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How long Lug ridiculed the skill?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Today I deromaßen excited me that I would have burst as a balloon with certainty.

What that will be here in more detail topic, but not now.

Indeed, it is first addressed in principle.

I want to have energized me so far back that I can decently upset me again.

I read and heard from people who talk and act the same Alwissen, perform as professionals - and just the areas concerning where I mean really know about me! - So bold, arrogant and bräsig, elementary reversed Gezeugs that I would almost rather that followed children's toys to the known end.

I will stay in troubled waters. That must read none. Simply click away.

To teaching and language, language acquisition, such Subterranean that temporarily grabbed me the bare anger. Yes, sometimes I was right today "emo". (Also, it will have more to say, the associated weak incongruities and lies.)

No wonder that people want an apocalypse. I will not sweep away the resulting dirt. So enough brain dirt. (more ...)

Beuys' concept of art: A Settlement

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reader Lisa wrote earlier in the comment Strange to " From the believer addiction ", inter alia, what prompted me to Riposte following:

"You can argue about Beuys' art, but I agree with his statement that everyone is an artist, too."

"@ Lisa

I forgot even Beuys and the concept of art.

I mean, the man has dished out a shudder bullshit.

Not only does it in her imaginary, inflated Do not fired countless Tinker and weak Maten us to steal the last of the day, no, he devalued as the art of what it means socially sustainable as such.

For me, however not a thousandth Gran.

There is hardly anything Boshafteres, Zersetzerischeres to rise as each Krackler, Krattler and scribblers to the artist.

So every little greed, each scabby craving for carrot in the asshole in the Vienna U-Bahn is collected at the Marvel values.

Decadent it almost does not work. Anyway, I find it not easy to an increase.

Does the concept of art in past centuries have been often pulled too tight: THIS is a fatal mischief. (more ...)

Schavaneske Frauenkafkaden

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Under the title

'Women's quota
The policy planning a big woman cascade '

Jürgen Kaube describes on the Women's Equality Schavaneske in the German scientific community, which in reality is a massive men discrimination system drives in their Wahnhaftigkeit so exemplary that I do not want to parrot what he already stated, or quoting him längers or comment but the interested parties expressly refer to the link. Also the comment string, where readers will more clearly what is really going on is recommended.

Interesting - a little bit of my mustard will I add - again, that at least no significant party or other large organization, not a State, against the corresponding of Schavan initiated resolution of the GWK (Total Scientific Conference) has issued this wofern Lord Kaube would not be escaped, which is hardly to be expected.

So there is a total cartel. (more ...)

"The great Mexican corn massacre"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Three Gengiganten set according to this report in an unprecedented blow to the Mexican economy and the indigenous corn maize biodiversity of the planet.

Believe it or not they want to 25,000 square kilometers, of which, till about half with the infamous roundup resistant Monsanto GM maize. This is an area larger than Hesse.

No one knows what the GM varieties can cause out-crossing with the local varieties of harm; but the bigger he should fail to possibly more but better still for gene agrochemical giants? (more ...)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's a strange thing that this company holds violent, misogynist and homophobic rapper in this way. Invites you to the highest, venerable circles, the great television entertainment programs, the Reichstag.

How should we see the two Vorartikel, mass-like individual psychology, especially in the educational effect on young people suggest?

Well, you'll just have to be an asshole, and not just a lame little as you are one.

That shows you, little apprentice, petty official, minor employee, even smaller hiring manager where you stand.

You'd have to be a bit more ruthless than you'll ever be able, in order to belong.

So shut up. Or they'll tear far enough on! (more ...)

Naidoo a "right-wing"?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At first the core passage of the displayed by the youth organization of the Left "feel" the rapper Naidoo and Savas, whether those now the Mannheim prosecutor initiates the process according SPON on suspicion of sedition and the call to manslaughter and aggravated assault.

(I only dare to quote here because it is already to be found anywhere in the system only.)

"I cut you now by the arms and legs off, and then I fuck you in the ass, so how do you do it with the little ones. I'm just sad and not angry. Nevertheless, I would kill you. You are killing children and fetuses and I zerquetsch you the balls. You just have no size and your little tails not under control. Why do you love no cunt, because every man is but a? Where are our helpers, our strong men, where are our leaders, where are they now? "

What can we tell? (more ...)

Savile Row: pedophilia made ​​to measure

Monday, November 12, 2012

It's outrageous enough, leading to the BBC pedophile Savile and his environment in the German mainstream media is here and here gets to read.

If, however, the still incorrect, you put the whole British policy in a pedophile ring.

Does anyone remember the events surrounding Marc Dutroux?

What Cohn-Bendit?

What about Bohemian Grove?

How do the rituals of Skull & Bones into the picture?

Here another (English speaking) link.

For decades, in hundreds of cases Savile was able to deduct his thing, and never happened to him.

How So?

Really "only" because a lot of people looked the other way? (more ...)

In Mali!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Now you want to Mali.

Because of the pöhsen Islamists there.

At the same time they send their brothers to Syria.

The matter would not have been easier to solve if the Islamists from Mali had bought right out to Syria?

Instead, they have been bought into Pakistan, Libya, elsewhere.

Wherever the replenishment not so easy starting.

Oh, now I understand the matter.

In Mali, there would soon be no more Islamists managed to get a few thousand to Syria.

That would be but a bit goofy. (more ...)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

I just got me back a little bit - or even more than a little - excited about it, as though this religious Semitenkrampf in every kind of form over and over again in all even halfway hineinkreiselt rational, each as a the needs right, as it were ennobled by that the quasi always been so powerful. (See also the article " circumcision of boys: a benefit it brings, "and the subsequent comments.)

I will try to bezügeln desbezügliche my anger, admittedly, sometimes comes up, and handle the matter analytic endeavor.

You can just still points to the fact that it takes out a quote from any of those in completely inkonsisteten underlying writings and construed in accordance with claps, the other face.

Opportunity makes the thief. (Does not always work, but regular way here.) (more ...)

Circumcision of boys: a benefit it brings,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've been trying for a long time, you want a balanced argument (which is today - Relevant There are exceptions, of course - as a kind of Santa relativity theory especially political debate, with semantic space warp if the thematic spirit of seriousness) wrest, sectarian boys genital mutilation anything positive.

Finally, it seems successful to me. (more ...)

Circumcision consistently

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Consequently, belonged to every male MPs who vote for the announced Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetz and everything dranhat, so afterwards without being asked - to a child's well-it's all certainly not more - as betäubungslos curtailed public, then, so that the whole electorate can see him as he still whimpers of that citizen determined by lot to like this, licked his still bleeding remaining part.

It is in addition to the justice of democracy also about transparency.

Or? (more ...)

Wound Estag just for kids

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So they came for

Without But and if

The parents worry Sagittarius

That one's even abschnitze them

But not just

For a child

It is known only minde

Like everyone's point of view

Ohn court '

Be taken


What those

Gar Scheene

But rather keep

Useless skin folds. (more ...)

Circumcision of boys: SchnippSchnapp, Basic Law from (II)

Thursday 04 October 2012

As I said in Vorartikel, I'm not going to comment on the content and secreted by supporters and opponents of lying semi private envisaged Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetzes Aberwitzigkeiten until it is present all.

In the meantime, I wonder ever, the debates about something really known only privileged beings looking at why there still hope regularly otherwise intelligent people appearing on the Federal Constitutional Court and set.

I sit straight on the case, no decapitated chanterelle more on this shop. (I would be very glad I was wrong, and then like ashes on my head.) (more ...)

Circumcision of boys: SchnippSchnapp, Basic Law from

Thursday 04 October 2012

What is most remarkable in the last few days, since the so-called "key issues paper" of the Federal Ministry of Justice "submitted" was now the particular design of the boy mutilation permission Act is that still neither the first nor the second paper of the public present. (Anyone who has managed to get one of the two or even both abzuschakalen somehow, may the corresponding set here or provide a link.)

Several major media have explained in the first as in the second case that they were available in full the relevant texts, but - as long as I tortured my search engine in any direction, I found her not - always quoted only the fact plays individual passages. Famos.

The Central Boards of Sowiesos, other organizations and institutions have obviously full papers.

Only the common German Michel Hardy may that which already allowed examine hundreds of privileged people still do not see the whole. (The Ministry of Justice refused to give me a zeitgeist-journalist, to send the complete framework paper.) (more ...)

Tata Tantra (II)

Tuesday 02 October 2012

Grade I if the last post of the title "Me Tata Tantra "again quite seriously asked if I was still not a bad Schandmaul.

Indian wisdom blasphemed, highest musical and poetic sacred art US-American origin, innocent old men and healers at that, moreover, hard-working, hard-working, not only by the sweat of their brow their few mosquitoes earning Pornobußgeißen and -böcke, the Satan, equal dreinamig, as such if the had not suffered enough, everything on time.

Probably I got up too early.

My Morning is just not only catches the worm.

(In English, it says: "The early bird catches the worm." After all, I have no platform, curl, thread and other worms transported directly to Skinner.)

It was maybe not that pure, laughing wickedness, at home among the roses and lilies slopes hedges.

You may have rather taken over pants slopes and Cecilia Insert funny. (more ...)

Circumcision of boys: What should the mohel?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Right now they are lying about circumcision of boys practically all. I can hardly get behind. All stupid lies that you could not hear the last few days to work through, in the sense that I quoted here and commented that I want you now, especially before monday 12 clock where the "Eckpapier" expires -Stellungnahmsfrist the Ministry of Justice, nor do as I do.

One point I have to now take up again: What about the penis sucking practice of Jewish circumcisers, the Mohelim?

If the clear legalized on behalf of the people in the future, bleeding, of freshly trimmed and torn Knabenpimmelchen, thereby possibly herpes, what do I know what, rendering may ablutschen, in an unprecedented record not only of cruelty, but also of sexual and psychopathic perversion?

Or should "only" somehow exempted from punishment to be tolerated? (What does not make any difference in the result.)

Practically nobody dares to address the really, which is why it probably me, responsibility to do that.

Put yourself in times the child. (more ...)

Circumcision of boys: Enddekadenz

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I honestly had before (which you may believe me now or not) to make any satires of penis mutilation.

All too crass appeared to me.

Meanwhile, I've changed my mind.

I am no longer willing to dispense with this agent to keep my horror, my protest in contrast to express what was secreted in connection therewith and inwischen officially as law in planning.

Eventually it arrived.

Then they should indicate the Kinderverstümmler and -schänder legitimized having to bring a satirist in court.

One who can not believe it yet, how deep, has fallen into absolutely reprehensible, baseless Immoral the sense of justice of the powerful of this country, and their thinking skills.

I did not subdue the. (more ...)

Circumcision of boys: pants down pants up

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Now they try extracting foolhardy as it seems, the Knabenverstümmlungsrechtler want to lay the matter to the "parental rights", in the blinking of an eye, the Civil Code, there cut away, the criminal justice simply by smuggling.

Morons. It was to be expected something like this.

For more information on this fabulous Volte follows.

Circumcision of boys: What else is "normal"?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I've been thinking for some time whether I should what follows, especially the core sentence, write down here could.

Frank Schirrmacher me then but by his just from me on the subject commented "acceptance speech" convinced to do it.

By yesterday evening - before knowledge of Schirrmachers speech - again discussed the impossibility of a - for several reasons - cobble together even remotely viable, grundgesetz compliant Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetz, I had eingebacht that I like to be at the Federal Ministry of Justice mice when the appropriate specialist lawyers have, at last, begun in the umpteenth debate is no longer just the coffee, but even when cognac, mutually insulting as jerks, etc., was also arisen that I recently explained here wanting to do about circumcision satire not only because of some no longer funny could find, placed my opponent Tucholsky into the game, who said Satire should everything, so why not ?, the ramifications of the Cologne judgment discussed again, the other finally said: "Maybe yes sits a large part of the brain in the foreskin, and it must therefore from. " (more ...)

Writes Frank Schirrmacher (FAZ) right story?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frank Schirrmacher, editor of the FAZ, the Josef Neuberger Medal of the Jewish community Dusseldorf got bestowed his response attempts remarkable to say what is it partly succeeded.

Following "double the pain" the title is what the sub-heading on equally powerful to the point:

"What is the inversion? If a Nobel Prize winner, the Jews declared a danger. When the German Justice accuses the Jews injury. "

Schirrmacher then talk in detail about Jews, whom he has known and familiar, documented in the literary and historical references, the rhetorical figure of inversion or reversal, this one looks especially in anti-Jewish sense everywhere, Günter Grass gets because of his notorious critical of Israel poem in spring, giving him deserves his opinion it as a perfidious Oberverdreher what I do not want to further discuss here, but really comes inversely to the point.

It was, he writes (so that the inversion of subheading regarding German Law, Jews and Körperverletztung präzisierend):

"Inversion when an age-old practices like circumcision by German courts than in 2012" injury "is condemned and in Germany a debate begins, the" brings Judaism "and" injury "in a legal and semantic context that leaves you speechless in which Jewish parents allegedly violating their own sons, where it would have a been enough once when the judiciary, which now feels responsible for millennia, had then felt responsible only for twelve years, as German and their helpers not only injury operated on Jews but murder and manslaughter. "

Again the core: "... where Jewish parents allegedly violating their own sons ..."

Aha. (more ...)

Cowardly submission, anywhere

Monday, September 17, 2012

'The Central Council of Muslims in Germany praised the decisive policy response. "The federal government has condemned the video clearly. We welcome that, "said association leader Ayman Mazyek the" Ruhr Nachrichten ". The Politics Show that she has understood the situation. '

I read the trimmings with respect to the controversial Mohammed film just on SPON.

After the German Embassy in Sudan has been flattened, the Bundesregierug logically subjecting the religion of submission, it is consistent praise from the Central Council of Subjugators in Germany.

Similarly, the federal government has subjected the Kinderverstümmlern the sub-thrower and the Chosen People, and to the EU the Holy Europeans.

Everywhere cowardly submission. (more ...)

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