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"Green" All traitors

Saturday 08 October 2011

It must be said again.

The Greens are all traitors. (more ...)

Koran a sheep font? No!

Saturday 08 October 2011

To describe the Qur'an as a sheep font, would be even more offensive to image and mirror. (more ...)

Libya war, lies and sheep Media

Friday, October 07, 2011

We usually hear only NATO propaganda, that the representations of the aggressive war party over the war in Libya.

So I now put this link a.

We think just the least bit logical.

Why is the "rebels", with the most brutal "support" by the awe-Air Force ever seen the world, plus "best" French, British and American "special forces" (ie, the ground forces, which should never exist) one in about six months has still not managed to really get the small country in terms of population control?

Where but supposedly almost the entire population was behind them? (more ...)

Aliens: Kiss my ass! (II)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

We use again the case, there would be aliens here.

They could then me of course once crosswise, they wofern us only deceive and exploit.

In other cases again, so they were among the ostensibly benevolent varieties, but also.

For who sees this mess here and says he should not intervene, which would have to be packed in his spaceship and fly at least. (more ...)

Copyright: The artist as a man

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From current events, I find myself challenged to take the copyright issue again.

Anyone who is interested in this, I ask, especially this post also to look at, as I must repeat here, although some content, but not everything, and especially in the other, (partly) less emotional, expressive form.

The same applies to this product .

And of course the youngest , who has obviously still not made ​​any sufficiently clear what, what is at stake here for a dimension.

I'm getting started now times easily and quote the Dude estimated from the comment string to " steals Göllers Full Text" :

"Dude says:
September 21, 2011 at 01:05 (Edit)


In principle, I support the dissemination of good, sound objectively and correctly worded articles, reader comments, forum posts, etc. always, however, only in strict compliance with the basic rules, which actually naturally should give every respect and healthy, honorable sense.

So if the content worthwhile and rhetorical readable clear - with the author's name and direct link to the source, in full (or with the appropriate identification, so it is merely excerpts) - on other platforms gecopypasted (sorry)), this is absolutely to support my opinion, firstly because it saves time and energy, the z.Bsp. could be used for productive activism, and secondly counteracts the abundance of common, brainwashed Meinungsgeschwurbels, even if I can your items listed here in the article thoroughly comprehend and understand.

I admit offizielll here, I do this every now and then without being asked of all of your articles - and also some other things - but ALWAYS mention your (or the relevant) name, as well as a direct link to the article in your blog (or the corresponding source) just as I clearly characterizes "[...]", if I take only excerpts (Many people are too lazy to read all about long articles, but you know already;)).
If I should fail to do so in the future, I will keep myself understood it.

What there on the expires is the longer, the more ridiculous and should (and will!), So no quick apology received by you are also rewarded accordingly (I already buzzing to some creative ideas by the head;)) ".

This sounds at first quite good and reasonable and responsible.

But only at first (forgive me, dear Dude, I must for the sake of the thing will be clear).

Because it can, even if my - or any other - texts are correctly reproduced and linked if any personal or commercial interests associated with it (when is that?) When around it not only louder disgusting filth is, no pictures around it or even inside mounted be contrary to the intentions of the author, in short, if it just yet "best" for these runs, but its vital interests (including its motivation and self-esteem, but they are anyway no matter) fundamentally ignored.

Because if this, the often - as in my case - everything anyway free will to power (otherwise there is still no rational argument), his work gets not even honored by the fact that he naming plus linking one to the reader interesting appearing contribution also necessary accesses draws on his side, he hereby perhaps can at least achieve some advertising revenue, increase its reach, so that its classification at stores like alexa and google, perhaps even draw a paid writing or teaching on land, while, conversely, the thief that specific page appreciates, so that fact for themselves and achieved them: then and therefore stops any fun.

Even in that rare, almost hypothetical "best" case.

And the argument that it is so time consuming to quote properly or set the beginning of the text for further reading, in my view is not only unacceptable but downright outrageous.

There must of arms, usually so busy (with what? With moneymaking? With any actions for any requiring other or different?) Illegal Kopist, of the arms, but actually maybe a minute (be it a go two or?) Tuned to give his high holiness more , for a text that he considers worth spreading.

This can of course as an author to write his text in tenths of a second, all he had to learn to can this, has collected in seconds of his life, of course not expect.

He must also live on nothing yes. And his children certainly not. (more ...)

Turkey threatens Israel with war

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The announcement of Turkey to escort aid ships to Gaza with warships, can hardly fail of Israel because a threat of war to be construed.

I do not want to speculate on why Turkey is so far - I'm assuming that is the Turks realized what they get that right - but I'm pretty sure that the Israelis for the first time in a long ass right on Grundeis goes.

For the Turks be trusted, that they can follow their words with deeds. (more ...)

Ron Paul on Libya

Thursday, September 01, 2011

These recent submissions Ron Paul on Libya are worth it its own entry:

Although Paul sounds a little tired, but the content is so precise as ruthless with the U.S. war policy in the court.

Which prominent politicians in this country says things like Paul?

Sheep media victory in Libya

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Everywhere, well, everywhere in the media sheep, the development in Libya is celebrated as a great victory for NATO.

As a bomb feast of freedom.

The reality of the Libyans did so but so far nothing in common. (more ...)

Water shortage: Tripoli almost dry

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Two million people without adequate fresh water, as well as no more fuel, power shaky: How it looks in the "liberated Tripoli".

The garbage bums on the streets, it is chaos.

How big a part does the destruction that NATO has done, at least officially in 8000 on bombing missions, we may never know.

Always easier in any case, wegzubomben a regime to power as a city. (more ...)


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Here I gathered that this year's U.S. corn production will probably be in the 328 million tons.

A good half of it should now go into the Bioverspritung, so we expect rounded 160 million tons.

If we apply two pounds of corn per day and head as an indirect eventual equivalent for a survival diet, that would mean 80 billion days cans or good to eat for 200 million people a year.

Any questions?

Will you starve Tripoli?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

In this video a completely different picture from the war in Libya is drawn, as it is set before us in the media sheep:

And in this article describes the correspondent's strategy of starving Tripoli.

NATO bombed eagerly infrastructure Westlibyens and has a complete naval blockade imposed.

However, the anger at the victims of the air raids seem to weld together behind Gaddafi the population; and it is by no means certain that this war would end with his death or overthrow or transition into exile quickly. (more ...)

Do you have to take the women to hunt?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The women are accessed so massive that the suspicion is, you mean, having to shift the focus of gender spasm on the social launch of the classic mother role and can you believe the time is appropriate to demand the subjects breeding. (more ...)

Heimerle at the stove

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Irgendsoeine CDU-aunt, who must now rule somewhere, explained somewhere in the last few days, she was even a token woman and modern family policy is not just aligned on "Cricket on the Hearth".

Probably for Heimis at the stove.

Because her husband, renouncing his career, raised their three children.

So as Heimi or Heimerle at the stove. (more ...)

The unedited man

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yesterday night I was after me the same thing in the last few years already not quite uneducated men had stated on several occasions, from a no longer happily married woman whose husband earns obvious enough, explains, a man must now times, especially at my age, with some money the woman behind run: especially the rear Mr. races it would necessarily, but of course also see the money to be able to land.

What is wrong with them?

If now that the man on the money and the race Afterwards be reduced, or the woman that she expected such pathetic behavior of each potential suitor?

Who will be reduced by such statements more?

First the man.

Has no money and no runs.

But then much more the woman expecting that the man has money and her running behind (attentive, affectionate, sensitive, etc., he should of course be even, was explained to me).

So a Erbaffe. (more ...)

Starting in the crib dump: Children as special days?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The title is chosen deliberately provocative.

Increasingly - and that will continue to grow - children are treated as objects that can during the day between stores already in the crawling stage in Verwahranstalten.

What they allegedly did not hurt; On the contrary: They are indeed raised by professionals, and not, as before, by incompetent mothers and fathers without proper training.

They also have, in addition to the advantage of a compiled according to modern wissenschftlichen aspects Turbo diet, even the possibility, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Serbo-Croatian, to learn Kurdish so playful even at that age, when man still can.

And of course English.

Although grotto bad, rudimentary Stammelenglisch, but growing up out known later.

And if they show behavioral problems - so as practically all guys - then this is immediately recognized, and the psychiatrist comes in time with Methyphenidat, ("Ritalin: Kotz" see also insonderheit the contribution together with subsequent comment line) before spinning can solidify .

And they are gegendermainstreamt modern course. (more ...)

Get out of debt slavery!

Monday, July 18, 2011

We certainly need another money order.

That this can not be based on gold, I have already pointed out.

Here is an article to build on Heinrich dyer approaches (whose original writings I have unfortunately not yet worried and read).

But I want to point out in advance.

He calls his system "Ergokratie": So a money order for performance.

From the bottom of her in my opinion the most sensible approach. (more ...)

Now was zurückgegrapscht

Monday, July 18, 2011

An American woman has zurückgegrapscht.

The TSA, those of the least official US "security agencies", each sends at airports through the nude scanner that does not want to have to fiddle around on the balls respectively Mupfel of their horny female agents, has now allegedly myself an unpleasant attack what I say must, Into grip, twist grip accept. (more ...)

From the poor astral projection

Friday, July 15, 2011

Meanwhile I become clear that I am merely an astral projection.

As I've finally realized?

I suddenly realized that my body was only an illusion.

In reality it existed only in my imagination: hands, brain, butt, knuckles, all Geraffel.

Now I know but still do not like him finally get rid of. (more ...)

Today a little more clearly

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

There is no single sensible argument for gender dirt.

Everyone just ansätzige touch of mind speaks against the egalitarianism between men and women.

I'm going to something crude and simple.

She deserves protection, and for that he must sometimes go drinking.

It's just absurd.

One might ask the question, the balance between conscious and destroyers Dummverbildeten looks like with the operators of this society destruction program.

Very purposeful is not.

It is crucial that I engegentrete the.

On the cowardly Christians who even let zusammenhunzen their Bible of Genderisten without seriously dare Opposition, I am counting - with exceptions maybe - not worth a damn.

About the other Abrahamites to now of a word to me.

It is a program, and it does not lead to Alice Schwarzer.

Nonsense. (more ...)

Homo Serpens will pay!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm really a bähmulligen of the variety.

Finally I figured out how I can feel as a member of a persecuted minority irrefutable übelst discriminated against.

So sue me anywhere, call in the 130s, whenever one is cheeky, special promotions, free cures, subsidized festivals, foundations, less well off money, welfare office litters, the whole program.

They discriminated against me namely all the time mercilessly, just because I'm a Neanderthal. (more ...)

Stupid question

Monday, July 11, 2011

Have you seen our sheep in media images of them, read reports of what have now served thousands of NATO-bomb inserts in Libya?

Stupid question from me.

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