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Even injured Leuteerschrecker

Friday, July 06, 2012

I know that the following may again call some tolerance watchmen on the plan.

I do not care.

Yesterday I was at my local grocery store, put my Gezeugs on tape and saw, still waiting for the cashier ends, a handsome, clever acting young man (from the name on his lapel ago probably of Turkish origin, but which here is beside the point) with about an inch by measuring ear plugs.

Well, I thought again, any way he likes it.

But when I finally came to the immediate perspective, I realized that you could over six millimeters wide by peeping through these Einpropfe, which therefore are not small holes, rather irreversible (I understand that affected long, a little bit of plastic surgery , you can probably already have something do), by the eavesdropper cloth had to drill and allow wide.

Let us be honest: I would have a not set.

And for two reasons. (more ...)

EU astray

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Goeller - uh, I - it probably would not loaded so knowledgeable and certainly harder, long-range, formulated ('ll also start to get a little) than Holger Steltzner on does the EU ESM-coup: but the Unschafsjournalist It says, for anyone who can read with sufficient clarity, which is scheduled for a coup here.

So that I can only advise every historian to burn this text to external data memory as long as the and the is still available still allowed.

"That's incredible."

The above is the only sentence I quote from it.

Total liability for all totally everything all total totalitarian bandits. ESM (more ...)

Jürgen Kaube against circumcision of boys!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Customs, which engage in physical integrity are abolished." - So Jürgen chewing on the practice of circumcision of boys today on

Finally dares a journalist of a German conductive medium to raise his voice for the mass serious permanent injury ritual of defenseless children in our country unique.

Ultimately, he also says that religious communities can face on the general law not arbitrary, just until then, maim people.

Kaube knows very well that he the Central Council of Jews plus all sorts of Muslim societies, who knows with this opinion, which Green Interior, has on the cheek.

Therefore, since from these forces, pulling even at a Strange that this, almost everyone is different, his courage is to praise unreservedly. (more ...)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The following puzzles are few understand.

Oh no, I will set it up but for everyone. (Although, or perhaps because it is quite certain people should understand quite special right now, in more detail.)

What makes the Kryptogenator well, if you him, no, not him, one of his children, his family and all the rest, his family, repeatedly, eventually any unacceptable exceeded those maltreated attaches kleinzukochen, to rat chow down?

Only senseless drink, to bawl anything else die?

Stupid question: He will not do.

He will, even if you zoom sent him 33,333 devils and devils, still prefer them to the final struggle in recent sulfur vapor and by fire, of which he having probably already thoroughly accustomed seared and survived this as tenths In-deposited with them when it must be even descend into their supposedly last Hellmouth the final struggle.

The Kryptogenator always know at some points no longer afraid. (more ...)

Evil Bible: ergo ill women

Monday, June 11, 2012

The idea that God hinverführe somewhere, as in the Bible to make impression is that they so already, at best, quite childish.

If you add this thought then added that he had done exactly deswegs because the Jews were so very superior, and you have to laugh almost.

You drift it even further, as others do, that he'd just have to get there because the are so extraordinarily discarded remains only shaking his head.

Why should HE the one or the other have had some necessary?

The man is an idiot? (more ...)

Women in the military! -? (II)

Monday, June 11, 2012

In my reply to comment "country dweller" I wrote the first part:

"In my opinion, it is less about the increasing amount of available to cannon fodder, but the enforcement and Imhirnverankerung the total social perversion.

Those who accepted that mothers are sent in the hail of bullets, whose children, meanwhile in military kindergartens, accepted no matter what. "

For thousands of years it was virtually taboo in all cultures, women regularly send to war. The reasons for this must not be spezifizert here, since it will be for any non-mentally ill obvious.

So why now, in our post-modernism, so eager?

Is it because women are not more women are?

Because society "is" simply have changed so has become loose, so to speak?

Nonsense. This is not a natural evolution, but a program of a few against all.

Alone the fact that this cruel grotesque my knowledge is more even questioned by any single significant party, speaks volumes.

Total brutalization under the guise of equality, the pseudo democrats fascist Genderismus.

It almost seems as if there were no words for it. (more ...)

Ogre on "cloud nine"

Saturday, 09 June, 2012.

These stories are truly no longer laugh.

Apparently now turn people on a Drogenmix known as "bath salts" are free for sale in the United States, so by that some of them cannibalize other alive. You eat up the face, etc.

What turns me on the matter suspicious, is the date (except in religious rites, as there is also a long time; priests are occupied specialists for such and similar) practically unknown, new, hideous phenomenon of this kind in amateur wild career.

We know that sometimes people by turning on LSD on Toadstool, Datura, especially as henbane, even cracking, all kinds of synthetic shit shit than ever.

What's going on? (more ...)

Guido Fawkes' NWO Schafsseckel

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I would guess that that I have not seen the movie "V for Vendetta" in which the "Guy Fawkes mask" was introduced popular, even not want to have: But I know that vendetta vendetta's and read that Neo Fawkes in his Evey torturing knows also that the mask looks disgust disgusting and he was a Catholic terrorist in the reality of 1605 who wanted to blow up the English Parliament for the Katholen in the air and many barrels powder for that purpose had placed.

This disgusting masquerade now run around people who think they are the anonymous good.

On indirect behest of the Wachowski brothers, who already have "matrix" Millions have been fried the rest of the brain. (more ...)

Pressed Salafists to violence

Sunday 06 May 2012

This time, two policemen almost tapped, a total of 29 injured: And "provoked" (this is the language rules in the sheep media) all have a few "extreme right" (this is also language rules), the legally exercising their right to demonstrate, therefore, that the such poor out irritated Islamists could not help but, as their prophet and her book of peace to defend in such mild.

The majority of Muslims but have, as a man, the minister called, not a single one of his officers pelted with stones, attacked with sticks or stabbed with knives was, peaceful, showing everyone that the "rights" (= far right, a difference doing only the most sensitive Semantiker) for the whole misery are actually responsible.

Not yet you dare by politicians however - you have it still tries indirectly - the right to demonstrate, the right to freedom of expression against Mohammed, Islam, Koran repeal. That would be the bankruptcy, you know very well. (more ...)

What is circumcision of boys

Friday, April 27, 2012

If you bring just good nerves, which can here read about what is the circumcision of boys for a kind of mutilation.

Imagine times but rather a large brandy next to the computer. You want to that is needed. (more ...)

War artists?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Under the telltale title "Dear freely as just" expresses itself a Michael Seemann Copyright on the Internet on SPON .

"Some people think that I am arguing against copyright because I do not begrudge the artists. No, I do not begrudge the artists all the money in the world. But faced with the question: copyright or free Internet, I do not hesitate long.

If the Pirate Party does not dare I call it simply: Complete the copyright from "- so elegantly closes the man his plea!.

Soso, he treats us to do all the money in the world. This much we do not want. Workers and factory owners and decent policemen, teachers especially, are quiet and still get some, too.

Isses not funny, because as someone who wants us make our (potential) sources of income replacement - because of tangible compensation he says nothing - so generous as our patron occurs?

Will probably mean that he wants to forbid anyone to throw us a few pennies in the cap. And who has just killed his rabbit who likes us like to throw a half Schrumpelkohl and two carrots in the artist remains behind tonne Marienplatz, without the good citizens should be ashamed. Also used long underwear is particularly pleased to take in the fall. (more ...)

Germanobellion against Unkuffar

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I just saw a Unkuffar so, as he affirmed that Christians and Jews, all non-Muslims were going to hell. So it stands now times in the Quran. Whether he should now change about the Koran?

Well, dear Islamophilic, as is probably the problem. You can get a statement from such weight not simply be dismissed as a minor matter where you pass believes liberal.

This is true concerning for many other passages, infidels, women, adulterers, etc.. Who the Koran takes its totalitarian, merciless, cruel, conceivable and anti-art demands that can be in the blue bin equal to the book. In addition to such legislation he consists of just poetizistisches redundant babble and babble, which probably may sound harmoniously in Arabic and are good for recitative for weak minds.

And it must also be weak minds that can still tell reverently, of so-called "moderate Muslims," ​​Islam is a religion of peace. This is about as absurd as to assert that the G 36 is just a modern German walking stick. (more ...)

Iran lie: From the medial factotum of the warmongers

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In this article, the SZ from 26.3.2008 is one of the largest and most dangerous, constantly brazenly repeated lies of our time, namely that Ahmadinejad said Israel should be wiped off the map ("wiped off the map"), all of it, what we need to know.

So I absolve me everything quoting from it. The thing is crystal clear.

It is many contemporaries - certainly politicians and journalists from the MSM - has long been well known, but hardly rises in the sheep media a word against it. (After all, Georg Schramm ventured a few days ago, as Broder back and forth falsely of requested, envisaged "destruction" babbling, satirical, but clear contradiction. Attractions two minutes of video! )

Instead, now at Grass in almost every article on this, but otherwise Anyway, when it comes to Iran and a possible war, this lie is repeated everywhere ritually and pompous, to silence critics of Israel therefore undesirable. Because this is a main purpose, can hardly be doubted. Another main purpose of course, is to acknowledge those who are already established alongside Israel or to tilt the undecided and be able to obtain even more money and submarines and in doubt direct military assistance easier.

And I read - not for the first time there or anderwo in MSM-free comments, but now I have the right at hand - only just now on as part of a reader comment following one of the many diatribes against Grass:

"Ulrich Stauf (DH7XU) - 10.04.2012 18:05 clock

When it finally got it the last person Hebrew faith that Ahmadinejad just (probably in the sense of detachment) does not require the elimination of the State of Israel, but only the removal of the current government in Israel. Please once in "The Iranian key phrase" googling and finally take the text that was published in the Süddeutsche, even acknowledge. "

Since the FAZ - also anderwo! - Just to such a sensitive issue no comment will be published without being checked carefully, you would have by now there know (I'm assuming that as many as most above the cleaning lady to know that long ago), which lie one constantly in the main articles can spread if not writing down itself without ceasing, for the past year and a day. To call it crass, is hardly an exaggeration.

How can we say this because "Gleichschaltung", namely DC circuit in terms of a warmonger propaganda lie of the most appreciate the fact that there is one in the picture? Or should we rather call it a conspiracy on a global scale? (more ...)

Said anything

Friday, March 30, 2012

I will now times, exceptionally, otherwise yes if my always simple, catchy, any intelligible language everyone understands me immediately fully, somewhat cryptically.

I could search the scandal. Here in my hometown. What the Ami calls a "showdown". Namely, when certain gentlemen did not see this here and now, or soon, and does not even have morphic fields.

I initially all the drawbacks, the worst possible cards. Completely clear. But it must me for speaking my whole verifiable Vita, well trusted to be me better when it applies, should dare do a lot more than you, this can be Extrapolating to trust me.

"Magnus Göllerlifte giant shit" - This award, formerly behind my back applied against me, but the Perpetrator and its lackeys further brought down in its consequences as well having me, I still rings out in the ears; and who do not pay attention now, which it wants to become a roar that maybe he would be happy, he would only declare bankruptcy as the inventor of the award later, without my active involvement, happened. (more ...)

Hypocrisy and terror

Friday, March 23, 2012

While filibustert of current events on Islamist terrorism in Europe again, what it's worth, you have just been overthrown in Libya in cooperation with Al-Qaeda and similar groups, a largely secular regime and is working on the same goal with the same people now in Syria, where Christians and other minorities, yet sure already left the country in large numbers, or already sitting on packed suitcases.

The worst joke in this whole farce is of course the talking doll-like repetition of the claim that the violent Islamism have absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Of course, the proof is still the land of the guardians of the Holy Places: Saudi Arabia.

The country in which not only apostasy punishable by death, our best Arab friend, financed known worldwide for decades the spread of fundamentalist Sunni forms of Islam. Everyone knows that. But it does not matter.
Once done by the fact that the German Foreign Minister expressed his husband leaves home when he goes there.

At the same time whining here about Islamophobia and racial discrimination that the camel rind crashes. It has all method. (more ...)

Why terrorist acts

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Firstly, I want to the previous article " Terror benefits Sarkozy "refer, knowledge of which I am providing here.

Let's look at certain rituals. Especially those that you normally can not criticize.

French President Sarkozy ordered after the murder of a Jewish teacher and three Jewish school children in a national moment of silence in all schools. I do not know that anyone would have dared to speak up against it. This is certainly not only because no one likes will surely draw the expected charge that he would bring Jewish victims too little compassion and respect contrary; but also because the questioning of such events is practically already become the general social taboo.

But I ask. (more ...)

Terror benefits Sarkozy

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Political commentators are in agreement that in favor of the voters against his challenger Hollande already largely severed Sarkozy has to remain a good chance of French President since the murders of three soldiers, a Jewish teacher and three Jewish children in Toulouse and Montauban again. The tragedy has given him the opportunity to finally convincing act presidential: and he had since Hollande had to restrain himself, used confidently.

At the same time we are told, with what quiet dignity, the French had taken the matter. All insist that this kind of terrorism should have no impact on cohesion and the fate of the nation.

Because obviously something does not add up. (more ...)

Adoy: The "zwerchste man in the world" lives

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The poor little creature who was elected last year for the "ugliest dog in the world" is dead.

It answered to the name "Yoda". I already knew from "Star Wars": There's a plenty of unsightly, dwarf ichtes Oberjediritterchen with jiggling ass's ears so that my children initially quite "cool" found. It dies at 930 years of peace. (more ...)

Afghanistan: NATO defeat a victory?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NATO wants to withdraw from Afghanistan. This time, we may assume that even occurs. And in fact, in the sense of fighting troops, perhaps as early as next year, and not only in 2014, as officially yet been configured. Because so much good was achieved. Also.

From the set goals war are hardly any really achieved in over ten years. The opium cultivation and trafficking is as strong as ever, for women has almost nothing changed, what else do you have to say. (more ...)

ADHD: The Dragon giftspeiende staggers

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

As the last posts about ADHD as anderwo here have shown that ADHD MPH Volksvergifter come gradually into Erklärungsnot.

There can now be no question of it, that the "diagnosis" was furnished very rarely indexed and children would not medicate advantage wrong.

But the system has, as one should not fool nor a considerable inertia.

That underlie two main factors. One is, of course, the money that is earned in this crime against humanity. The gigantic damages that. Novartis et al could roll. So again the money. (more ...)

News from the front ADHD: guys just castrate?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Canadian researchers have the data almost one million children examined - which statistical error on a clean work are the order technically impossible - and with rather surprising result came that ADHD was "diagnosed" much more common in early Taken Schulten, with corresponding subsequent medication, mostly methylphenidate , Quite simply, you guessed it, because younger children are still immature and fidgety than older ones.

So sad how funny (when the black humor brings it), however, that in itself mirrors report at the end of such a part of the result - boys are up to three times more often "treated" - wonder:

"Why Boys are more affected, is not yet clear. Presumptions but this could be due to the slightly different expression of symptoms in both sexes: boys with ADHD are often conspicuous by hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior among girls, attention disorder manifested more frequently by dreaminess and lack of concentration - and will therefore be recognized rare ".

Soso, in girls so ADHD is rarely recognized because they are not boys. Slightly different, so to speak, since no help Gender dirt. Who Häb 'au dees dengd, the Schwabe says to himself because again. Since tens of thousands of years guys make on average more than Rabatz girls, and these heroes of modern science can get it just does not still in their zerstudierten mud pears as, simply, as usual. Why, your specialist, you do not neutered they just all? That eunuchs as a rule do not live as long as Testikelinhaber, is but a small price to pay - the engagement is cheap, any vet can - that you once and for all has a rest, because they are well known not only in the harem easier to clean. (read more ...)

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