the stratagems of the Eidolon (God-Stratagem) (No. 50)

Tuesday 06 August 2013

The stratagem of overpowering or God-stratagem is the stratagem that has probably brought in its application more harm to mankind than any other.

The human subject is not only a prince or richer, no, there's an inexplicable superiority. So he is on physical and intellectual level a subjugated.

It is the stratagem of the priests and big bag cutter and warmongers.

The stratagem is applied but also against those. Often from their wannabe successors or agents, then apparently. Some cosmic law, so at least one of the priests, and the great cutpurses not geheuere, contrary to declared superiority, as adversaries, they will let you feel their villainy been still.

Especially effective you can see it straight back at work by being inserted with the stratagem of the Offended awareness and that of the foreign debt anger in the sense of transportation of Islam.

The overpowering subjected not only to the intellectual and spiritual level, but also due to those who believe, a Unantastbarkeitsanspruch, is finally in such a way on the so caught people group to transfer to it finds its identity by the group members more lose individual identity, the group, especially whipped up accordingly, you may go to extremes, their distinctiveness in any case represent more aggressive.

The Gottstrategem can be more than comfortably on the belief in the inexplicable healing effect of certain agents, aliens, any inexplicable powerful, not only for groups but also used quite separately, refer.

The Gottstrategem is the stratagem of silence (no. 49) combines a sense the zweieige Zwillingsstrategem the churches and the most secret societies that organize about ordinary crime beyond itself. (more ...)

From stratagems of silence (no. 49)

Saturday 03 August 2013

First, we know the poison variant of the stratagem: secret societies, occult societies, Mafia, Blutgeldler.

The stratagem of silence can also be used as a salutary cheating. And Sichwichtigmachen.

It can, as is known, not only directly in a speech, but also used a bit longer the other more than make them think more speech.

There is also a stratagem of self-forming self-change list.

Much more precise and focused and in exactly the right length silence.

Even each Tone pause is a small silence. Silence is a fundamental part of the rhetoric used in this regularly yourself strategist mixed.

Silence can strengthen the previous implication enormous. Likewise, an emotion. It can therefore probably humbly taken as grand act confident.

Silence is of course particularly well used as a stratagem, if a defendant so long silent in the right places until he finally out what others already know, when far beyond what they already told him.

This Schweiger is not just silent, but even if he keeps talking in the right places in silence.

Silenced as stratagem in matters of love is not much to say that everyone knows.

Who really understands the stratagem, know that this is a stratagem of the right set breaks and thus harmony in the deep sense. Silence is the reasonable middle ground. (more ...)

From the stratagems of the unspoken or unspeakable word (no. 48)

Friday, July 26, 2013

The most famous "unspeakable" word is of course that of YHVH.

Here, however, should not be poking around in that particular Jews excellent story, but the phenomenon that stratagem addressed structurally.

It can be used at very malignant inserts. The Strategemanwender can constantly or repeatedly, in small bites, hinted that he might say, but does not say, until the attacked pronounce it himself or it whistling around him the sparrows about it from the rooftops.

Two If he has not said it yourself: So noble he was, the others came of their own on it.

It may also be necessary since put to use where something just not wise to say is, by letting it constantly hinted, or to say certain things even when punishment prohibited, the constable came.

Here is the art then is that the standing room in the word, the phrase, the conjecture be charged resistant from the periphery, the thoughts and words eventually be led concentric and spiral to the other cores.

Indirect slander, seduction in matters of love, undercutting committing a taboo without whose open fracture: the applications of the stratagem are many.

It may of course be the wisest in the Strategemanwendung, the Miss word to stir slowly, so that it follows a particularly widened suddenly to blaze to slinging smoldering. The stratagem is by nature a more long-term for use coming. Although it may be asked in a conversation within thirty seconds or five minutes.

The opponent has, if the unspeakable is to pronounce, the Strategemanwender this makes clever advantage of the long term very bad cards. After all desfalls handled the mouse Leading strategist with the truth.

This can him then, free again, even the neck. But not so easy, because his neck, indirectly, could cost another his.

From a linguistic perspective, this stratagem is almost as, if not yet as interesting as that of the cheap joke. (No. 47)

The two stratagems are applied course often linked. This need not be further explained.

From stratagems of cheap joke (no. 47)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The stratagem of gunstverschaffenden joke we encounter virtually everywhere, at every step. Advertisers, politicians, speakers, wooing, teachers, writers: It is ubiquitous in application.

Difficult it is but what wonder, in dangerous situation.

There may then either be ad hoc-to-find viable jokes turn in times of need, as well as long-term and encrypted. And semi-encrypted scale and encrypted in such a way that the specially so occupied Laughing really do not know why he laughs, that if this is present, many or most or almost all do not know why they are laughing.

And it's about those jokes, to which the people do not dare to laugh, to himself as to others, where initially only an inner urge to laugh is to be generated. Perhaps as a beginning or intermediate link in a mixed strategist established series of jokes. As a forward or accompanying joke, so to speak. As soft cooking joke.

And of course apparent as real Ablenkwitze, draw certainly continue in the desired direction.

In any case, the Strategemausübende can stand before such a difficult, long term care of a task that they may be most jokes come to light not only as pertinent clear attempts, but somewhere in his prose embed so that, when perceived as random act, at least to make never indubitably pinned down, with most anyway, mostly, rather subliminal effect. Yes, but other already audible.

The point, as trivial as it sounds, is simply that most people prefer laughed more than they do, that laughter is known, can be liberating, which is why it is sought at various levels, just under conscious or semi-conscious. So who knows with the stratagems of the cheap joke as repetitive, multi-dimensional Kettenstrategem deal could well act at large.

At certain points it may be that the Strategemanwender is suddenly forced to play the fool, or, it may amount to the same thing, becoming quite a joke cascade. Many people are simply stupefakt when too much too soon Oblique assailing them, keep alone hold, therefore, see perhaps from already firmly planned or spontaneous brain flashed into the worst projects and actions from. The joke cascade can save quite immediately life. (more ...)

From the Stratagems of ostensibly lost interest (No.46)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The stratagem of the supposedly lost interest due to irritation and the egotism of the other.

One is interested in something ostensibly or actually very noticeably (the stratagem is particularly suitable for the conquest of women: I say this even though I'm not particularly good in this discipline, achwas, wretched, because I have understood theoretically), then turns , apparently disappointed or just not interested, do something bored, from.

The victim of the stratagem is wondering whether the first flattered Begehrs (business or amorous), and that it had because suddenly so much less attractive.

There is doubt yourself. Ask yourself, what have I done wrong. Why the great interest but only the other was lost so suddenly. On the Strategemanwender perhaps, having first made himself scarce, all at once, or gradually move him sentient as important as before. Find it at least important, exciting.

The will not ignite again for (the) Target, but this (these) with some, but not to meet cool distance. He already knows yet, shows that also mean that he wanted what times, but the importance of the interest has seemingly evaporated.

The Strategemanwender remain binding; friendly; but he does not have a visible step more towards the other party.

So he lures her to him; their vanity, their self-importance, to do their work.

Finally he plucks it just like a ripe fruit.

From stratagems of honesty (No. 45).

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The stratagem of honesty is the most elegant of all stratagems.

You turn it on by applying a certain extent no stratagem: in the sense that one is mistaken by non-delusion.

The enemy will present each predicted word, everything honestly, to weigh, thereby confused that one is constantly revealed. He can not believe that you do not use a stratagem, so stupid of the other could not well be spinning all sorts of conspiracy theories desbezüglich what the other person applying for stratagems, is quite mad about it.

He constantly searches for an arrest to be made lies, deception, and he does not. Even his advisers are beginning to doubt their commanders, because this looks behind every bush of ghosts, devises, simply do not believe that there is such an intelligent man who leads just honest speech.

The other entangled in more and more errors. He accuses his rival of the lie where it comes out unequivocally clean. Thus weakens itself.

The speeches of the truth is a truly royal stratagem.

However, it is also there to make sure how much truth is when where talking about.

A mere lowbrow, anytime carelessly open mouth is not good even here.

Course can be, where this last perhaps still does not, another stratagem, a real illusion, then best to hide under the set mountains of truth.

In this respect the 45th stratagem can also serve as a Vorbereitungsstrategem.

From stratagems of pre reflected strategist mix of arrogance (the 44th)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 44th Stratagem of pre reflected strategist mix of arrogance required in its execution a special finesse.

A booby is a dolt is mixed strategist anyway not get far.

This is but a matter that the practitioner of the stratagem constantly vigilant and crafty appears so be on the list wealth quite Warned opponent anytime believes that really does not see what he send forth and intend.

The self to Tamper-end needs to carry out his opponent as one who is always vigilant, very crafty, but then too complacent, so that he thinks the stratagems of the other all to see, he therefore a key, or even several, übersähe.

So the enemy is his stratagems, weighed in more and more security, the start negligent, it revealed more and more of his plans.

Eventually he will do before his buddies whose glory, as he had done the other duped.

Important in the conduct of this stratagem, which may be very often very long not discovered and brought to the visible benefits is extreme self-discipline and patience.

The suspicion that they had something noticed by the sinister machinations of the opposite side (this stratagem is a real Verteidigungsstrategem), can usually be only very subtly and quietly, if at all, now and then, scattered. On the other hand, has one, precisely because, as I said, not to act so carelessly that it stands out. That would notice would spoil everything.

So you have the enemy once open a bit to come on the ropes. So he does not notice that the 44th stratagem is used, he says that he ultimately fully sitting in the saddle, especially since the other still stupid enough not to hide his suspicions.

A very difficult, complex stratagem. Because it includes all the regular way Strategemverkettungen.

His most beautiful and fertile applies this stratagem, of course, in the initiation of a lasting love relationship.

But when it comes to survival and sustainable, major changes for many.

From the forty-second stratagems

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The forty-second stratagem is that of repetition, redundancy. (This could also be called the "Lehrerstrategem" denote, but that would be shortened, too easy.) (more ...)

From the forty-first stratagems

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The forty-first stratagem is that of the active failure. (more ...)

From the fortieth stratagems

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The fortieth stratagem is - logically - the Schwabenstrategem. It is also to bring individually to the application, but is usually performed in the field by a larger group of people. This speaks so consistently incomprehensible, as though they have other perception about their ability to finally lose their minds not in his right mind to that.

From neunundreißigsten stratagems

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The neunundreißigste stratagem is one of the most difficult. It is that causes the more, the less it appears. But not in a Taoist sense, but by the own attack surfaces become smaller with the apparent weakness is now transferred onto the bay begins to occupy a weak opponent's field after another, finally to win a pawn, the crucial, to consistent conclusion, since it is the matt-setting lady.

From siebenundreißigsten stratagems

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I do not want one of the most powerful stratagems reveal smooth, as long as I its still so urgently needed, especially as once again. During the last days

But I will so speak in hints of it that may understand that can make anything. (more ...)

From the thirty-seventh stratagems

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sometimes the best stratagem is obvious.

It chinest

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For me it chinest around in my head, I think so, I get a Antiokzidenz.

If it still losjapanert right, I'll start me 'nen Ostvogel one.

The I-Ching and the Tao Te Ching I have coped quite easily at that time (which I beschäftiget counterintuitive with both), and Buddhism does not really matter to me; but since my Confucius and the 36 stratagems have fallen into the hands, it chinest and chinest it.

For this purpose I have, an old weakness for the genre following, again even looked at some kung-fu movies, the old strip, in which the Clanoma of perhaps seventy years is a Battle Mistress, that she only with their curved Knotenholzprickel in the Hand 5 KSK soldiers probably dressing up in two minutes from the plate.

Since one's chinest still asleep.

Ling, Hang, Feng, Kung, Pang, Song, Li and Lu.

Eventually, one longs then already then that would be a time Raskolnikov.

Yes, and if you at a so Britlummel like this James Bond thinks, as the already hernähme the better apprentice, you can already come feng-shui moderately to ponder and Chinese.

Yes, and the Japs who have magic swords.

As surreal.

Here the trick is just the that the best Blacksmith forges a long time.

As a Wieland.

By the way, often wearing in traditional Chinese films the men skirts and dresses, but the women trousers or pants suits. Mouth Faul they are despite their formal sub-posedness not always. The hairstyles are artfully, so that if they one a deadly arrow throws from twenty meters to the heart, after all, does not die aesthetically offended.

The men are of course still not out of cardboard. (more ...)

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