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Konstantin von Hamburg Stuttgart conditions

Sunday 09 June 2013

After Constantine had a decent breakfast, or rather late piece taken with Magnus, so of cheese, fish cream and the captured eggs as then the warmed horse goulash was not been spared, so that the two friends funny were back in a way, a To cope farewell, although stone wine not was added out, not even a little Chablis, it is only a robust Spanish Magenausregler, two piece candy for Nachkaffee, a leisurely Zigarettchen, reverently, knowing that it would like to take back for up to a renewed ziemlichem meeting by Konstantin before finally do in Hamburg his duty, Magnus, as always, to recognize between mountains of writings any Obauf to put in the situation would be understood must, Because his faithful friend will go in all sorts of still question'd same perils, it was a bit mawkish, what, so they kept it now times, expressed in the form of a more more immediate response.

"How do you propose it now to that Gitte, bully, or muzzle stop, Hold to?" Magnus asked überarg almost dry.

"I wrote to her that while I have a bit of what dogs understand, but probably not a lot of horses. So I would like to riding on dad to learn the rudiments of this noble, yet failed Behufs something. "

"And what else? What about hamburgers? " (more ...)

Discrete negotiations in Südschwitz (II)

Sunday 09 June 2013

The potheads make it clear that they do not already want it on the Adenauer Platz daytime driving, the Dunkelbütt '(ie Kate the VSler) is to respect their integrity to some extent, how hard Holtz the more required of me as requested, was really not an easy task ,

The pothead here are in fact a very proud and self-willed folk; not only that, with respect to the real domestic product, ie after deducting all of the "State monkeys" who paid from North Goofy, probably two-thirds of the domestic economic performance provide, which only a marginal part means Hemp products, no, they saw it not a first why one noon to the second beer not where most leichtgeschürzten, crack Erten girls from Südschwitz associated strutting to this uplifting sight, because even with them, having them invited, may smoke a decent stove pipe with best SSS (Südschwitzersuper) should, just because Colonel bitches again and Northern Goofy to make a on indignantly.

My Entgegenungen because of composure and compromise and discretion in the sense of transportation of the best interests of all initially met little receptive ears: Who well the whole store here actually throw it? - Except the Olli, resist the one who wanted so yes said nothing, as it is not against me - what probably told the whole Bundi, if left alone, tobacco and beer? - And so took a first heated debate their course.

It took.

Finally, I knew a südschwitzerische solution to propose. (more ...)

Bilderberg 2013: The aliens are here

Sunday 09 June 2013

The last days of this year's Bilderberg conference, the aliens really came.

That was clear, set a reader Jochen disclose:

"Two Aliens meet:

Says one: How are you?

Says the other: Oh, I feel again today as it ever would be no me.

Then one says again: Well, then are you really like me ".

Whereupon the untstehende dialogue ensued:

"The Goeller overdoes it with his insolence. He insinuated that it could give us, but if so, only as a trans-galactic freaks and idiot. "

"Yes, that's definitely going too far."

"What shall we do?"

"We could try to put him on this comic Jochen in an appropriate random. It is important that his jokes about us are so stale that people are finally abgewenden. "

"Yeah, sure. Do you have the text already Jochen? "

"The Jochen hears a little bad, even unwillingly, often does not follow specifications, but, yes, I have something."


"Dear Magnus, Your Gesülch, slobber, drivel, and Gestrunz Geschlunz, Gewaber and Geblürb, your Geschiele and Getriele, babble, babble, Gehunz, Geröbfunz, Gegeugelhupfe and Gestreugelzupfe, Gebrunz, Gegagel, Gehunthagel, Getreibs and Gebreckel, Genabsung and Geniederbrung, Geseftel and Geabheftel annoying Mechtel. "

"Bongo. So let's do it. " (more ...)

Konstantin in Stuttgart (III)

Thursday 06 June 2013

After Constantine and Magnus had left the latter pub, subject the two friends from here to there, until it was now quite late and Magnus advised to still visit the Café V., allwo open a very interesting mixed crowd care.

At the bar saw Magnus, that behind it, probably stood as a kind of guiding spirit, anyway, even not bedienend, clearly in high spirits, an elegant black-dressed man of perhaps sixty years, earnestly to both here and very friendly entertaining, alsmitwelchem ​​Magnus including other peculiar had been sitting birds ever longer, learn from him, that he compose poems, he alswovon also well presented an extract its contents, but whether the gravity of the hour, largely escapes from his memory, by way remained almost only the elegance of the presentation.

So he asked for, knowing that Konstantin fine poetry not averse to the Distinguished whether there was not something to read from his works give, perhaps here, right now, or anderwie available that wants delektieren him. (continue reading ... )

Cup final: Schwaben await the disaster

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The very hard Stuttgart local patriots think that the VfB not 8 against Bayern tonight: 0'll lose, but 8: 1.

Discrete negotiations in Südschwitz

Saturday, June 01, 2013

As you know, Colonel Hart Holtz, not only pretty much reprimanded me for the night party at the Protection of the Constitution, the Dunkelbütt and called to order, but also loaded with coffee in his office domicile not to accept alswelcher favor would have been tumbste folly, alsweshalb I at the Higher Corporal Zipf (the "boots-man") to Whit Tuesday (which exists here; it is about what you know in the Reich as a blue Monday) in the late afternoons allerbotmäßigst inquired by when my coming would the Honourable Supreme appear agreeable and justly, I would, wherever I knew it set up to provide access to excellent by the Supreme Lord at the time.

Amazingly, Zipf played (he likes and does pfitzt important, but only if he dares not hard Holtz near and) not a bit, gave me like his teacher even at the stripper.

"Well, well rested, Mr. Goeller?", Hart Holtz barked into Fon (after all, he said, 'Mr. Goeller' and not simply 'Goeller', a treatment that I had made up my mind to me, especially from a military, not even once without significant opposition to inflict upon), "Thursday, three thirty?"

"Thursday, thirty. You may ask your service watch it. "

It was already happening.

"Goeller, you are not natural. I appreciate your eloquence, but not always your impertinence! "

"Well, sir, you always call me in future, as any decent civilians, Mr. Goeller, and I like to exercise my hand restraint ready in the Impertinenzsache."

"Yes, in fact, they therefore talk like a civilian. So, the day after tomorrow. "

"The day after tomorrow." (more ...)

Konstantin in Stuttgart (II)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Magnus awoke a little earlier and had breakfast concerned, bread, butter and Käs together with a roughly sliced ​​ham, Flädlessupp and corn salad with onion and tidy breakfast radish, this one probably reasonable pancakes placed.

That might also Konstantin like, a glass of white Burgundy should not be missed, because it was decided also to make breakfast equal to the midday meal, alswelches, if you like great deeds funny, alswie the core of Swabia Stan, commonly called Stuttgart, from his eingesumpften inertia Dionysian joy recognizing to throw.

It was clear that Magnus was very biased as Schwabe, Konstantin than non Schwabe of the other terrain but not necessarily safer than the former, so that you really almost inevitable with a straight face, even a walking in the afternoon in the castle garden and back at the babbling chess players spent, finally, as it were, to enter the safest part of the uncertain parts of Stuttgart introductory and inspirational, the "pre-heating", as the estimated M. The name them, the natives Stammbeiz entered.

So far, only sat the narrow romantic poet, as always musing, schorle drinking, smoking, at their place, a few Usual and Unusual right lolling around bored. Bar, two glass of beer.

"Well, here you have at least his rest!", Konstantin teased by eight or ten minutes, the whole seeming tragedy considering. (more ...)

From Blogger to Laller and Loller

Sunday, May 26, 2013

There is hardly anything Idiotischeres as an article that seeks to explain its own article.

But firstly to the explanatory article is not a real article, but rather a Beinaheaphorismus. (Aphorisms we may not explain well known.)

I wrote under the title "From Blog to Lall":

"Blog is stupid. Drum Lall his name. "

This is about sovereignty and sustainable applied sociolinguistics as necessary Defendolinguistik serious, rigid precise Bello linguistics.

(Note also to the following Kommentarstrang: )

Moreover, in principle, an important, often too little attention stratagem. That fact, which reads: "Ridiculed? Set more than one better! " (more ...)

From Blog to Lall

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blog is stupid. Drum his name Lall.

Konstantin in Stuttgart

Friday, May 24, 2013

Unannounced rang Constantine - he knew that here at his good old friends entirely in the order -. Magnus' door

"Yes heidenei, Konschtantin, Bua, so that you oifach reischneisch!", So that welcomed him, "long et gseha, Sacrament!" By hugging each other warmly.

"Come rei, hogg the erschdmol noh. Willsch a beer, odder en Woi? Hosch Honger? I han noh a guede Leisasubb doh. The isch moving gwärmed. Odder en Breggel cheese, and a Schengabrod? "

"Well, so a pot of beer would be right. Let us eat later. We do first thing to be godfather thirst. "

By the two pitchers hastily filled, we initiated and took a good swig, Magnus said, "Yes, verzähl, wia kommsch off oimol doher? I han dengd, you wärsch vo Wirz castle offm Wäg to dera Hamborger Seggel. "

"Yeah, well, Magnus, you know how it is. I was first in Freiburg, on the Feldberg, also in Rottweil, a few days afterwards, I wander on the Alb the gloom a little out of his head. "

"Jo wa, s bischoffi Freiburg with Dr. Gerlinde gwä? How gohd's rer noh? Driabsenn, guys, do sechsch wa, wa ish going on? "

"Gerlinde has become a Hans. To care for them. And it is difficult in order. "

"Oh dear. Shit abber au. "

Both were silent for a while. (more ...)

Constantine do not know hag

Monday, May 20, 2013

Constantine had migrated from Rottweil towards the Swabian Alb, and he wanted nothing but first hike.

Here and there he came across a small village where he filled wineskin and bread bag and a breast of lamb or a chicken to roast on the evening fire worried.

And again he thought of the his expectant Hamburg; but came over him for the next time not the slightest desire, although he had heard much of the beauty of Hamburg, now in the drizzle with merchant Stenzen, cocky dude and arrogant womanizing grappling, allda him on the gorgeous sunny Alb, where it rough lumberjacks and brave shepherd saluted, nor were his experiences to Würzburg, Freiburg and Rottweil through the head.

If, yes, if ...

The bold Gitte, he saw them still in the dying embers, with whom he moved to Würzburg even a delicious evening wanted him alswie a sheer stupidity vile verschmäheter angels not out of mind. So good and funny he had now to chat unfortunately rare with a woman.

"Devil but also, you're going to but have not fallen for about one evening in a cheeky Gelahrte, its not even noting intentioned, your lover still waiting your in Freiburg? You're not the same run after her now head over heels? She was indeed eventually even friendly, the embrace warmly at parting, and, yes, she invited you to a horse farm of her parents, but did not seem more in vogue. But, she is one of the few women gelahrten with heart and mind: they might Sensing that thou didst not formerly seriously since had to be another? Devil but also what you reimst you there all together. " (more ...)

Hard Holtz before the Dunkelbütt

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yesterday there was an incident in Freiberg, the many Südschwitzer viewed with mixed feelings. Some laugh at a branch, to warn others.

Everyone in Südschwitz know where in Freiberg the Protection of the Constitution operates its little offshoots, namely in a two-story house in the administrative district that has even noticed a stranger alswie a cockroach in the potato cake. Not only the barred, opaque from the outside window, but also the massive steel door are absolutely untypical country.

Powerful annoyed the residents or occupants were already assume that Benno and Heike, the offer guided tours for tourists for some time, the home of the floppy hats have built not only in their tour, but there also - often amid laughter, sometimes even yelling the Participants also often look funny Local - a little recitative present to illustrate the special bond of Südschwitzer with this variety emissary from North Doof:

This house, this house looks from the outside already dark out

No one knows exactly what all in it

Only the vodka-Ede, nunmehro deducted

When he was out of his mind even more than usual


Tired of brandy

Probably never quite lied

Before him with a wheelbarrow

Ede never wore no gun

Dumped at night in front of this rust-red armored door

By that time again sipped too much.

So the Ede was difficult frustrated

That since in that Kate

Only coffee, tea and mate

Never beer was served. (The boss was an arrant Blaukreuzler, so Ede.)

He mumbled something

From his hatred

Not even on kvass.

And some of calculator decline

And of others whose dülpichter Codes

He constantly nots

Ago blink see quality.

Yes, dear guests

Greasy vest

What they perceive there

Is the Verfuselungssschatzes sad Hütt '

Allwo you trielt in the Dunkelbütt '

A haunted place.

Afterwards, we then recommend a small drink at Olli, thirst is here always certain, ask the people whether it really was the vodka-Ede, wes confirm them all old residents, probably give one or the other story of him the best ,

The encounters, as I said, logically, all hanging on a drip of North Goofy, on little benevolence; at least one of which must each do so, as if; But now there was another escalation level. (more ...)

From antidotes for humanity

Thursday, May 16, 2013

As I mentioned in a comment on "early days in Südschwitz," R. said a few days ago to me that humanity needed an "antidote".

From the bottom of her I see this as a long time; but the clear notion has further reflection causes.

From what the antidote would have to pass, as it would be to win, how to use and to dose?

I was in agreement with R. that we do not speak of it to expose any lies of global finance, media and warmongers Mafia, as necessary, laudable and important this work done by many with great dedication to work is also, but of a cultural design, a work which is not against, but putting positive, especially young people exciting, inspiring all sorts Resigned and desperate again, by a force that the poison decomposing egalitarian Afterkratzdekadenz makes gradually ineffective.

We approach the matter carefully.

Four things, at least initially, and these four, must be merged. Spirit, love, beauty and pleasure (more ...)

Founder time in Südschwitz

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Hintlinge build cisterns as the doped.

Since the Busch plant Roland them has shown what can be achieved with a little water, about pioneer plants, with half shading by acacias, the right varieties, Dornbuschhäckselgut, moon bound sowing and harvest, Wasweißichnoch, everything in the Wild West of Südschwitz is a new founder time broken out.

Among the Hintlingskindern a veritable camel and goat manure collection competition has arisen, because by the expanding agriculture, the demand is high, and so brings a sack of dried shit at home or on the market in Buschhausen not a bad extra money.

Something caused offense, only that one of my students, who is a right joker (I helped even with, not realizing what I was credenza), the shit Collectors song not only fictional, but also to make very quickly became popular did the creative writing course. (Quite a few were not only the first text not funny, but also that he is also sung to the melody of the German national anthem. It has already been one stanza in the original.)

"Shit, shit on everything

About everything on the field,

If it always useful and plasters

Beisammgekellt Säuberlich

From the goat until the camels,

From the crush to ran to the money -

Shit, shit on everything

About everything on the field! " (more ...)

Konstantin: Rats and speech in Rottweil

Sunday, May 12, 2013

By Constantine after his first enjoyable evening once slept well in Rottweil, stretched himself, taken an adequate breakfast, city and surroundings a little roams, where he first had the impression that the Rottweiler inside something burly because the Freiburg city therefore came, what he front hand the harsher climate zuschob, which he then but scolded himself, because his judgment in this respect might still might be a bit troubled, it came to pass, as agreed by two clock to those agreed location, just above the city, where the councilors it for concealed meeting a cozy little bench, with stunning views, casually found this already there waiting for him sitting.

"Ha no, mosque, dad kommschd, releasing the erschdmol noh!", He was feundlichst welcomed.

So he setzete themselves, and once they were both silent for a few minutes, the spring sun and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

"How can I help you, dear Council?" Konstantin hub finally on.

"We have arge, stray Rottweiler, we know those beyond help."

First, Konstantin not verstund, but then was it clear that it is here probably would be representatives of the so-called Breed, which he already which as a matter for a brave lad, when in anger, not a good knife wofern hand, as a had experienced may not unernsthafte examination.

"Yes you are Rottweiler not man enough, a few stray Rottweiler to master, and it is that the stick must whiz until that they be quiet?"

"As simple as that unfortunately. Not only do we love Rottweiler Rottweiler, it's also about the reputation of our city in the world. What is one to make of us, if we do not otherwise help us knowing, begin to kill Rottweiler? What do you think, how is not only in Tuttlingen and Villingen, no even in Stuttgart and beyond, laugh and scoff at us? The reputation of the whole city, all Rottweiler, is at stake. "

"How came it that the dogs were wild and wicked?" Asked Constantine.

"There are three large breeders. Everyone tried to outdo the other in the fact that he had an even more fierce Rottweiler. At the annual show are then suddenly, suddenly erupted from each of four animals, the strongest; since they get chickens, gilts, calves, sheep, goats, what they find. The Breitgwann Karl they even massacred and eaten together his breeding bulls. "

"Has anybody tried to talk to the dogs?"

"Of course we have tried. To access indeed to no man. At least not yet. But who sets itself up, gets a growl growling and that he does not want to try further, when he is not but once bitten rottweiler default. You know how to bite Rottweiler? "

"I let it tell me. Thoroughly. Can be quickly from the bone. I do not wish anybody. "


"The best so if I understand correctly, if I spake reasonable times with the animals."


Konstantin thought for a while and finally said, "Well, I will venture whose. But I need help. "

"What help?"

"I need the twelve strongest men Rottweil, each of which can accommodate it with your bare hands with a Rottweiler, dog love, ever would like to have a good Rottweiler."

The old Council weighed its head every now and then, finally said: "I will create the men. We meet tomorrow night in the Rottweiler room, I allwo you know. To the bill you do not ever thought. " (more ...)

Konstantin in Rottweil

Friday, May 10, 2013

In the two days it took for Constantine to reach Rottweil, to finally walk through the Black Gate, he thought again and again to face with the little man on the field mountains, especially this quote that told him he did not want from the senses:

"What do you already know about it, what you learned!"

"How should I, Heide flash but also, know little or nothing of what I learned? Does that mean I can all kinds of things, just never thought of it? How to learn so that you can tell anything about it? What could it be all that I have learned, but know nothing about it? "

Meanwhile, bread, onion, cheese, and ham and wine from Freiburg were depleted, and Constantine brought a good hiker hunger and -durst with in the pretty little town on the Neckar, which in their carnival, so also no shortage of fools, at least temporarily setting year widely famous. (more ...)

What could all like: Schwäbisch

Tuesday 07 May 2013

I can not help it, can not help it, it is simply my duty to once again straighten what was going wrong in the world.

Today is about the despised, slandered, possibly made large, to the more more helpless effort reduction experiments exposed Swabian dialect.

Where did this resentment, this anger that sometimes - in Berlin now endemic - opens in open hostility?

We know the usual arguments: The Swabian is incomprehensible, unique in its revolting Primitivät, it does offend the ear of Southern Hesse, of Leipzig, Oberpfalz.

In reality it is the envy of the apparent from these Unflatwürfen.

For the Swabian dialect is the most aristocratic of all. (more ...)

Rants from Südschwitz

Monday 06 May 2013

It was pretty hairy, but has North Goofy (Berlin) in the Finanzabschakalen Südschwitz finally revoked the business base. We are no longer offshore, so to speak.

Ollis almost rampaging pensioners, a good coordination of Prostestaktionen the Hintlinge, Zenzis courageous use, portraying what kinds- and morally pernicious elements had since fallen unbearable enough, after Südschwitz that they get themselves wofern this nonsense not soon put an end to a would connect Hintlingshag (the Hintlingshage, in this context, resistance groups are, the Hintlinge think this is powerful, out separated by gender), and although ragged, also my subtle Katastrophetie in spoken and written, the plague should not be fought resolutely, did their effect.

The good part Finanzabschakale are already gone, and the rest sitting on packed suitcases.

In Freiberg, it was not unheard of that young boys at night, born to be wild, chanting until dawn: "rabble, money scams, get out!"

Apart from this our community in Südschwitz very conducive relevant development is Mona, the BND after the voluntary, but rather involuntarily in the results, it pays very well, has threaded, now almost back quite right at Olli. You still adorns a little, but it has also its charm. (more ...)

Konstantin on the field mountains

Monday 06 May 2013

Constantine knew from Freiburg only one thing: Up! - So he climbed, almost like as if blind and deaf, hardly heeding the landscape, barely, that he once rested between moreover, the Feldberg, where he arrived at sunset. Under it all visible land on him only the clear May-sky.

Having identified a place for the night, where it should not be too drafty - in some places there was still snow - he sat down on a lonely stone, looked allumher, took a sip of that noble Riesling, the Gerlinde Hans had given him, and finally, because he had not eaten all day, not even a Konstantin stomach fills up from the long walking, he attacked, first hesitantly, then more hands-on approach, even to bread and ham.

"Maintenance-free vagabond you!" - He cried in the dusk, alsda in the valleys already formed fine mist.

Venus was already on the horizon, the night promised to be crystal clear and cold.

"Can not I be a decent man, as Hans?"

"I Will constantly wander restlessly until I as an old man, alone, frail, of a dark webs in a lavish water slide, pathetic, felsenzerschunden, drowned lonely?"

"What still drives me, what always somewhere?"

Since Constantine heard a strange hissing sound fine, it seemed as if it would come from below, up from the dense Tann, and gradually the air began to buzz around him. Finally a rustle, he turned around, and saw a tiny little man, just a hand span long, which picked up a thimble large mug with a cheerful countenance, friendly face, behave moderately, a sip of the Riesling coveted. (more ...)

Constantine and the Abgender (II) and more

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Konstantin has answered. Still from Würzburg. He pulled the same clockwork and told him what he had asked publicly on the topic "The Genes Of Gender Studies" at the University of Mister Pete Randolf Reuben Dooley:

"Dear Mr Dooley, I am appalled by my detection of the veraciousness of Your words benign, and, to keep it short, would endeavor to pose You just one letter, thoroughly benevolent, even if it be a dire one, humble question."

Dooley looked a little surprised, but seemed master of the situation and replied, politely cool, suddenly very Traditionally English in facial expressions and gestures: "Go ahead, sir."

"Then, well, I just do not get it. The rams, for Their Own good, abducted From Their natural mates to live in duly Their Own republic of 100% gender equality, how then will They procreate, to make this fine state not only stable, but thrive to eternal light? "

Only about 5% in the hall had understood the question right in full, and Mr Dooley belonged, on his way to do so. His face turned red, and he struggled for words. Finally he found it. Dead silence in the hall.

"Mr Buffoon, whatever be Your name, I want You to leave the premises. I shall not answer to vile slanderers. "

Everyone was excited to see what will Konstantin do his turn. Der ließ sich etwa sieben Sekunden Zeit, worauf er sehr leise sagte: “But, Mister Pete Reuben Randolf Dooley…” – woraufhin Dooley den Ausraster bekam und als wie ein Eastender, dem man das letzte Bier mutwillig vom Tresen geschüttet, brüllte: “Git aout bastird!” Alle waren etwas entsetzt ob der Verschärfung der Veranstaltung und ob der sich überschlagenden Stimme des Vortragenden.

Konstantin erhob sich gemessen, warf sich mit einem Lächeln in seine lederne Joppe, und entgegnete beim Gehen (er saß ja direkt an der Saaltür) nur noch: “You are definitely, if only temporarily, the landlord here, Sir. And an astounding one at that.”

Wenige Minuten später hatten alle den Saal verlassen. Dooley hatte die Veranstaltung stammelnd als beendet erklärt – wie Konstantin gleich draußen erfuhr, von einem wackeren Österreicher, gerade in Würzburg studierend, der ihn lachend kurz bestürmte – , und Konstantin war es erstmal recht zufrieden.


Nun muss der Abspann der Geschichte von Konstantins erstem Entmüßigungstage in Würzburg, der ja auch noch in einen längeren Abend mündete, erstmal zurückgestellt werden, da es noch Wichtigeres zu berichten gibt.

Konstantin sagt dazu fast nie etwas, aber seine Gerlinde, die tapfere Wirtin zu Freiburg, mit ihrem Söhnchen, sie fehlen ihm gar sehr; er habe so ein Gefühl, dass er mal wieder bei ihr sein müsse, er besser ganz überraschend komme, zu sehen, wie die Dinge wirklich liegen, die sie, ihn nicht zu beunruhigen, ihm vielleicht nicht gleich oder zur Gänze offenbaren werde.

Es wird also weiterhin erstmal nichts mit Hamburg: Freiburg ruft.


Es war, nach dieser Genderei, es war gerade mal halbert Zehne, klar, dass der kurze Hinanstieg zur schlafenden Erholung auf der Festungswiese (man findet dort auch allerlei stille Bänkchen, mit Blick auf die illuminerte Stadt) noch nicht angezeigt, also da es recht lenzenskühle geworden, noch ein Wirtshaus etwas Weines zu ersuchen. Aber nicht eilig, eher schlendernd, denn er hatte die Würzburger Innenstadt, all der Studenterei halber, noch keineswegs insgesamt durchstriffen, und nicht lange, da gewahrte er einer Weinstube, die sich “Weinhaus zum Stachel” heißt.

Er lachte zuerst, drang auch kurz ein, doch die Stadtratsgesichter, derer er dort sahe, zogen ihn auch gleich wieder hinaus.

(Er hat mir aufgetragen, nicht zu verraten, in welche Studentenkneipe, die auch guten Wein hat, was selbst zu Würzburg leider nicht selbstverständlich, Konstantin dann geriet.)

Siehe da, wie es der stets lauernde Zufall wollte, dorten wieder eine, diesmal, Doktorandin, die auch auf dem Vortrage gewesen, mit ihm zum Nachgespräche zu sitzen kam, eine, wie Konstantin es benamte, “recht Ansehnliche”, mit der die Unterhaltung freundlich anhub, wobei sie aber zunächst recht fahrig war, bis Konstantin ihr schließlich nach und nach ihre Unsicherheit nahm, sie mehrfach beruhigt hatte, dass mit ihm durchaus vernünftig zu reden sei, sie solle doch sagen, was sie beunruhige, kurzum, bis sie fragte: “Warum machst du sowas?” (Sie heißt wohl nicht Direkta, aber immerhin, zwar auch nicht Margarete, Gitte.)

“Weil es Spaß macht”, versetzte Konstantin.

“Haha. Weil es Spaß macht. Rarely laughed. Wat'n Kalauer. Du bist kein gewöhnlicher Spaßmacher oder Clown. Außerdem hat es den meisten im Saal gar keinen besonderen Spaß gemacht. Und dass das so sein werde, wusstest du im vorhinein genau. Du hast eine Agenda.”

Konstantin merkte auf. Er habe also sogar eine Agenda. Gitte hatte selbst irgendwo einen Plan, das war klar.

“Darf ich mal kurz fragen, in was du promovierst? Entjokundologie etwa?”

Das war natürlich, mit dem Zusatze, recht frech, wenn nicht gar unhöflich von Konstantin, und er wusste das. Gitte aber ließ sich nichts anmerken, brauste nicht ein bisschen auf, sagte nur knapp, in ihrem klar norddeutschen, wenn nicht Hamburgerischen Tonfalle: “Es ist ein psycholinguistisches Thema, man könnte es auch pragmalinguistisch nennen, das hier zunächst nichts zur Sache tut.”

Nun war Konstantin klar, dass kein weiteres Geflunkere mehr durchgehen werde. Er musste Farbe bekennen.

Also erzählte er Gitte, dass er schon immer ein unsteter Geselle gewesen, es ihn nicht lange an einem Orte hielt, er daraus, aus all dem, was er auf seinen Wanderungen gesehen und gelernt, schließlich versucht habe, eine Tugend zu machen, indem er sie mittels seiner eben auch fragwürdiger Possen und Streiche im Sinne seines älteren Bruders Till nicht nur zum Vergnügen zu bringen, sondern auch zum Nachdenken anzuregen trachte, ja, eine zweifelhafte Gestalt abgebend, in der Tat mit einer Agenda, wie Gitte das nenne, dem Plane, Menschen sowohl zur Freude einzuladen wie zur Besinnung.

Hernach, so Konstantin, war das Eis gebrochen, und sie fachsimpelten mitsammen immer wieder so hellen Gelächters, dass der Wirt nicht nur einmal mahnte; und indem sie sich gut nach Mitternacht und guter Zeche – Konstantin bekam zum Sommer hin noch eine Einladung auf den Reiterhof von Gittes Eltern – züchtig verabschiedet hatten, wird es wohl geschehen sein, dass Konstantin erkannte, erstmal gen Freiburg zu seiner Gerlinde ziehen zu müssen.

Heute wird walpurgt

Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Heute wird walpurgt.

Ich walpurge, du walpurgst

Er und sie und es walpurgt

Wir walpurgen, ihr walpurgt

Und sie: walpurgen.

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